Last Colossus Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Last Colossus is an odd little strategy/tactics game (I guess?) from Game Stew – the developer behind other mobile oddities like Tower of Fortune and War of Eclipse. This one is a bit tougher to classify as the others, though, …

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Last Colossus is an odd little strategy/tactics game (I guess?) from Game Stew – the developer behind other mobile oddities like Tower of Fortune and War of Eclipse. This one is a bit tougher to classify as the others, though, because it doesn’t use an underlying game genre (slot machines, brick breakers, etc) as its base, but you do get to pilot a giant anime robot. Gamezebo’s Last Colossus tips, cheats and strategies will teach you how to get started, and give you some pointers on not accidentally destroying the entire planet. Yes, that can happen.

What We’re Looking at

Last Colossus Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • The non-action portions are all about base defense. When you’re looking at the map screen, you’ll see your base and a few upside-down triangles that represent enemy squads. Every time you enter a battle those squads will get closer to your base, and you don’t want that to happen.
  • Focus on squads that are closer to the base first. The longer a squad is left alone, the closer it’s going to get to your HQ. You’ll need to fight them back before they do.
  • If a squad does reach and damage your base, you can repair it from the map. Tap on your base and select Repair, but keep in mind this is quite expensive so you’re better off avoiding damage entirely if you can.
  • Head topside to maintain the Colossus. From the main screen you can access the repair and upgrade options, as well as head back down to the map room.
  • Repairs = damage. For example, if the Colossus has 500 damage it’s going to take 500 Resource to fix it.
Last Colossus Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • Upgrades are super useful and you should purchase them when you can. You can improve various aspects of the Colossus, like overall health and the power of certain weapons, by spending Resources. Each level of improvement costs more than the last, though, so don’t expect to max out any one thing right away.
  • Energy is really, really important. Pretty much everything you can upgrade is important, but Energy is just a bit more important because almost all of the things you can do during combat require using it. The more energy you have, the more weapons and abilities you’ll be able to use before needing to recharge.
  • Accuracy is also really important. The hit percentages are only slightly more forgiving than X-Com, so even getting an extra 3% boost to accuracy will help. No amount of attack strength matters if you can’t actually hit your target.

Giant Brawling

Last Colossus Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • Know your controls. There are three main buttons you’ll need to interact with when you’re out fighting. From left to right, they lock-on to highlighted targets, adjust facing, and send out a radar ping that will reveal targets on the screen.
  • Blips are temporary. If you send out a “ping,” you’ll only have a few seconds before the effect wears off and you need to send out another one. There’s no limit to this, but if you take too long to lock-on you’ll likely lose sight of your intended target.
  • Brighter dots are more important. The dim ones are usually random buildings like power plants or cities, and are no threat to you. Bright dots signify enemies, which will attack you on their own if left to their own devices.
Last Colossus Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • Work fast. Enemies will only attack you on their turn, which takes time to cycle back around to. If you can scan, locate, and lock-on fast enough, you can attack a target multiple times before they have a chance to attack you. Though there are some enemies that can counterattack. Conversely, if they get an attack in first you can counterattack as well.
  • Check the predictions for each weapon before you commit to firing. Different weapons have better or worse accuracy depending on how far away the target is, whether it’s air/ground/water, and so on.
  • Also keep an eye on energy consumption. The Colossus only has so much power (which can be upgraded), and you don’t want to find yourself coming up short at the last second. You can check how full your reserves are and how much an attack will drain by looking at the tube on the right side of the screen.
Last Colossus Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • Different attacks have different mini-games and effects. For example, the Phaser uses a power gauge that rapidly fluctuates (think golf swing meter) and you have to tap at the right time in order to maximize your damage. Tap too soon and you won’t deal very much, but tap too late and you’ll deal even less.
  • Punch is usually the most accurate attack, at least at first. Even with negative effects for being out of range it’s often better than your other starter options. Especially when you consider a well-timed tap during the attack can actually nullify the reduced accuracy entirely by giving it a 20% boost.
  • Aces are no joke. Sometimes you’ll encounter an “ace” version of an enemy unit, which has a lot more health and deals more damage than the regular enemy type. Be careful around these jerks.
  • Recharge when you can. This is the only way to regain energy other than eliminating all of the enemies and returning to base. And as I’ve said, if you run low on energy your attack options will be quite limited.
Last Colossus Tips, Cheats and Strategies
  • Need to recharge in a hurry? Target buildings. No, seriously, buildings don’t move so you can easily target them several times in succession, and so long as you’re just recharging and not attacking you won’t upset the inhabitants.
  • DO NOT “SLIDE TO OPEN.” Opening this panel is a huge no-no as it’s basically the safety cover for the “blow up everything” button. Everything includes you. And the Colossus. And the entire planet.
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