League of War: Mercenaries Tips, Cheats and Strategies

League of War: Mercenaries will have you raising an army of mercenaries and sending them off to fight other mercenary armies put together by the developers and other players. The game requires a good deal of careful strategic planning, some careful timing, and good old fashioned luck, in order to be victorious in your battles.

Gamezebo’s League of War: Mercenaries tips, cheats and strategies will give you the best ways to ensure that players end each battle standing before the smoldering ruins of their enemy’s base of operations.

Know Your Enemy

league of war mercenaries tips cheats strategies

League of War: Mercenaries has a unique (and confusing) color scheme that matches individual units with specific advantages over other units. They are as follows:

  • Red units are good against infantry.
  • Blue units are good against tanks.
  • Green units are good against recon vehicles.

It doesn’t make much sense, but we’re not here to debate design decisions — we’re here to teach you how to win the war.

I made up a mnemonic device to help me remember the counter for each color. Red: infantry soldiers bleed red. Blue: Thomas the TANK Engine is blue. Green: Green means go, recon goes in first. That last one is a stretch, I know, but it worked for me, so it can work for you too.

Don’t Jump The Gun

league of war mercenaries tips cheats strategies

Don’t just send in a soldier/tank/recon vehicle in right away just because you have the resources to do so. Wait a minute and see what your enemy deploys first. Because resources generate slowly early in the game, if you lose your first unit right away it may take a bit of time for you to be able to afford to call in your second unit — and that’s time that your enemy is not going to waste in charging your base and pumping some hot led right into your front door.

Enhance Your Odds

league of war mercenaries tips cheats strategies

It is important to keep your selection of units up to their peak performance. You do this by going to the hanger and leveling them up, as well as by equipping them with unlockable perks.

Take units that you’re not planning on using and scrap them for parts, and use their leftovers to increase the stats of your preferred units.

Give your infantry some increased speed to allow them to better keep up with your recon vehicles. Give your tanks some additional armor to allow them to absorb a few extra hits. Or give your recon some extended range that allows them to start shooting at the enemy before the enemy can even fire back. Your upgrade strategy is your own, just don’t forget to have one.

Report To Duty

league of war mercenaries tips cheats strategies

Like most of these types of mobile games, League of War: Mercenaries rewards players for checking in periodically throughout the day. Every few hours players can open up a new chest that features one randomly selected item that they can add to their fleet or use to improve it.

At best, you unlock a powerful new unit for free, at worst you end up with something you can just scrap and put that scrap metal towards making one of your existing units even stronger. You have nothing to lose, so don’t forget to check in to the game frequently.

Two by Two

league of war mercenaries tips cheats strategies

I found that I was most successful int he game when I paired my units together. Send a tank in with an infantry unit, or a recon vehicle in with another recon vehicle. Preferably pair up two units of different colors to keep the odds in your favor. Typically, at least in the earlier parts of the battle, the enemy will deploy one unit at a time. This makes it easy for a pair of your units to tear through them, and get right to the enemy base. If timed correctly your first two units will go down just as the next to units arrive, ensuring that the enemy never gets far out of their base, before you bring it down on top of their heads.

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