KartRider: Drift Tracks – All Maps Listed


Looking for a complete list of all KartRider: Drift tracks? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we round up all of the different KartRider: Drift maps that you can race around to your heart’s content. We’ll also discuss the map’s themes, and try and provide tips to master them as we spend more time with it.

drKartRider: Drift is the latest entry in the racing franchise that competes with Mario Kart. You collect a bunch of characters and karts, customise them in your image, then take them onto the road. You compete in various different racing modes, including speed (go really fast) and item (use weapons against your friend and get them real mad).

You can learn more about it on the official site. We’ve also put together a guide series to help you get a winning start. Check out our KartRider: Drift tier list, KartRider: Drift codes, KartRider: Drift items, KartRider: Drift characters, and KartRider: Drift karts.

KartRider: Drift Tracks

Now, we’ll round up all of the KartRider: Drift tracks that are announced so far.


The Desert track, which also goes by the names of ‘Desert Drift’ and ‘Baguy Desert’, takes place in a scorching environment.

Time Trials

  • Abandoned Oasis
  • Ancient Aqueducts
  • Construction Chaos
  • Dusty Bazaar
  • Pharaoh’s Pass
  • Sphinx’s Riddle


The Factory, which also goes by the name of Mistfall Factory and Mystpole Factory, takes place in an industrial setting.

Time Trials

We’ll add these time trials when the game officially launches!


The Forest, which is occasionally titled Frenzy Forest and Floopy Forest, is a map in KartRider: Drift.

Time Trials

  • Lumberjack Lane
  • Misty Falls
  • Mushroom Caves
  • Panda Village
  • Rocky Roadway
  • Woodsy Way
  • Zigzag Timberland


Glacier, also known as Arctic Rim and Icerion Land, is a map in KartRider Drift.

Time Trials

  • Extreme Stadium
  • Icebreaker Pass
  • Polar Halfpipe
  • Shark’s Wake
  • Snowbound Slopes


Graveyard is a map in KartRider: Drift that also goes by the name of Creepy Hollow and Cemetery. As you can expect, this is a very spooky map.

  • Cemetery Circuit
  • Specter Pass
  • Turnabout


Mine is a track in KartRider: Drift that also goes by the name of Zerostone Mine.

Time Trials

  • Gold Rush
  • Magma Cavern
  • Mother Lode
  • Rickety Rails
  • Three Shortcuts
  • Winding Slopes


Moonhill, or Moonhill City, is a cute map in KartRider: Drift.

Time Trials

  • Lawless Tunnel
  • Mean Streets
  • Streetcar Run


Village, or Zoomtown and Boomhill Village as it’s also known, is a map in KartRider: Drift that takes place in a cute little residential area.

Time Trials

  • Bayside Bridge Run
  • Boom Hill Tunnel
  • Breezy Park
  • Clocktower Crossing
  • Cobbled Quayside
  • Handy Harbor
  • Town Hall

World Tour

World Tour – the only map that doesn’t go by another name – is a map in KartRider: Drift.

Time Trials

  • London Night
  • New York Rally
  • Rio de Ja-nitro
  • SF Seaplane Base
  • Terracotta Twister

KartRider: Drift Tracks FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you may have about KartRider: Drift or tracks in general.

What Is KartRider: Drift?

KartRider: Drift is a brand new racing game entry in the classic KartRider franchise. You race around a wide variety of tracks – all listed above – and collect karts, characters, and other customisation options.

What’s The Difference Between The Tracks?

The tracks are different aesthetically, with each featuring a different theme. They also have different layouts, so you’ll want to master them if you want to beat all of your friends.

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