Jurassic World Alive battle tips: Your guide to PvP

Seeing dinosaurs walk the Earth again is only part of the wish fulfillment magic of the Jurassic World movies. Naturally, we want to see what these beats can do, and while on the big screen that means tearing up scenery and wrecking amusement parks, in Jurassic World Alive, it means having the dinosaurs go tooth and claw against each other.

The Battle mode is the asynchronous PvP part of the game, pitting a team of four dinosaurs against four owned by another player. The object is to knock out three of your opponent’s dinosaurs before they can knock out three of yours. While battles are turn-based, they reward quick but smart decisions as you decide which of your dino’s moves to use, what the enemy creature might throw at you and when to swap for another dinosaur on your bench.

Got the gist of Jurassic World Alive battles but just need a few tips? That’s what we’re all about right here, so read on and soak up the advice we’ve often learned the hard way.

Setting your team for Battle

You can pick which dinosaurs you want to fight for you, but not the exact foursome that enters combat. That’s because you have an active team of eight dinosaurs at any one time, from which four are chosen at random when you fire up a battle. You can see the creatures currently on your team by tapping on the ‘Collection’ icon, then looking at the top under ‘My Team.’ The ‘My Collection’ section contains the dinosaurs you own but aren’t currently used in battle, and you can tap on the ‘Modify’ button at the top to swap other dinosaurs in if you wish.

Jurassic World Alive

How should you go about picking the dinosaurs on your battle team? You want a good mix of speed, which allows your dinosaurs to act before opponents, damage, to hopefully wear down enemies faster, and durability like health and armor. The dinosaurs’ abilities are important too, though getting a feel for the most desirable ones could take you some time.

The basics of battle

Beginning a fight is as simple as tapping on the ‘Battle’ icon and then hitting the green ‘Battle’ button on the next screen. You’ll be matched with an opponent in the same league in a matter of seconds, and then have a short time to pick your starting dinosaur from the four available.

In each round of combat, you get 15 seconds to pick either one of your dinosaur’s available attacks or abilities or choose to swap out your dino for one on your bench. Executing an ability is as simple as tapping on its icon, while swapping requires a tap on the arrows button and then the new dinosaur you want in the fight.

Jurassic World Alive

There are two super critical things to remember in battle:

  1. Speed is super important. Whichever dinosaur has the higher speed will go first, meaning their attack does damage before the slower dino. Faster dinosaurs typically do less damage and have less health than slower ones, but speed matters a lot. The Velociraptor is a good example of a dinosaur that can sometimes defeat an enemy just on speed alone.
  2. If you decide to swap out for another dinosaur, that counts as your turn, and your opponent will get what is essentially a free shot. That means you should only swap when it’s absolutely necessary.

The spoils of war: Battle rewards

So you’ve won a battle? Nice work. You’ll get some coins for your efforts, plus you’ll get an incubator that contains DNA, coins and darts. However, as in Clash Royale and other similar mobile games, you’ll have to wait some time before you get the rewards, anywhere from 15 minutes to eight hours.

Jurassic World Alive

You can have four battle incubators in your possession at any given time, though only one can be activated and counting down to opening at once. If you choose, you can spend Cash to open any incubator instantly.

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