KleptoCats: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies


Everyone loves cats. Okay, not everyone. But most people. Which is probably why games with cats in them are so popular.

One feline focused title that is more perfect (purrfect?) than most is KleptoCats. It looks like a fairly simple tamagotchi experience at first glance, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Here are a few tips to make sure you keep your cat happy and content – and also collect all the felines in the game.

  • Happy Cats One thing you’ll need to learn to sort early on is keeping your cat happy. The bottom right corner of the screen shows how content your moggy is via a mood meter, and you want this to be at 100% if possible – as they’ll then bring back the rarer items when they journey out.
  • Level up Pushing that mood meter up is fairly simple too. Just tap your cat and you’ll be presented with several options – petting, feeding, and washing. All will help improve their mood.
  • Pet away Of the three options petting is the most effective generally, although make sure you tap away quickly – the more rubs your cat receives the more the mood meter will rise.
  • Take them out Once your cats mood is high enough (50% or above) you’ll have the chance to get them to Go Out – with this option accessible by giving your feline a tap.
  • Back to zero Once your cat has gone out their mood meter goes back to zero, so bear this in mind. You may want to build their mood up further so they can get you the rarer items when they journey out.
  • New cats Once you’ve figured out the basic mechanics of the game you’ll want to look into acquiring new cats. You can do this via the book icon at the top of the screen.
  • You’re a proper diamond (gem) To purchase a new feline you’ll need four gems, which you don’t necessarily have to use real cash for. Your cats will occasionally bring a gem back – and you can also buy gems for 250 coins each.
  • Coining it in How you get coins is fairly simple. Your cat will bring some in on its journeys out, and you can also gain them via the Daily Rewards page – which will award you if you log-in every day and so on.
  • Don’t spend frivolously As in real life, don’t waste coins on unnecessary trivialities. One key example is paying to get your cat to come back earlier after sending it out – just don’t do it, and use coins to buy gems instead.
  • Background check The further you ‘progress’ the longer your cat will spend when you ask it to go out. Don’t just sit there like a lemon while you wait for them though – you can get on with other tasks while their timer ticks down.

Try out these tips for yourself by downloading KleptoCats on the App Store and Google Play.

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