Ketchapp Basketball Tips, Cheats and Strategies


So you want to be a basketball star? I mean, who doesn’t? But it’s a lot of effort, a lot of hard work, and you’re not guaranteed to get anything out of it. Instead, here’s an alternative – why don’t you get really good at Ketchapp Basketball instead? There’s less hard work, and you can do it from the comfort of your armchair.

And to help you along, we’ve put together a bunch of Ketchapp Basketball tips, cheats and strategies for you. We’re pretty much assuring your rise to the upper echelons of Ketchapp Basketball society with these, so don’t say we’re not good to you.

Game Modes

Ketchapp Basketball Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • There are different game modes to try out. Most of the tips in this guide will work on all of them, but here’s a few differences between them.
  • Endless – Score as many points as you can until you miss. Use all the tips in this guide to get the best score and show everyone how good you are
  • Time Challenge – A bit of spray and pray. A ticking counter gives you a brief time limit to score as many points as you can. It’s nice for a short play, but you won’t get a huge amount of stars for it.
  • Bounce – Here the strength of your swipe does matter. And you won’t score any points if you don’t hit one of the bounce pads before getting the ball through the hoop.
  • Multi Hoops – A great way to get more stars. Getting the ball through the second row of hoops gets you double points as well.

The Basics

Ketchapp Basketball Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Take your time – There’s no limit to how long you take over a shot in endless mode, so don’t rush in when you don’t have to. Instead wait for the right moment to strike and you’ll be far more likely to score some precious points.
  • Aim for the middle of the hoop – If you score a basket without touching the hoop with the ball, you’ll get an extra point. And we all know what points mean – points mean getting a better score than everyone else.
  • Don’t swipe too hard – The strength of your swipe doesn’t make any difference in a lot of the modes, all you need to worry about is the direction. Find the soft-swiping style that works best for you and employ it, you’ll see your score going up in no time flat.

Advanced Skills

Ketchapp Basketball Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Learn the numbers – Each new configuration of hoops comes at a certain score. Keep an eye on when things switch over, and you’ll be better placed to score a slum dunk rather than whatever the opposite of a slam dunk is.
  • Draw the line – When shooting into a stationary hoop you can basically draw a line with your finger from the ball to the basket. This should get you through the early rounds with no hassle at all.
  • Where’s it going to be? – When the hoop starts moving, try and shoot for where it’s going to be, not where it is. Watch the motions carefully and see where the hoop slows down and changes direction and you should come out on top.
  • Don’t shoot at the corners – When a moving basket is in the corner of the screen it’s going to shift its direction soon, and that means you’re more likely to miss. Wait until its moving steadily in one direction to take your shot.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t chase the stars – Stars will pop up from time to time, but there’s no need to chase them. Wait until you’ve got a shot that’s going to bag you them naturally.
  • Try and shoot straight – Angled shots are tougher to make, so if you’ve got the chance to aim straight upwards then take that. It’s all about waiting for the basket to be in the right place for your shot.
  • Claim whenever you can – There’s plenty of freebies in Ketchapp Basketball, so if you get the chance to grab one you definitely should. You can spend the stars on new balls.

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