Kelly Green: Garden Queen Walkthrough

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Kelly Green: Garden Queen.

If you are reading this strategy guide it is very likely that you decided to help Kelly Green to become what the title of the game suggests, a garden queen. We hope that you will find all the help and hints in this guide to succeed in this challenge.


  • You can zoom out by right-clicking, and zoom in by right-clicking again on the point you want to focus on. Move around the nursery by holding the right mouse button and dragging along or moving the cursor to the edges of the screen.
  • You can cancel any task by clicking on it for a second time.
  • You will get a $10-bonus each time Kelly’s hands are full, so be sure to always handle two tasks at once.
  • At each level you have four different goals: the profit goal, a certain score goal, completing all orders and earning a certain amount of tips. While the profit goal is the only one you have to fulfill to pass a level, reaching the other goals rewards you with trophies and a cup bonus, such as soil or seeds. There are three key strategies to win the golden cup on every level. For one thing, you always have to take every order as soon as possible, because as soon as you lose an order, you won’t be able to achieve the golden cup anymore. Furthermore, every customer, whether roadside or phone, has to leave with five red hearts. Only in this way you can be sure to earn the required amount of tips. And finally, save one order for the end of the day – keep this last customer satisfied and sell products this customer does not want from your storage until you reach the Guru profit goal. In this way you can fulfill all the four goals on each level without any problem.
  • Always place new pots, fill empty pots with soil, or do other basic tasks when you are waiting for plants to grow.
  • In some levels it is absolutely not enough to just fulfill the orders. To meet the profit-goal you also have to sell various products from your storage, so always plant some extra plants in each level in advance.
  • Click on the storage to see how many and which products you currently own. To sell them, either click the "Sell all"-button, or select specific products and click the "Sell selected"-button:


  • If you restart a level, your previous purchases are overridden.
  • The numbers assigned to each object in your nursery display your current amount of it (for example water, lemonade, soil).
  • In the course of the game you will work with up to four employees, each of them being able to perform every task. You simply have to assign tasks without thinking about who of the employees will do it, they do them automatically according who is idle at that moment.
  • Try to fulfill four orders at the same time and do not begin to plant before you have the four orders on the top of the screen. In that way it is easier to plan ahead and to plant the right number of flowers and herbs for all orders right in the beginning.
  • The timer in the left-hand bottom corner of the screen shows you how much time is left until the end of the current day. However, when the timer ends, you still can fulfill open orders and take as much time as you want to doing that. But consider that you only get a time bonus, which is related to one of the trophies you can obtain, if there is time left when you finish a day:


  • As soon as you all of your flower pot-rows are equipped with sprinklers, ladybug houses or swallow roosts it suffices to click on one plant for watering/chasing away bugs/aphids, and the same action is automatically applied to all concerned plants in the same row.
  • You are able to replay every level at any time. Access the level overview by clicking on "Almanac" in the menu.

Move-it mode:

  • In this mode you can always rearrange your buildings, pots and machineries the way you prefer it, mostly to reduce the length of paces as much as possible:


  • If any object’s foundation turns red, this means that you cannot place this object in this position.
  • The most important strategy is to keep the out side Flower Beds, the Greenhouses, the Storage, the Soil, the Cows, and the Roadside Stand as close to each other as possible. The Wind Mill is not as important as soon as you have acquired Sprinklers.

Customers & Orders:

  • There are two different types of orders – those from the phone, and those from your roadside stand.
  • If you miss a phone call you will get penalized with $100, so always avoid to miss those calls.
  • You can always click on the red phone to tell customers that their order is on its way. This increases their patience. You have to wait a few moments until you can call them a second time:


  • Roadside customers are less patient than phone customers. While you can increase the patience of roadside customers by serving them lemonade, phone customers can be calmed by calling them while preparing their order:


  • In the case of roadside customers you always have to create a bouquet when the required plants are fully grown. You can skip this step, but that is not advisable, because by creating the bouquets on your own you can maximize their patience hearts by three. Choose the vase and the décor they prefer, and arrange all of the flowers manually to earn three bonus hearts:



  • If a cow has any need a flashing box in the right-hand bottom corner of the screen makes you aware of that. Just click on this box and any currently idle farmer will attend to the cow immediately. In this context it does not matter what exactly the cow needs, the farmer will fulfill the request automatically:


  • Do not wait to long with attending to the cows. If they have to wait they will lose hearts and you will receive a money penalty.
  • Cats are solely responsible to chase away gophers, despite that they have no function except for looking cute.


  • All plants have the same worth, thus the price for 30 seeds of each sort is the same, too.
  • When gophers attack some of your plants, simply click on the related plants and your cats and/or staff will deal with them:


  • If plants in the greenhouse have to be replanted outside, a little brown symbol appears above them. Click on them and will be brought outside automatically. You cannot choose where they will be replanted:


  • Plants that grow inside the greenhouse are: Pine, Feather Grass, Hibiscus, Japanese Maple, Pansy, Tree Fern, Dahlia, Elephant Ears, Papyrus, Umbrella Plants.
  • Plants that grow outside include: Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, Agave, Basil, Tulip, Black-eyed Susan.
  • Plants that first grow in the Greenhouse, then outside: Iris, Fuchsia, Birds of Paradise.
  • Take into account that Tree Ferns take much longer to grow than all of the other plants. Plant 5 or 6 of them directly in the beginning of all levels where they are available.
  • You can easily identify plants by comparing the colour of a plant’s pot ant the colour of the frame at the bottom of orders:


Nursery Catalogue:

  • Every upgrade as well as seeds and soil are displayed and can be bought at the Nursery Catalogue. It is divided into three sections, namely Resources, Seeds&Décor, and Build.
  • Hover over any resources or seeds to see how many you currently have at your Nursery. Keep checking your seeds, décor and soil before each level to be sure that you do not run out of anything:


  • It is always good to have at least 5 of each décor item in storage. From late summer on you should also have at least 20 lemonades in stock.
  • For seeds, have at least 20 of each available plant until the middle of summer. From then on, you should have at least 50 seeds of each plant on hand to be flexible.
  • In fact, two large Greenhouses and two large outside areas are enough space to grow your plants, you can neglect the smaller greenhouse and the smaller outside area.
  • The same goes for the soil-packing machine, the flower drying stand, and the butter churner. Two of each of them is enough to satisfy the demand for the products these machines make, you do not have to buy more of them. This would be only waste of money and space.
  • Equip all the flower bed rows in your greenhouses and outside areas with every available upgrade, namely sprinklers, scarecrows, swallow roosts and ladybug houses, to be as efficient as possible.
  • Working with the Butter Churner:


  • Working with the Flower Drying Stand:


  • Working with the Soil-packing Machine:




  1. Day: Tutorial-Day.
  2. Day: Roses become available.
  3. Day: The Greenhouse and Dahlia Bulbs become available. Place the Greenhouse as near to soil and water as possible.
  4. Day: Customers are beginning to order at the roadside. Do not forget to rearrange your Nursery according to this change. The refrigerator is added. It contains lemonade, which can be used to increase the patience of roadside customers by serving it. The Umbrella Plant Seed becomes available. Buy the bigger water can and the big shovel.
  5. Day: Daisy the cow is added. 
  6. Day: Your brother Neil joins you to help you out at the Nursery. Buy a second shovel for Neil.
  7. Day: Buy a second water can for Neil. 
  8. Day: Buy a pot filling machine.
  9. Day: Blue Irises become available. Take into account that you have to plant them in the Greenhouse first, and then outside again. Buy a Flowerbed Sprinkler and a bigger Windmill for 60 pots. Look at the screenshot below for a possible layout of your Nursery for the ninth day: Day: Buy one Scarecrow to ward off crows.
  10. Then, plant most of your flowers in the row which is protected by the scarecrow.


  1. Day: Phoenix, the wife of Kelly’s brother Neil arrives at the Nursery to help you out with these mean, little pests. Buy a bigger Greenhouse for 20 plants. 
  2. Day: The Black-eyed Susan becomes available. Buy two Greenhouse Sprinklers.
  3. Day: Buy another Flowerbed Sprinkler, another Scarecrow, and a second cow.
  4. Day: Buy two Ladybug Houses.
  5. Day: The Hibiscus replaces the Umbrella plant. Build a bigger Roadside Stand for 4 customers.
  6. Day: Buy a bigger Greenhouse and a bigger Storage.
  7. Day: Buy a third Greenhouse Sprinkler and a Swallow Roost.
  8. Day: In this level you won’t have any roadside orders (due to a very obscure law of the state). Elephant Ears are now available. Buy a bigger outside area for 30 plants.
  9. Day: Buy another Flowerbed Sprinkler and a bigger Windmill.
  10. Day: Buy another Ladybug House and a second Swallow Roost.
  11. Day: Build a bigger outside area and a third swallow roost.
  12. Day: Buy another Scarecrow, a Flowerbed Sprinkler, and a Ladybug House.
  13. Day: Tulips are now replacing Roses. Buy another cat, a Flowerbed Sprinkler and a Ladybug House.
  14. Day: Buy a Scarecrow and a Swallow Roost.
  15. Day: Buy a third cat, a Scarecrow and a Swallow Roost.


  1. Day: Grace joins the farming team. The drying stand is added to your farm automatically. You can use it to sell unnecessary plants. Buy a bigger Composter for dead plants.
  2. Day: Paradise Seed is now available. Buy another cat and another cow. Buy another Greenhouse and two Greenhouse Sprinklers.
  3. Day: The Butter Churner is introduced.
  4. Day: Buy another cat. 
  5. Day: The Soil-packing Machine becomes available.
  6. Day: This level you have to pass without the support of your brother Neil. Buy the biggest outside area for flower beds and buy three Flower Sprinkler, three Swallow Roosts, two Scarecrows and three Ladybug Houses.
  7. Day: Buy another Scarecrow and a second Butter Churner.
  8. Day: Buy another Soil-packing machine and another Flower Drying Stand.
  9. Day: Rosemary Seed is now available.
  10. Day: No special events, but a busy day for sure. Have a look for an above average occurrence of gophers and have some dried plants in store.
  11. Day: Buy another Butter Churner, Flower Drying Stand, and Soil-packing machine.
  12. Day: All you employees have the flu, so Kelly has to manage the Nursery on her own for a day. 
  13. Day: Lavender seeds are now available.
  14. Day: Pansy Seeds are now available.


  1. Day: Japanese Maples become available.
  2. Day: No special occurrences.
  3. Day: Very busy day, it might be good to prepare some butter, packed soil, dried plants in advance.
  4. Day: Fuchsia cutting is now available. 
  5. Day: Papyrus becomes available.
  6. Day: Agave seed becomes available.
  7. Day: Be prepared for very impatient customers. Stock more lemonade than usual and calm down phone callers as well as roadside customers on a very regular basis.
  8. Day: Tree Fern Spores become available.
  9. Day: The Pansies will be highly demanded in this level, so stock at least 60 seeds.
  10. Day: Pine Seed and Feather Grass Seed become available.


  • In the trophy room, your current awards are displayed and you can consult your "Nursery Stats". These stats are really interesting and provide you with every possible information, such as how many plants you have collected, your score, how many gophers you have chased away, or the amount of tips you have earned altogether.
  • You get a trophy for:
  1. Growing 100 plants.
  2. Earning $10,000 total score.
  3. Winning all winter levels.
  4. Saving 100 plants using Ladybugs.
  5. Getting $500 tips.
  6. Selling 100 bouquets.
  7. Collecting 100 milk.
  8. Completing all the levels with a golden cup.
  9. Completing 100 phone orders.
  10. Making 70 butter pieces.
  11. Serving 100 customers.
  12. Completing 30 levels with silver cup.
  13. Receiving $5,000 time bonus.
  14. Collecting 100 roses.
  15. Chasing 100 gophers.

Congratulations, you have finished the game!”;

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