Knights of the Rose Walkthrough

Knights of the Rose is an adventure game developed by Row Sham Bow. In this adventure game you will have to keep the citizens of your kingdom happy, protect your castle and safe the princess. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Knights of the Rose

Knights of the Rose is an adventure game developed by Row Sham Bow. In this adventure game you will have to keep the citizens of your kingdom happy, protect your castle and safe the princess. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Knights of the Rose can be downloaded by clicking the “Play Now!” option at the top of this page.
  • When you start Knights of the Rose, your steward, Rose, will walk you through a short tutorial to explain the basics of Knights of the Rose.

 Knights of the Rose basics

  • Keeping your kingdom in a state of peace and prosperity requires some effort. There are three basic things that you will always have to manage: upgrading your buildings, recruiting citizens and training your heroes. No matter what else you do, this always continues.

 Upgrading your castle

  • The level of your castle is the maximum level of your heroes, so when your castle level is low, your heroes will not be able to pack as much of a punch in battle. The other buildings’ maximum level are also dependant on your castle level, so as soon you get the notice to upgrade your castle, make sure you do so.
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  • After having upgraded your castle, a variety of new exciting options can open up, so make sure to check the following:
  • Go to the build menu and see if there are any buildings with an upgrade arrow next to it. This indicates that this building can be build or upgraded.
  • Check your item menu to see if you have a gold pack. When you open the gold pack after reaching the indicated level, you will receive a big gold bonus.
  • Check your heroes to see if they are at their maximum level, if this new level has unlocked a skill upgrade, and if this new level has unlocked their ability to carry better equipment.
  • Check your castle’s garrison to see if you have opened a new slot for a hero. Why defend your castle with 3 hero’s, if you can do so with 4!

Recruiting citizens

  • The ‘circle of life’ in Knights of the Rose consists of a continuous process of planting craps, recruiting citizens and training soldiers. Planting crops on the farm enables you to recruite new citizens in the town hall. When you have citizens, you can then train them to be soldiers in the baracks.
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  •  When planting crops, keep an eye out on when the crops are ready to be harvested. If you leave them out on the field for too long, they will wither.

 Training your heroes

  • The heroes are the leaders of your soldiers. Soldiers copy all the statistics of your hero: it’s type, it’s level, it’s skills and it’s equipment. As your heroes level up, they become stronger in battle, you will be able to upgrade their skills and you will be able to use better equipment. Be sure that you are continuously training as many heroes as you can (slot- and budget-wise) to make sure that you are not caught off-guard by an enemy too powerful.
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  •  TIP: When a hero has levelled up, make sure that you check their skills and equipment, as upgrades usually become available at higher levels.

Defend your castle

  • When you’re not playing, make sure that you have a garrison assigned to defending your castle.
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 Daily tasks

  • Besides the continous process that make your kingdom run, there are several daily tasks you can complete, such as collecting taxes, shooting down flying chests and sending out gifts. By completing more daily tasks, you will earn ‘Daily activity points’. Earn enough, and you will be given a treasure chest, filled with goodies!
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  •  Every once in a while, your citizens will be so overjoyed with your reign that they are willing to pay you extra tax. When you see a citizen with a heart over their head, click on them to receive some extra income.
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  • Ocassionaly a knight will pass through your town looking to buy equipment. He will offer you a higher price than normal, so if you have any equipment you’re not using anymore, sell it to him for a good deal.
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  • During the first week of playing, make sure you check the game every day to get some amazing freebies.
  • Keep an eye out on the statue in the middle of town. If there is an icon and a countdown timer, be sure to collect the bonus when it becomes available.
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  • Keep an eye out for flying treasure chests; shoot them down and open them in your items menu. Also look out for a chest icon next to your friends, which indicates that you can shoot down a flying treasure chest in their kingdom.
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  • Certain elements of the game are time related. For instance, if you can collect taxes three times per day, it means that at 12am, a new day starts and you can collect taxes again. However, one thing complicates this a little in Knights of the Rose, and that is that the time is counted by the United States Central time zone (GMT -6). So if, for instance, you live in New York, a new day in your game will not start at 12am, but at 1am.
  •  To help you easily convert these times, here is a quick overview of the most important game times, and the most frequently requested time zones:
  • 12 am in-game time is:

…10 pm Pacific Time

…11 pm Mountain Time

…12 am Central Time

…1 am Eastern Time

…6 am GMT / United Kingdom

…7 am Western Europe

  • 6 am in-game time is:

…4 am Pacific Time

…5 am Mountain Time

…6 am Central Time

…7 am Eastern Time

…12 pm GMT / United Kingdom

…1 pm Western Europe

Battle basics

The basics of battles in Knights of the Rose are simple:

  • There are two armies on each side of the screen: your army on the left, the enemy’s army on the right.
  • Each hero in battle is represented by one army unit. The amount of hero’s, and thus units, you can have on the battlefield is dependant on your castle’s level: you unlock a third hero in battle at level 9, and a fourth hero at level 18.
  • A unit gets to do an attack according to their grid position; in case of an equal grid position, the player’s enemy always get’s to attack first. For instance, with a player unit on position 1, and an enemy unit on position 2, the player gets to attack first. With both units on position 1, then enemy gets to attack first.
  • A unit will always first attack in their own row, and will attack the first unit by grid position. If there are no units in the same row, they will attack the first unit in another row, by grid position.
  • One fight will cost you one attack order. Attack orders can be picked up as loot from a battle, and they can be earned or bought. When the amount of attack orders you have left drops below 40, they will automatically start to recharge 1 every 5 minutes. However, they will only be given to you once a day, every day at 6am.
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  • When you’ve successfully defeated an enemy in battle, at the result screen, you are given the option to fight again. Set how often you want to redo this battle, and the game will automatically fight with the same formation, giving you the experience and loot without the effort. Just make sure that you have enough soldiers to survive multipe fights, or the game will stop the automatic fighting.
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  • Battle tactics; understanding your units
  • The difference between victory and defeat lies all in good battle tactics. You have to understand the dynamics of battle, and the strengths and weaknesses of the different units.
  • There are three main soldier units. Although they sometimes vary in appearance, they can be easily recognized by either their weapon (big short sword for infantry, spear for spearmen) or their mount (cavalry rides horses). Much like rock-paper-scissors, one type is strong against one other, and weak against the other. Memorize how these three types stand in regards to eachother, and you have a solid base tactic to tackle any fight.
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  • Ranged units, such as archers and magicians, are generally weaker in defense, but are able to pack a good punch. Make sure you position them behind a unit with higher defense to protect them.
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  • Later in the game, more different types will cross your path, both as enemies and as heroes. Most are however based on these 4 base types in one way or another, so apply the same tactic to them.
  • Note: The odd one out here is the drummer. It has a high defense, and on its turn it will boost the morale of unit in the first position, immediately unlocking their devastating skill to use on the enemy.
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Weapons and armor

  • Along your adventures, you will gather weapons and armor that you can equip your heroes with, increasing their strength and defense. Go back to earlier levels to make sure you have enough equipment for all your heroes.
  • Each weapon, and armor, has three phases:

1. a base weapon

2. an enhanced weapon

3. a superior weapon

  • In later levels, you can find other, more powerful sets of weapons. These can be found and used regardless of whether you upgraded earlier sets.
  • You can find a base weapon, ready to use, as loot. In later levels, you will find several ‘piece of WEAPON’-parts. When you take the base weapon (for instance, the ripple sword) and it’s first upgrade parts (for instance, the piece of blood red sword) to the armor shop, he can forge it into an enhanced weapon (for instance, the blood red sword). Depending on the symbol behind the weapon’s name, some of the same enhanced weapons are stronger than others.
  • When you’re lucky, the smith will make you a superior enhanced weapon, indicated by a star symbol. Unfortunately, this is a completely random event, so it is a matter of luck and patience. When you have a superior enhanced weapon though, you can take it to the weapon shop to upgrade it one more time.
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  •  TIP: Superior enhanced weapons are very rare, so when the smith does forge you one, choose to ‘keep forging’ -if you have the necessary items- to forge multple superior enhanced weapons.

Battle tactics; scenarios to learn from

  • Here are a few scenarios that will help you understand which tactic can make the difference and how you can make sure you pitch the best soldier types against eachother.

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  • There are three things to take away from this scenario:
  • By placing all but 1 of my units on the lower rows, they will first focus on defeating the drummer. The drummer is important to take out first, since his morale boost makes the enemy units even more dangerous.
  • Even if you assume you can defeat the spearmen before it’s their turn to attack an cavalry unit (if I choose one); it is best not to risk choosing any unit that has a disadvantage againt an enemy unit if you can help it.
  • The enemy has placed their magicians on the very back row, to make sure that if one of my spearmen uses it’s Ram skill, the front units will not be moved behind the weaker magicians. As that is not a concern for us, make sure you place your units in the earliest positions, to get the first strike.
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  • In this scenario, I choose to start with an infantry unit to attack the enemy spearmen in front.
  • If they’re strong enough, they will immediately defeat the spearmen, but in case they survive, my own spearmen on position 2 can still deal out good damage.
  • Spearmen are also the best choice to defeat the next in line: the enemy cavalry.
  • Because I do not want to risk pitching infantry against cavalry, positions 3 and 4 are also spearmen, to make sure the cavalry are defeated before they have a chance to attack the infantry.

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  • While putting my spearmen on position 1 would have given them the chance to immediately deal with the cavalry, it would however have putten them in the path of infantry, which they are weak against.
  • By putting them on position 2, my own cavalry on position 4 will take the hits from the enemy cavalry and the enemy infantry. However, neither do great damage to them.
  • With spearmen on position 2, they are still the first of my units to attack and will be able to deal out some good damage to the cavalry.
  • With the enemy cavalry defeated, my own cavalry can now defeat the enemy infantry.
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  • With a drummer and an archer, there is a big risk of being attacked with the arrow shower skill, which attacks the entire front column of your units. By placing the other units one column back, this attack will hit only one unit.
  • I set up my own spearmen to face the cavalry units, but the most important units in this battle are the infantry units, to take on the much stronger spearman boss.
  • Because I do not want to risk having my infantry units being attacked by the enemy’s cavalry unit, I make sure all my infantry units are on the two bottom rows, even if it means that one of them is on the very last column of positions.

 Battle tactics tips

  • If you’re battling an enemy unit that has the Ram skill, and you are using ranged soldiers yourself (archer, magicians), place them on the very back column of your field. Although this means that it’s their turn later, this will prevent from a Ram attack moving the stronger unit defending your ranged soldier, to move positions to behind you.


You have completed the quick start guide for Knights of the Rose by Ram Bam Show. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.