Justice League Action Run Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Justice League Action Run is a bit like a Frankenstein’s monster of our favourite autorunner games. But what if you’re a Justice League fan who’s never played an autorunner before? Our Justice League Action Run tips, cheats and strategies guide is here to help you get the lay of the land and learn the ropes so you can sail through Justice League Action Run in no time at all.

The Basics

Justice League Action Run Gameplay

There are 15 missions in total to conquer in Justice League Action Run, broken down into 15 chapters of five missions each. Once you pass the tutorial, you’ll be taking three heroes into each mission with you. Your goal is to complete the task set out in the mission brief with at least one of your heroes intact.

Once you’ve accepted your mission, you’re launched into gameplay, running forward into a seemingly endless obstacle course. You have the ability to jump over, slide under and attack obstacles as well as three lanes of traffic to use to your advantage, giving you the ability to move around obstacles rather than take them on directly.

Mission Types

Justice League Action Run Mission Screen

There are six basic mission types in play in Justice League Action Run. Each chapter concludes with a ‘Defeat the Boss’ mission and contains a mix of four of the other five mission types.  As you progress through the game the mission types remain the same, but the length of the run or the number of objects to collect or destroy increases.

  • Complete the Course: All you have to do in this mission type is stay alive. Avoid or destroy all the obstacles in your way until you’ve reached the designated end of the run. Beware – it isn’t quite as easy as it may seem. During this mission, the obstacle course is interrupted by a villain on a motorbike who’ll try to hunt you down with his laser. Change lanes fast – really, really fast – to duck and dodge your way out of the line of fire.
  • Collect the Special Items: Mixed in among the coins on the ground and in the air you’ll find vials. These vials are the special items. Your job is to stay alive long enough to collect the number of vials set out in the countdown at the top of the screen.
  • Defuse the Explosives: In this mission type, your task is to slide into a certain number of explosive devices in order to defuse them. Be careful, if your timing isn’t perfect they’ll detonate rather than defuse, knocking your hero out of the game.
  • Destroy the Targets: Both in the air and nearer the ground you’ll find targets. Your objective, if you choose to accept it, is to destroy the targets. This can be done by crashing through them or attacking them at a distance. If you’re finding it tough to both avoid the obstacles and destroy the targets, try using Wonder Woman or Superman’s hero powers to take to the skies – it’s less dangerous up there.
  • Crash Through the Hologram: The hologram missions feel a lot like the destroy the target missions and, fortunately, your approach will be essentially the same. Although the wording of the mission ‘crash through’ implies your hero will have to jump and pass through the hologram at the same time, if you jump early, it’s possible to take them out using your attack so don’t be shy about getting a little aggressive.
  • Defeat the Boss: In order to beat the chapter, you need to capture the supervillain. Try not to get too frustrated, the same supervillains will escape repeatedly (you’d think they’d have reinforced the cells of the police station the first time around!). Run the obstacle course as you normally would until you, eventually, catch up to the supervillain and enter battle mode. As blue target circles appear on your screen tap them as quickly as possible to deal a blow to the villain, but don’t tap the red circles. They’ll deal damage to your hero at best and knock them out of battle at worst.


Justice League Action Run Batman

While you can only take three heroes into each run with you, there are five heroes in total to choose from – Batman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Superman and Cyborg. You’ll start the game with a single hero (Batman) and quickly unlock two additional heroes (Wonder Woman and Firestorm) so that you’re working with a full team. In order to unlock Cyborg and Superman you’ll need to collect five emblems from the Justice Packs given out as a reward for levelling up and chapter completion.

Each hero has three abilities (increasingly powerful versions of the base ability)  and one alternate costume. Unlocking the hero will unlock one of the hero’s abilities automatically, and the other two abilities will be unlocked as you level up your hero. In order to unlock the alternate costume, collect the costume pieces found in-game. Donning the alternate costume will also give you a new hero power.

  • Batman: Batman’s special abilities are Batarang, Magnetic Batarang and Explosive Batarang. The Batarang, as the name suggests, is a type of boomerang that can be used to destroy obstacles in your way. The Magnetic Batarang is able to destroy both the obstacle directly in front of Batman and adjacent obstacles. Both the Batarang and Magnetic Batarang will also capture objects for you (coins). The Explosive Batarang is even more destructive, taking out more obstacles along the run. His base hero power is the Batcycle which will really kick gameplay into high gear speeding things up considerably.
  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman’s abilities are quite similar to Batman’s. Just swap the Batarang for the Lasso of Truth. The abilities you unlock by levelling up include the Magnetic Lasso and Lasso of Destruction. Her base hero power allows her to fly, invaluable on the trickier challenges! It’s the handiest of the hero powers so try to keep her alive as long as possible.
  • Firestorm: When it comes to which hero to put in starting position, Firestorm is a particularly good choice. His special ability allows him to turn obstacles into coins, greatly increasing the number you can collect during your run. His base hero power is the slightly less impressive but destructive ‘nuke ball’ that allows him to barrel through obstacles.
  • Superman: Superman’s base special ability is heat vision, which increases in strength with each additional version of the ability unlocked. Like Wonder Woman, Superman’s base hero power allows him to fly, so use him wisely.
  • Cyborg: Cyborg’s special ability is laser hacking. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, his base hero power is even cooler. Charge him up, release Electromagnetic Pulse and watch all the objects around virtually disappear. If you’re skilled and persistent enough to unlock his alternate costume ‘Quarterback Cyborg’ he becomes an even faster, stronger force to be reckoned with.

Hero Power

Take Flight with Wonder Woman in Justice League Action Run

While each hero’s hero power can give you a big boost, it can take quite a while to charge the meter. The meter is charged by collecting the green energy symbols found throughout the run. Deciding when to use your hero power is one of the tougher decisions you’ll have to make while playing. Because you can’t carry over a partially full hero power meter into your next run, using the power soon after charging the meter will generally be your best bet. Just make sure you’ve switched to the hero who’s power you want to unleash first!


Justice League Acton Run Boosts

If you’ve made sure you’ve equipped your most powerful abilities, chosen your heroes carefully and aren’t forgetting to use your hero power, yet still find yourself struggling to complete a Justice League Action Run mission, it might be time to use a boost. There are three boost types in Justice League Action Run – League Fury, Shield, and Double Jump. League Fury helps you destroy a bunch of obstacles at once when enabled, Shield protects your hero from getting knocked out of the run at first contact with an obstacle, and Double Jump helps you reach those items that seem just out of reach. Boosts are fairly rare. They are generally found in Justice Packs, which means that unless you can buy additional Justice Packs through in-app purchases, it’s unlikely you’ll have more than a couple of each type at any one time, so save them for when it really counts.

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