Legend of Coin tips and tricks – a guide to gathering all of the coins

By Marc Hewitt |

Legend of Coin is an incredibly unique blend of coin pusher and RPG. Chances are, you won’t have come across anything like it before now.

Fortunately for you, we’ve played it extensively to bring you these top tips and tricks to help get you started.

Focus on gathering coins


It sounds silly to say it, but gathering coins is the most effective action you can take in Legend of Coin.

Not only does it charge up your monsters attacks, but you might gather a special, monster, or bonus coin to give you a nice boost.

Collecting coins also rewards XP for your player level. Each time you level up, you’ll get a bonus reward. You really want these, as they can turn the tide in your favour.

Create triangles of coins


And the best way to collect coins? We got the best results by creating triangles of coins. Simply chuck two coins next to each other and one in front.

This pushed down the most coins of any method – and we tried a bunch.

It also makes a difference where you place your triangle. If you really want a coin on the left, place the triangle on the left. And vice versa.

Aim for dead centre when bringing down special coins

When those special coins start flying across the screen, you need to first decide which ones you really want. Then, make sure they land as close to the centre of the pusher as possible.

That’s the surest way to gather them. It’s not an exact science though, as the shape of certain coins makes pushing them a little tricky, but it’s the safest way.

It also means that you may have to sacrifice a few coins along the way to make sure you get the ones you want. Swings and roundabouts.

It makes a difference where you hit floating coins


Don’t despair though, as there is a way back for coins that have passed over the pusher. You might not realise it initially, but where you hit the coin actually makes a difference.

The coin basically flies in the opposite direction to where the final coin hits it. So for example, if you want to push a coin towards the left, you want to hit it on the right.

The further right you hit it, the further it will fly left. Use this to your advantage to save coins you previously thought were lost.

Save the bulk of your cash for monster summons

Initially, you can’t save any cash so don’t worry about this for the first couple of hours. When you’ve built up a nice stockpile though, you can head over to the shop.

If you can afford them, save your money for monster coins. This will vastly speed up the pace of the game – particularly when you have four monsters summoned at once.

We also recommend that you don’t be shy about purchasing the same monster more than once if it becomes available. That levels up the monster, increasing its attack.

Select your most powerful monsters

Again, don’t worry about this in the beginning, but once you’ve gather a bunch of monsters, go through them and select your four most powerful.

This can change regularly as you level up monsters, so try and switch them around often. It does make a difference, as a higher attack power naturally brings down the beasts faster.

And that’s the primary purpose of the game. If you want coins to regularly shower down on you, you need to deal some serious damage.

Read all this and don’t own the game? Put that right by grabbing Legend of Coin on iOS or Android for free right now!

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