Kudos 2 Tips Walkthrough

Check out our strategy guide for Kudos 2. GENERAL TIPS The probably most important strategy of the game is to lead a well-balanced life. All the different aspects of the game are connected with each other and if you neglect either your social life, your skills or your health you will have great problems to succeed in any area.   From the beginning on you should have a more or less concrete plan for your alter ego's career. The most important reason for this is that you have to develo…

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  • The probably most important strategy of the game is to lead a well-balanced life. All the different aspects of the game are connected with each other and if you neglect either your social life, your skills or your health you will have great problems to succeed in any area.  
  • From the beginning on you should have a more or less concrete plan for your alter ego’s career. The most important reason for this is that you have to develop the needed skills for the high-paid careers as early as possible. This has one main reason: The average jobs decrease your character’s relaxation already so much, that his/her concentration will be so low in the evening that he/she won’t be able to learn in the evening classes. To avoid being stuck in an average job for the rest of your alter ego’s life start a game and search for the job you finally want to get and which skills it requires. Develop all the needed skills while you still work in a rather relaxing job and then apply for a really first class-job, for example a cosmetic surgeon, a specialized lawyer or whatever you prefer.
  • Choose the bus as commuting method as early as possible, especially when it is raining or snowing. By taking the bus you aren’t already exhausted when you arrive at work, not to speak of when you get back home from work. If you arrive home in the evening totally under stress your concentration will suffer a lot and you won’t be able to attend classes or develop certain skills on your own as successful as you would in a rather relaxed mood. If you apply for a new job it is very advisable to calculate the commuting costs because often you have left more money for yourself by a less-paid job near to your home than by a higher-paid job, for which you have to commute a long distance.
  • Job interviews: How much you exceed the minimum requirements of a job does not influence your success in a job interview. The only states of importance are sobriety, confidence, energy, happiness and optimism. All of them have the same weight concerning whether you fail or not. The chance of your alter ego getting the job is also boosted by his/her current level of persuasion.
  • The effects of movies on your character also depend on their subject. Foreign language films give your culture a boost, while comedies can increase your happiness, for example.
  • Pets have variable effectiveness based on their mood. You can see their mood by the current status if you click their icons. Cats are ‘materialistic’ and their maximum happiness is limited by how many cat accessories they have. Dogs are simpler and are 100% effective unless you run out of food. Dogs will accompany you on a walk to the park. Cats tolerate being left alone slightly better than dogs do.
  • The amount it costs to go out on a romantic date is scaled to your current income.
  • Songwriting success is based on extreme moods. Happy or sad people will write better songs than merely content people.
  • Scientific theory successes are based on the breadth of your science knowledge. Knowing the basics of all three disciplines makes for a better theory.
  • The amount of excitement you get from the casino is scaled according to what percentage of your salary you just gambled.
  • Buy an mp3-player and a dog as early as possible. The mp3-player will be used automatically during commuting and will decrease your alter ego’s boredom. The dog will prevent that items you have bought or money will be stolen from your home and it is much cheaper than a burglar alarm. On top of that the dog even is a good companion, something a burglar alarm could never be.
  • The more expensive restaurants will only give you a table when you are rather wealthy or have high kudos, so only try to enter them if you see a real chance to get in. If a restaurant does not have a table for you and your friends you will lose confidence.


  • There are five different sorts of classes, namely creative, medicine, law, science and life skills. They all take place once or twice a week and you have to pay a certain amount of money each time you attend a class, depending on how specified the lecture is. For example, Advanced Biology is more expensive than Basic Biology and of course you can only attend the first one after you have passed the latter. To attend a class you have to enroll for it and this counts as one activity. However you can decide yourself each week if you really want to attend a class or neglect it. You can miss classes as often as you want to without being dismissed or charged.  


Besides the obvious courses which you can attend at the evening school there are often a bunch of other skills that are required to get a job.  

  • Others: The jobs in this section are the basic ones, where either no skills are required, or you must be able to drive.
  • Law Enforcement: In this occupational area you have to be extremely honest to climb up the greasy pole. Other requirements are people skills and problem solving. Rarely your weight and your fitness are also criteria in certain job offers.
  • Food: If you want to start working in the food industry it does not suffice to be a great cook and to know a lot about food hygiene. You also have to be able to speak foreign languages, be an expert in culture, have a decent IQ and your Kudos has to exceed a certain degree.
  • Legal: In the legal business your alter ego has to be honest, have a high IQ, speak various languages, he/she must be confident and know a thing or two about culture.
  • Science: As a scientist, no matter if it comes to chemistry, biology or physics, you have to be honest as well as develop a very impressive IQ.
  • Music: The jobs in this section require a confident, charismatic and extravert personality. Besides you should mind the fitness of your alter ego and level up his kudos.
  • Medicine: To work in the medical section requires mainly an average or high IQ as well as confidence.
  • Acting: The different offerings for actors require nearly every imaginable skill, totally depending on the role. For example your alter ego often should not exceed a specific weight or has to be very muscular. To get a role in a musical you should be able to sing fairly. It also wont do any harm to speak various languages or to be sophisticated in literature. It is probably the most challenging and at the same time most exciting attempt to be successful as an actor/actress.
  • Journalism: A journalist has to be charismatic, needs a high IQ and a fair knowledge of culture as well as a certain kudos degree. He also has to be good at public speaking.
  • Computing: The computing section offers a great variety of programming jobs, but beside the different program languages your alter ego should also be confident and develop all the different aspects of his IQ, such as Problem Solving and Logic.
  • Sales: To become a successful and wealthy sales-men or -women is highly challenging. You have to be extravert, confident, charismatic, the ability to drive is a basic prerequisite and you should have developed fair people skills.


    The twenty different statistics constitute the general moods of your alter ego.

    • Cleanliness: You can increase it by having a bath. Cleanliness is important at job interviews and it also influences the chance whether you become ill or not.
    • Happiness: The happiness represents the general mood of your alter ego. It can be increased by a lot of different activities or events. You should avoid to let it fall beneath a certain level because then your character will become miserable and the chance that socializing goes wrong is much higher.
    • Culture: The "cultural level" of your alter ego consists of three different bars, namely knowledge, The Arts and Literature. You can increase it by socializing with people who are cultured, by reading books or watching certain tv channels.
    • Kudos: You can earn kudos by meeting cool people, if a social event was really successful or with new achievements. The "Kudos-factor" can be important if it comes to some jobs, if you want to get into the really dignified restaurants and some people wont do not want to socialize with you if your kudos is too humble.
    • IQ: Similar to "culture" the IQ consists of four different units, namely problem solving, Knowledge/IQ, Logic and Reasoning. The first three units can be increased by watching certain tv channels, doing cross-words, reading books or playing chess. Reasoning can be improved by socializing with friends who can help you to develop this skill.
    • Loneliness: If your alter ego gets too lonely he or she apparently will feel unhappy. As a consequence your friends won’t like your mood and do not enjoy social events as much as they would if your alter ego is happy. Besides socializing pets are a very good measure to avoid loneliness.
    • Confidence: To be confident is important in a lot of jobs and especially in job interviews. You can become more confident by reading books concerning this theme, meeting confident people or by successful events. You’ll lose confidence if you fail in a job interview, people refuse your invitation (except for if they refuse because they have not enough money or did this activity recently) or if one of your friends break with you.
    • Excitement: This factor also influences your general mood but it is comparatively easy to keep it above a critical point because it’s increased by a lot of solo and social activities.
    • Relaxation: Especially in evening classes it is extremely important to be relaxed so that your alter ego can concentrate on the new stuff he or she has to learn. Relaxation decreases after work and if you do exhausting activities like body-building. Be sure to be relaxed before attending classes or reading books, because if you are not you just waste time and money. The same applies to sobriety and energy. Both bars should be full because hey also influence your concentration.
    • Energy: Your energy level is important for a lot of activities, such as sport, school or your work. Therefore you should avoid to overstrain your alter ego and give him/her a minute’s rest if it is needed.
    • Sobriety: The sobriety decreases by each event that includes alcohol, for example the Wine & Cheese Evening or the Wine Bar. Your alter ego gets sober after each day without alcohol or when you sleep on the sofa. Avoid at all costs to be sober at job interviews, when you drive or if you want to learn.
    • Honesty: This trait is influenced by your own behaviour (that means if you lie to others) and whether you socialize with honest or dishonest people. To be honest is important in a lot of jobs but otherwise it is hard for you to lie authentically to your friends.
    • Extravert: If your alter ego is an extravert character it is easier to get along with other people. How extravert you are depends mainly on your friends and which experiences you gain with other people.
    • Fitness: You can increase the fitness of your alter ego by every kind of sport or a walk in the park.
    • Charisma: Your charisma strongly influences how positive the impression of yourself to other people is. Therefore it is of course an important trait for higher positions in any occupational area.
    • Health: The health bar of your character is extremely important. It is influenced by a lot of factors, in example by the how clean you are, how clean your home is or the weather. If you are ill you cannot work and do not earn any money. Apart from that your friends are not willing to socialize with you then. However solo activities and attending evening classes are still available. If you go ill to a job interview you will fail automatically, no matter what the general state of your alter ego is.
    • Optimism: Optimistic characters are happier in general and get along with other positive thinking people. This factor is increased by positive events as well as spending time with other optimistic people.
    • Weight: Apparently the weight depends on how often your alter ego drinks alcohol, goes to restaurants, watches tv or orders takeaway meals. If the weight bar gets red be sure to do more sports or prefer other social activities than restaurants or bars for a while.
    • Persuasion: Except for a few jobs where you have to be persuasive to a certain extent this trait is of minor importance for the success or the general state of your alter ego.
    • Muscles: They are important for some jobs and can be trained by some items out of he store, for example the handles.


    • You always have four friends in the beginning of a game. If you click on one of them a pop-up with some useful information opens. There are two tabs and the two bars in the first tab of another person represent the states of how strong your relationship to this person is and to what extent this person is attracted to you. In this first tab you can also see one or two words which characterize the person. The second tab will reveal the interests and hobbies of a person.
    • After social events your friends will let you know how they liked it. Be sure to read those messages because they often contain worthwhile hints which movies, bands or restaurants are in and out or if the theater, the opera or the museum are worth a visit that week.
    • If you get to know a new friends at work, while walking in the park or when you attend the evening classes you do not know any interest of him/her. Inviting them to social events will help you to get to know them better.
    • If you scroll through the social activities menu the profiles of your friends will turn green each time when somebody likes the currently chosen activity.
    • Be sure to choose friends whose personalities have a good effect on you. A friend who is dull and pessimistic won’t help you, because spending time with him/her will only decrease two important factors of your stats. Or imagine you want to become a lawyer – avoid dishonest people because they will decrease your own honesty each time you see them, that means they are only an obstacle on your way to the higher positions. It is extremely helpful to constitute a clique that exactly improves those skills and stats of your alter ego which are requirements in his/her career. Friends who are confident, charismatic and extravert can be very helpful for a wannabe-actor, for example.  
    • It is also very good to have friends who cover nearly all social activities with hobbies and interests. If you have only friends who like to eat, this restricts your possibilities strongly. Especially in the beginning it is a great advantage if at least some of your friends like all kinds of sports, because the different sport activities are cheaper than the cultural or gastronomic alternatives.
    • If you invite your friends to an activity they just did recently, they will reject the invitation but nonetheless the relationship between you them will get a boost because of this invitation.
    • A romantic engagement means a very nice boost for your happiness but you have to take into account that this engagement also has some negative consequences. You have to invite your partner to every social event you organize, even it is something he/she does not like at all. Apart from that you also have to avoid to accept invitations from friends that only include you and this other person because in this case your partner will get angry or jealous, too.  


    • Be sure to visit the developer’s site positech.co.uk regularly, because the "Kudos 2"-forum offers a lot of so-called mods and very easy descriptions how to implement them into the game. These mods add or change various aspects of the game, such as new activities, higher salaries and different events. Those mods really increase the possibilities and the time you can spend with the game.