King of Crabs Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Sam Simmons |

We’ve all dreamed about being the biggest crab on the beach, getting what you want when you want. Well, your dreams probably aren’t as wacky as mine, but Robot Squid has made my dreams come true.

King of Crabs!

King of Crabs is a brilliant survival game where you need to get as big as you physically can. To get big, one must eat as much as one can. Whether you eat other crabs, starfish or coconuts there is plenty of food to go round. However, if you think this food isn’t heavily contested, then think again.

There are two game modes to choose from, Friendly and King. In the friendly game mode, other players like yourself are friends and cannot be attacked or consumed for food. In the king game mode, it’s every crab for themselves, like a battle royale of the crab world.

Tips, cheats and strategies

  • Fish aren’t friends, they are food! Whenever I start a game, I go running into the water and eat whatever I can find. Starfish, Cockles and fish are defenceless food sources that go overlooked by most other players. I recommend starting small if you want to make it big.
  • The best way I can describe gameplay to you is to think King of Crabs as In the .io world of games, you are competing with those around you to get as big as possible. This means avoiding any individual bigger than you, they are stronger and hit harder.
  • Weapons are a game changer. Depending on the weapon you have, you can drastically change your chances of winning a fight. So if you notice an unarmed crab that is slightly larger than you, grab a weapon and charge him. You should be able to come out on top most the time, but be prepared to run!
  • Weapons part two. It’s quite a common occurrence to find a weapon, and a crab more than double your size. What is rare is to witness two giants fighting for the top spot. If you have a weapon, you can jump into this fight and help determine a winner by attacking one of the big crabs. Don’t hang around too long or the other big crab will finish you. But jump in, steal some crab meat and then run!
  • Speed is underrated. One thing that can make or break a life is speed. Whether you have upgraded your crab’s movement speed, or whether you have great reactions, speed will save your life. If you can zip into a fight and steal food and zip away from being attacked, you will do well.
  • Enjoy yourself. Yes, the movement system takes a while to get used to, yes there are a couple of bugs here and there, but this truly is a remarkable game. If you can leave your frustration at the door, and just enjoy bottom feeding your way to the top, then you will love this game.

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