King’s Raid – A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve got any experience with mobile MMOs, chances are you had little difficulty getting to grips with King’s Raid. It’s one of the best examples of the genre out there. But for beginners, the MMO can be a forbidding …

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If you’ve got any experience with mobile MMOs, chances are you had little difficulty getting to grips with King’s Raid. It’s one of the best examples of the genre out there.

But for beginners, the MMO can be a forbidding animal, packed to bursting with stats, levels, currencies, weird magic stuff, characters, and much more. Fear not: this handy beginner’s guide will walk you through your first daunting steps.

Picking a team

Your team is obviously the backbone of your entire playing time with King’s Raid, so it pays to get it right.

In the first instance, that means always ensuring that you have a DPS character, a healer, a support character, and a tank in the field. These character types are distributed across seven different classes: Warrior, Knight, Assassin, Archer, Priest, Wizard, and Mechanic.

There are two more categories that heroes fall into: those with magical attacks and those with physical attacks. It’s important to have both, since there are enemies who are only vulnerable to one or the other.

You can prioritize either magical or physical – anecdotally, magical seems to be slightly stronger, but you should just pick the heroes you like – but it’s important that you have a healer, a tank, and a DPS character in your battle team.

You can build teams around your favourite characters, or you can build them around the characters’ UWs, or unique weapons. Either way, it’s more important to go with a setup that appeals to you than a more powerful one that you don’t particularly like. The scenic route is always more fun.

It’s possible to take any of your heroes into any battle, but it pays to concentrate on getting a core team of heroes levelled up to the max rather than trying to spread progress across a pool of heroes.


As with most mobile MMOs, you can set combat to automatic, and even speed it up a bit. What that means in practice is that your heroes unleash their skills automatically whenever they recharge.

However, you’re free to take back control if that’s what floats your boat. Simply unselect the ‘auto’ button and you can smash out skills as and when required.

Let’s take a step back. Before entering a battle, you get to pick your team. Heroes slot into the front, middle, or back of your formation, and they can’t be moved around – i.e., a healer always takes up the rear, and can never be shuffled to the front or the middle.

Once the battle is underway, you’ll notice that each hero has three skills and an energy bar. If you’re going manual, you’ll need to ensure that you bust out your healer skills whenever a hero’s health is running low.

It’s also a good idea to keep your powder dry with skills generally, only unleashing them when you’re in a tight spot or a boss battle.


Getting ahead is easier than it looks in King’s Road – all you need to do is complete the quests. To find them, tap on the triangle on the left of the screen to bring out the hidden quest menu. Then tap on the quest, and then on Shortcut.

Once you’ve completed a quest, you get to claim your rewards. Quests are sequential rather than parallel, so you’ll often find that you’ve already completed a quest as soon as it becomes available – bonanza!

Every time you battle you collect loot from the battlefield. To use it, just tap on the Inventory icon to Enhance or Grind the items you collect. Also, you should tap on the Heroes icon to equip these items – as with battling, you can do this automatically, so don’t stress too much about making the right choices.

King’s Raid blossoms into a rich and complex game with a number of modes and a huge range of activities to keep you busy and maximise your progress, but this little overview should be more than enough to get you started.

And now, a summary of some of the key features you’ll come across.

Levelling up

EXP is juice you use for levelling up, and you earn it by battling and pretty much everything else you do in the game. For the greatest possible EXP return, fight in Conquest battles.

When you level up your heroes you increase their Skill levels and basic stats.

Awakening & Transcending

Once you’ve done a bit of levelling up, you can Awaken your heroes. This increases their all-important star level. And once you’ve got that star level all the way up to five, you can Transcend. Both procedures require Fragments, which you find in Dungeons.\


Your skills can be levelled up too. To do this you need to acquire Skill Books, which you get by completing battles in the Stockade.


You get Gear from battles. It falls into a number of different categories, including Weapons, Orbs, Artifacts, Armor, and Treasures. You can only equip a bit of gear to a hero if they’re in the same tier – a range of levels.

There are six grades of Gear, and the rarer it is the more powerful it is. The rarest (and most powerful), Legendary, is only available through Raids or Battles in Chapters 8 and 9.

You can Awaken and Enhance Gear, just like heroes.

Unique Weapons

King’s Raid contains Unique Weapons – powerful weapons peculiar to individual characters. To get hold of these weapons you need to use Special Item Summon or Unique Weapon Tickets.

We could fill a website with the details and intricacies of King’s Raid, and if you want to learn more you can check out this essential tier list, or search for the game on Reddit.

Good luck! Use these tips for yourself by downloading the game on both the App Store and Google Play now.