Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a celebrity simulation game from Glu Games. In this game, you build up a career in Hollywood with the help of the esteemed starlet, Kim Kardashian. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you become the hottest thing under the LA sun.



Tap around the screen for a chance to find experience and money – You never know what you’ll find lying around the streets of LA, and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood lets you use the city’s mysteries to your advantage. Whenever you move to a new location, try tapping around the scenery. Bushes, trees, garbage bins, etc, often have money and experience points hiding in them. Hidden rewards regenerate after a few minutes, so tap often.

Use your energy meter to breeze through tasks instead of having to wait around – Whenever you walk into a task that takes time to complete – a photoshoot, for example – make sure your energy is full. You can shorten your wait significantly, if not entirely, by tapping around and completing the various chores scattered around the scene. Each chore requires energy, however, so be prepared to burn through what you’ve got.

Need cash? Go back to the So Chic Boutique – Don’t forget your roots. If you return to the So Chic Boutique and work a shift, you can earn cash and even stars (the game’s hard currency).

Buy and furnish a home to improve your social status – Nobody wants to associate with a star that still lives in his mom’s basement. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood offers you a chance to own your own home. Grab one to improve your rating amongst your fans.


Network with everyone – Networking offers tons of bonuses, so if you see a stranger, be nice. It’ll come in handy down the road.

Play frequently to prevent losing fans – Recluses don’t often find stardom. If you don’t play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood every day, you’ll lose fans. Without the fans, you don’t have status. And without the status, you don’t have the power.

Check your feed to get an idea your status in Hollywood – Want to see if you’re hot or not? Check your feed from time to time. It’s the Wi-Fi signal-shaped icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Lost? Check out your task list – There’s a lot to do in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, especially since everyone tries pulling you in several directions at once. If you lose track of what you need to do next, enlarge / consult your task list, which sits in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Owning pets brings rewards (and cuddles) – Consider adopting a pet once you have a new place to live. They give bonuses, including energy bonuses and cash.


The more expensive your clothing, the likelier you are to get noticed – Generally, the more expensive your outfit, the likelier you are to get noticed by your fans. Dress to impress.

Dates last an hour, so use your time wisely – Be attentive to your date if you don’t want your relationship to turn into a disaster. Buying good food and wine is one way to win your partner’s love, but if you’re low on cash, you can also opt to flirt and kiss. Flirting and kissing takes energy, so make sure you attend your date well-rested.

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