League of Wonderland: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies


League of Wonderland utilises a rich bank of characters from fairy tales, history, and myth. So it can naturally seems a bit daunting to get your head round at first.

Especially as it’s a fairly in-depth card battler. But don’t worry, just follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be master of all the myths in no time.

  • Keep good time One key tip is to always keep an eye on the timer – every battle lasts a maximum of two minutes, so make sure you act quickly and decisively. At all times.
  • Play for the draw? Both you and your opponent have three towers at the start of each battle. Destroy two of these and you win. If you haven’t done this after the two minute mark (mentioned above) then you have another minute to do so. But you may want to consider playing for the draw depending on the state of your remaining towers.
  • Regeneration time Note that your MP regenerates over time, but never goes higher than 10. So make sure you make use of it before it reaches that figure.
  • Play your cards right Every card you play increases your Mastery stat – and when this is full on a card you will receive one of that card allowing you to increase its level.
  • Target the weak Seems obvious, but home in on the weakest towers first. There’s always one stronger one amongst the three, so avoid that and take advantage of your opponent’s weakest builds.
  • Shop smart Make sure you check the shop regularly – as you can get free stuff from the Daily Items section every day. It pays (literally) to log-in daily.
  • Deck yourself out In order to progress in the game you’ll need to build up a fearsome deck of cards. Selecting a card and clicking the auto-edit option will help give you an idea of what variables are possible from what you have available. Ultimately the game knows best, but never be afraid to experiment – as small tweaks can yield big rewards.
  • Minions assemble When pushing your minions out onto the battlefield pay attention to what your opponent is putting out. Ideally they will deploy their first and you can then react accordingly.
  • Swarm and conquer We’d recommend having a weaker low cost units at your disposal, and using multiples of these to swarm over your opponent and slow them down at key moments.

Try these tips for yourself now on the App Store and Google Play.

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