King of Thieves Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

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King of Thieves is a PvP/platforming game from ZeptoLab. In this game, you raid other player’s lairs and dodge all manner of traps to grab gems and gold. Gamezebo’s King of Thieves: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies will help you get rich while managing to keep all your limbs.

King of Thieves Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Don’t forget to play the single-player campaign for new totems – King of Thieves isn’t just about raiding other players’ lairs. There are computer-built levels for you to conquer on the map screen as well. It’s vital that you do so, since completing these levels yields experience, gold, gems, and most importantly, new totems. Totems crumble when they’re used multiple times, so you need to stay on the hunt for decent real estate.
  • Watch replays of invasions to work out weak spots in your security – When another player raids your sanctum, you can watch a replay of the invasion. This is a great way to pinpoint and secure weaknesses in your defense systems.
  • There needs to technically be a way around your traps – You can’t just build a wall of buzzsaws and call it a day, however. You need to clear your own traps before the game will save them to your lair. In fact, you need to clear them twice in a row.
  • Collect your coins often – Coins gather in your lair constantly, so pick them up often. When your storage space maxes out, you can’t accumulate any more. You can also increase the amount of coin storage in your lair via an upgrade.

King of Thieves Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Collect gems from the map screen – When you liberate a mine on the map screen, you’ll be able to go back every so often and collect a gem. Don’t forget!
  • Upgrade your locks ASAP – Locks are your first defense against invaders, so build as many as possible. Make them spend their keys and curse your name.
  • Don’t forget to buy outfits for added agility and health – Sometimes when you successfully complete a level, you’ll be rewarded with items like leaves and mushrooms. These seemingly useless items can be used to upgrade your outfit for additional health, agility, and other stat boosts. To design and change outfits, tap on the little dude in your home lair.
  • Do missions to win orbs and experience – Your hooded guide has missions for you to complete. Tap on his visage in your home lair to learn how you can grab orbs and experience.

King of Thieves Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Well-defended dungeons pay for themselves – Upgrading your dungeon isn’t cheap, but the investment is worth it. Not only does a heavily-armed dungeon keep your goods safe, but you collect coins every time an invader stumbles and impales themselves on one of your barriers. Get rich of others’ misfortune!
  • Beware when upgrading traps: You’re left vulnerable – It’s important to upgrade your traps to make them more powerful, but be careful when doing so. Upgrades take time, and the trap is ineffective against invaders while it’s being beefed up. Perform one upgrade at a time, and check in as soon as the time limit has passed – or speed up the whole process using orbs.

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