Kendall and Kylie Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Kendall and Kylie is a celebrity / role-playing game from Glu Games. In this game, you claw your way up to internet stardom with the help of networking, vlogs, friendship, and love. Gamezebo’s Kendall and Kylie tips, cheats and strategies will help you remember the little people once you’re a big star.

Broke? There’s always work at the salon

Though you should always strive for online relevance and internet stardom, don’t forget you were initially hired by the Van Normal Academy to do a job. If you’re short on cash, talk to Gretta at the salon. You can work a short shift (four hours) or a long shift (eight hours) to make a little cash.


Don’t forget to vlog your shift by tapping on the tasks scattered around the room. If you don’t, your online pals may become unimpressed with your poor showing and unfriend you.

Story events are marked with yellow arrows

There’s a lot to do in Kendall and Kylie, making it pretty easy to get lost in tasks. Feel free to poke around (literally) to make friends and build relationships, but don’t forget there’s a main story to follow, too!

To progress the story, tap on characters with yellow “!” icons. Story-relevant characters may occasionally text you to get things going, and if you want to delay a bit longer, that’s fine.

Don’t forget to open gift boxes

You occasionally get free gift boxes stuffed with goodies. Remember to open them! Scroll through the selection to see what’s up for grabs.


Pets provide benefits!

Who doesn’t love animals? When you’re struggling to become relevant in Santa Monica, a pet can keep you sane. More importantly, you can pet and play with your fuzzy friend to gain energy, experience, and money. Pets cost money up-front and  keeping them fed also takes money as well as energy, but the pay-off is very much worth it.

You get more followers for completing long-term tasks with more stars

Followers are your life-blood in Kendall and Kylie. Progressing through the main story helps you stay relevant, but you should also take time to put your growth on pause while you work, network, or just have fun with pals.

When you’re “out” for an extended period of time, don’t forget to check in and tap on the action icons scattered around the area. Doing so increases your stars, which add up to big follower gains when your task is done. By contrast, if you neglect to fill your star meter, you may lose followers.


Tap tap tap, let your energy refill, then come back and tap some more.

Don’t neglect love

Your followers love romance and drama, so don’t forget to hunt down a mate while you’re cruising for internet stardom. Don’t neglect your potential loves, either: Go on dates, and make them good ones. Again, tap around to perform tasks and fill out your heart meter. Doing so is a sure-fire way to get loads of dedicated followers — and it’ll build up your relationship with your beloved, of course.

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