All Legacy Piece Races and Buffs – Should You Reroll?

Our Legacy Piece Races guide discusses the buffs that each race provides, their rarities, and if you should reroll or save your spins!

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Don’t want to waste your free spins without knowing more about the Legacy Piece races? Good idea! You don’t want to reroll if you’ve managed to obtain one of the best races in the game, right?

Use your 3 free spins by loading up Legacy Piece via the Roblox page! Need an upgrade for your character? It’s time to get your Haki then. Have a read of our Legacy Piece Haki guide to find out how to obtain it!

Legacy Piece Races

There are 5 races to roll in the game right now! But what do they do? Some races change your appearance whilst also providing a buff for certain stats. To know more about the best races in the game, check out our Legacy Piece Race Tier List.

How to Reroll Races in Legacy Piece

Head to the Customisation page via the main menu, which is where you can alter your character’s appearance. Click the ‘Spin Menu’ button in the bottom right to open up the spinning feature! On this screen, you can reroll your race in-game, with 5 available at this current time.

When you first start the game, you have 3 free spins, but you can get more by redeeming codes and through playing the game! Additional spins are also purchasable with Robux in bundles of 5, 10, and 15. Click the green ‘Spin’ button in the bottom right to roll. The spinner will then roll through the 5 races before landing on one. Depending on the race that you roll, your character’s appearance may change slightly.

Race Rarities and Buffs

  • Human
    • 65% drop rate (the most common)
  • Skypian
    • 18% drop rate
  • Fishman
    • 10% drop rate
  • Mink
    • 5% drop rate
  • Oni
    • 2% drop rate (the rarest in the game right now!)


The most common race to roll in Legacy Piece, and the race that your character will start as. There are no physical changes with this race, but you do get some stat buffs. Your overall EXP for both normal and Mastery are increased. And, your HP regeneration also gets a buff! These boosts aren’t bad considering that Humans have such a high drop rate chance.


With a higher jump, Skypians are able to get to those harder-to-reach areas. It’s not the most impressive buff, of course, but you never know when you’ll need that extra height when exploring. Not only that but your overall stamina stat is also increased, allowing you to travel further before tiring. In short, Skypians are great at exploration, which is a good thing considering this game’s an RPG!


As you can probably guess from the name, Fishmen excel in water. They can hold their breath much longer underwater than the other races, and their swimming speed is the fastest in the game. Above water, Fishmen also get a buff in close-range combat with increased fist DMG. To top it off, Fishmen have blue or green skin and fins!


Minks get a stamina buff and a speed buff, which increases both of these stats significantly. This is useful in battle and whilst wandering the islands, and if you’re not in the mood to battle, you can quickly get away. By rolling Mink, you automatically unlock the Electro Fighting Style too. Mink characters have animalistic features, so they look pretty unique!


Ah yes, the rarest race in Legacy Piece at the moment! Oni characters get some cool horns on their head, as well as some decent buffs. All of the DMG dealt in combat with weapons and abilities is multiplied by 2. Plus, your HP also gets a 2x boost! The only downside of the Oni race is that your speed stat is reduced, making you move slower than other races.

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