Last Epoch Backpack Guide – All About The Traveler’s Backpack

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Seen a weird backpack around and not sure where it’s from, or what it does? Well we have the answers our last Epoch Backpack Guide explains everything about the Traveler’s Backpack.

Last Epoch is a hack-and-slash action RPG. It gives you the chance to dive into a fantasy world, with magic, time travel, and all sorts of monsters that you’ll have to deal with. Build your character with a massive range of skills and choose a mastery class to find your niche.

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Last Epoch Backpack Guide

Here we’ll try and tell you everything you need to know about the item, and about the game too.

What Is The Traveler’s Backpack?

The Traveler’s Backpack is a wearable item that comes with tons of different references to Last Epoch and its development history. An eagle-eyed viewer can pick out a few of these.

  • An early Lost Epoch logo
  • An early Eterra symbol
  • Orian’s Eye
  • A Skullen
  • An early primalist class patch
  • A Zizarian Campain tankard
  • Early map of Eterra
  • Rahyeh’s Reserve hot sauce

How Do You Get The Traveler’s Backpack?

The Traveler’s Backpack was given out as a free gift by Eleventh Hour Games, to commemorate the sale of 500,000 units.

It’s available for any players who bought a copy of the game before the March 9th beta update.  If you’ve bought after that, well bad luck, you won’t be able to access the item unless Eleventh Hour decide to re-release it to a new generation of players.

What Does The Traveler’s Backpack Do?

The Traveler’s Backpack is an exclusive item, but fortunately, it’s not going to affect your game either way. The item is purely a cosmetic one and isn’t actually necessary for hauling your loot around. If you missed it, you’re not at a disadvantage.

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