Jurassic World Alive: How to get more Cash for free

Money makes the world go ’round, and that’s even true in Jurassic World Alive. Ludia’s augmented reality dinosaur catching and battling game is at its cores, a quest for DNA, the better to recreate classic dinos from history and splice together to form your own hybrid dinosaurs. But things go easier for you if you have more in-game Cash, which is the premium currency of the Jurassic realm.

Why do you need Cash? Well, it makes your life easier by skipping past some of the game’s wait times. Where coins are enough to create and level up dinosaurs, there can be lengthy waits involved for the incubators you win in Battle mode or the free ones that open every few hours. Cash allows you to skip the wait, so if you want to open an incubator immediately, you’ll need some on hand.

On top of that, while it’s pretty easy to ensure a steady supply of darts with which to go secure more dinosaur DNA, Cash can help if you ever run out completely. You can get 10 darts for a quick 10 Cash, or pretty close to a full reload of 120 darts for 100 Cash.

As with all premium currency for free-to-play mobile games, you can simply buy more Cash via real money in-app purchases if that’s what floats your boat. You know what’s cooler than buying it, though? Getting Cash for free, and we can point you in that direction.

Open your daily incubators

Though you can spend Cash to open the free incubators you receive every few hours early, you also get some Cash in each one. Not much, mind you, but free Cash is free Cash.

Jurassic World Alive

Unlike some other F2P games, it’s not possible to “stack” multiple incubators if you leave one unopened for a while, so what you want to do is turn on notifications and be sure to log into Jurassic World Alive when you have an incubator to open. Pop a few of those bad boys open each day and you’ll gradually build up your supply of Cash.

Also, don’t forget that when your incubator time is down to just a few minutes, you can watch a video to skip the remaining time and open it immediately.

Head out and hit some Supply Drops

Supply Drops are points out in the real world which give you rewards in Jurassic Park Alive. Supply Drops with rewards waiting for you appear as blue cubes atop a pole on the game map, while locations you’ve already visited and need time to recharge show up as grey cubes.

Jurassic World Alive

Each Supply Drop has two different rewards it might grant, one of which includes just coins and darts while the other throws in Cash as well. You don’t know which of the two rewards you will get, but if you don’t get the Cash on the first try — or even if you do, as it doesn’t appear there’s anything but luck stopping you from getting the second reward twice — you can watch a video and hit the Supply Drop twice in one session.

It’s also worth noting that one of the perks of paying for the monthly VIP option is that you receive Cash every day, plus there’s an extra tier of Supply Drop rewards that also can yield you more Cash. This isn’t free, of course, since the VIP subscription costs money, but it’s an option to explore if you play Jurassic World Alive regularly and find yourself running out of Cash regularly.

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