Legacy Piece Best Fruit Guide – Ranked With Reasons!

This Legacy Piece Best Fruit Guide tells you my pick for the best consumable devil fruit and what makes it the better choice!

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Sure tier lists are efficient, but they never tell you why it’s the best. My Legacy Piece Best Fruit Guide tells you my pick for the best devil fruit power, and what makes it a cut above the rest.

Check out Legacy Piece over on Roblox. For more fruity guides, have a read of our Legacy Piece Fruit Tier List and Legacy Piece Beginners Guide.

Legacy Piece Best Fruit Guide

Sadly, you can’t enjoy a fruit salad in Legacy Piece, duel-wielding multiple fruits at any one time. This makes it crucial to only eat fruits that grant you versatile strength since the game is combat-heavy.

Best Fruit – Paw

It pains me to say this as a huge One Piece fan considering Ace’s Fruit also shares a spot in the Legendary category. But, Kuma’s Paw fruit is cracked! This Legendary Fruit has only a 1% spawn chance beneath trees every 40 minutes across the islands of Legacy Piece. The Paw fruit enjoys versatile attacks from close-range to AoE, including Shielding and Transportation moves.

Its versatility doesn’t mean it is spread thin either, each attack hosted by Paw Fruit users deals brutal raw damage. Those who consume this fruit can enjoy the following moves:

  • Pad Ho – A long-range damage shock move which deals knockback to an enemy and ragdolls them.
  • Truppari Pad Ho – An intense Pad Ho with rapid consecutive strikes dealing a bunch of damage if it lands and some knockback.
  • Rejuvenating Paw – A close-range explosive type move which thrusts an opponent away from the user and deals massive damage when struck.
  • Bear Shield – A white paw shield will coax the player for several seconds shielding them from incoming attacks.
  • Ursus Shock – The strongest attack in the Paw fruit arsenal! The user charges up a paw which shrinks over a few seconds before unleashing on an enemy. This attack deals huge raw damage on top of lingering damage for a few seconds.
  • Paw Voyage – Teleportation move letting the user move around or away from an enemy rapidly to perform strong sneak attacks, dodges and evasions.

Will The Rankings Ever Change?

Most likely! As the game evolves with new seas and updates more fruits are bound to be added. After all, at the time of writing Luffy’s iconic Gum-gum fruit isn’t even in the game. With new fruits comes a new tier and so this guide will remain updated through the updates which add, buff and nerf the fruits. Be sure to bookmark and check back so you never miss out on my pick for the best fruit!

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