Langrisser Mobile Version 1.8.4: SSR Heroes Lanford and Listell, Heart Bonds, and the Eternal Temple Explained

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Langrisser Mobile has just received a massive new update that introduces two new SSR heroes, Heart Bonds, and a new Secret Realm dungeon into the mix. It’s a good thing most of us have time off over Easter so we can spend time digging through all of the new content.

To help you decide if any of it is worth your time or not, we’re rounding up everything that’s new below and explaining how it all works. We’ll list the new heroes and include all of the details you need, explain what Heart Bonds are, and detail the new Eternal Temple dungeon.

Langrisser Mobile – New Heroes Lanford and Listell:

There are two new SSR heroes to collect in Langrisser Mobile thanks to the latest update. That includes Lanford, the general of Yeless, and Listell, a demon girl. Don’t worry, she’s a nice demon girl.

Both play very differently and bring different bonuses to your team composition. Below, we’ll detail exactly what you’re getting when you unlock Lanford and Listell.


RoleTalentFactionFinal Class
SupportUntarnished: All allies within two blocks have their stats increased by 5% (excluding HP). This effect doesn’t stack with Command.Strategic MastersSword Saint / Knight Master


RoleTalentFactionFinal Class
ControlBlood Queen: Listell’s INT is equal to 1.5x MDEF. Her unit ignores its class disadvantage. After dealing damage, she inflicts Curse of Wounding on the target for 1 turn (whenever the target is healed, this curse cancels out the healing effect and deals damage equal to 20% of the amount nullified).Dark ReincarnationBlood Empress / Demon God

Langrisser Mobile – Heart Bonds:

Heart Bonds provide a brand new way to strengthen your heroes, and will greatly enhance their attributes. You can unlock them as soon as each hero reaches level 55 with a bond level of 35.

Not all heroes can unlock Heart Bonds though. Right now, only SSR heroes Ledin, Luna, Bernhardt, and Bozel, and SR heroes Vargas and Grenier can benefit from these. We’ll let you know if any more unlock this later.

Langrisser Mobile – Secret Realm The Eternal Temple:

Last, but most certainly not least, is The Eternal Temple, a brand new Secret Realm dungeon that’s open to challengers as soon as they reach level 55. It’s a super high level dungeon that rewards bond upgrade materials for those lucky enough to reach the end.

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