Legacy Piece Island Level Guide – Including Island Bosses and Quest NPCs!

This Legacy Piece Island Level Guide tells you about every island across the seas, their level requirements, Bosses and Quest NPCs!

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Don’t be like Zoro and get lost, it’s important to know where you need to be at all times! ThisĀ Legacy Piece Island Level GuideĀ is your guide to each island and its recommended level bracket.

Some quests, especially those within the main story questline, require certain level caps for completion. Getting ahead of yourself and traversing to an island you’re too weak for will only slow down your progression. This guide lists every island and remains updated as future seas and islands are added (Such as the Red Line and New World!).

Check out Legacy Piece over on Roblox. For more Legacy Piece guides have a browse at my Legacy Piece Fruit Tier List which ranks every devil fruit.

Legacy Piece Island Level Guide

Let’s get into the guide! Each Island will include its level requirements, bosses and quest givers found here as these are the highlights which offer the most EXP on each island for progression.

First Sea Islands

  • Fusha Island
    • Island Level: Beginner Island 1-15
    • Boss found here: Higuma The Bandit Boss
    • Quest Givers: Woop Slap, Makino, Dadan, Sarah, Nesbit, Farmer Kobamuro
  • Alvida Island
    • Island Level: 15-25
    • Boss found here: Alvida The Iron Mace
    • Quest Givers: Mary, Freight Agent, Adbu, Koby, Ship Guard
  • Shells Town
    • Island Level: 25-40
    • Boss found here: Axe Hand Morgan
    • Quest Givers: Rika’s Mother, Rika, Koby, Wounded Marine, Zoro (has 4 parts)
  • Shimotsuki Island
    • Island Level: 40-50
    • Boss found here: Yeti
    • Quest Givers: Village chief (2 parts), Black Smith (4 parts), Archaeologist, Scientist
  • Haki Island
    • Island Level: 45+
    • No bosses or quest givers, but this crucial island is where players can learn the Haki technique via the Haki Trainer NPC.
  • Orange Town
    • Island Level: 50-65
    • Boss found here: Buggy The Clown
    • Quest Givers: Mocker, Doctor, Boro, Noodle, Chuchu, Ponle
  • Baratie
    • Island Level: 65-80
    • Boss found here: Don Krieg
    • Quest Givers: Barne, Laffy, Zeff
  • Mink Island
    • Island Level: 80-95
    • Boss found here: Wolfam
    • Quest Givers: Goat Doctor, Keithmah, Bariat, Mustaton, Yama
  • Arlong Park
    • Island Level: 95-115
    • Boss found here: Saw Shark Arlong
    • Quest Givers: Tako, Chow, Genzo, Dr Noke, Jalio, Najike

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