Kami 2 Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

By Rob Rich |


Kami is a deceptively simple (and very insidious) puzzle game from State of Play Games. Don’t let the single tap controls fool you – it will drag your puzzling skills through the ringer in short order. Gamezebo’s Kami 2 tips, cheats, and strategies should keep you from throwing in the towel too soon.

  • Take your time. You’re only limited by the number of moves you can take to complete each puzzle, so there’s no need to try and rush through any of them.
  • When things get tough, take a step back. Rather than diving right into a difficult puzzle just to see what might work, take a few moments to study the patterns in front of you. Try to see what connects to what, make a note of how many moves you have, count the number of different colors, and so on.
  • Try to completely connect all possible matching colors in as few moves as possible. This sounds obvious, but it can take some planning to figure out how best to connect all the yellows, for example. The reason this is important is because the larger a color mass is, the easier it will be to change up more of the screen during later turns.

kami 2 tips cheats strategies

  • Compare the numbers. How many moves you’re given and how many colors a puzzle uses are good indicators of how to approach each level. If there are more moves than disparate colors, chances are you need to remove one or two smaller color chunks in order to open up a “path” of sorts for larger ones.
  • Look for imperfections. Many of the patterns in a level have at least one spot of color that will seem “off” when compared to the rest – something that isn’t quite symmetrical, for example. These details are often an indication that you need to deal with them first.

kami 2 tips cheats strategies

  • Sometimes small moves are better. Those big sweeping color corrections I mentioned earlier? Sometimes levels are designed specifically to keep them from working. If you’re having trouble with the usual strategy, try looking for a smaller block of color that might connect two larger matching bits of color once flipped – instead of looking for a way to make one big blob.
  • There’s no shame in restarting. If you’ve made a mistake and won’t be able to complete a level using the requisite number of moves, just hit Reset. There’s no penalty for it, other than having to start from the beginning of the puzzle again, so go nuts!
  • If you’re really stuck, you can get a hint. Tap the lightbulb icon to use a hint, which will have the game show you exactly what color to use where. The catch is that hints are an extremely limited resource that you pretty much have to buy with real money. So only use if you’re seriously stuck and desperate.

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