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Game Introduction – Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder is a zoo building simulation game created by Ludia, where you can recreate the prehistoric park of your dreams complete with dinosaurs, guests and other attractions. Our quick start guide has tips, tricks, images and walkthroughs to help guide you to having a successful park.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Jurassic Park Builder

  • Jurassic Park Builder is a game you can play for free, all you have to do to get going is click on “Play Now!” at the top of this page.
  • Starting the game on your device, you’ll be asked to enable push notifications so that you’ll know when certain tasks are ready in the game. If you decide you don’t like these later, you can disable them within the game.
  • The first time you load up the game, you can choose to login with Facebook, which will make it easier to play with your friends, or to play as a guest without social interaction at first.
  • No matter your choice of login, you will then need to name your park. The name can only be 12 characters long, so be sure to keep things short and sweet!

Building your Park

  • The main objective in Jurassic Park Builder is to create a park with plenty of dinosaurs for guests to look at as they travel around the park.

Jurassic Park Builder

  • Upon entering your park, you’ll see a lonely triceratops waiting for you in the park. Kelly will help you at this point in taking care of it. Tap on the triceratops to be introduced to it.

Jurassic Park Builder

  • At this point, you will be given your first real goal in the game. Kelly wants you to feed the triceratops until it is a full-grown adult.

Jurassic Park Builder

  • To feed the triceratops or any other dinosaur, tap on it to enter the habitat menu. The habitat will glow to signal which one is active. Now, tap on “Feed” to feed the triceratops the amount of food listed above the button. 
  • Once fed, the dinosaur will gain XP that is noted by the bar located to the right of the screen. As a dinosaur gains level, it will earn your park more money each time you collect from it.

Jurassic Park Builder

  • Continue tapping on “Feed” to complete the goal for Kelly. The mission will then complete, and you’ll receive an XP and coin bonus for the game.

Jurassic Park Builder

  • Dr. Grant will speak to you about completing further missions. Other characters such as Ian Malcolm, Dr. Hammond and Dr. Wu will continue giving you missions.
  • If you need to remember what the goals of each mission are, you can tap on the “Missions” button on the left side of the screen.
  • To add new species of dinosaurs to your park, you’ll first need to research DNA to unlock them first.

Jurassic Park Builder

  • First, you’ll need to tap on debris you can find around the park. Once you tap on a pile of grass or rocks, you can remove them by tapping on the “Remove” button.
  • It may take some time to remove the debris. Once it completes, there is the possibility you will uncover a piece of amber, which contains dinosaur DNA.
  • Once you have this amber with DNA, you can tap on the entrance building for the park where you can research the DNA.

Jurassic Park Builder

  • The research menu is reminiscent of a slot machine, in which you just hit the “Attempt Research” button and hope you land on three DNA strands in a row. Doing so will progress the research. You can keep trying your luck until you run out of money or the research completes.
  • Completing the research of the DNA unlocks a new dinosaur species you can use to bring in new guests to your park.

Buying New Dinosaurs and Items

  • You can head into the Market by tapping on its button at the bottom of the screen. Here is a categorized list of different items you can buy in your park.
  • The top category is where you can buy cash, as well as meat, crops and coins. Everything in this category costs real money, so be careful while browsing this section.

Jurassic Park Builder

  • The second category down is the dinosaur habitat section where you’ll find all of the different species of dinosaur you’ve unlocked over time.
  • The next category is for all types of decorations you can place around your park. You will not earn any money directly from these decorations, but they can enhance the bonus you collect from the other moneymakers around them.

Jurassic Park Builder

  • The final category in the market is for buildings, which are used to maintain the park, keep an eye on it, and to generate additional revenue for you.
  • Placing any of the items you can buy will require you to decide where you’d like to place it after buying them. All you have to do is drag the green outline of the item you’re buying around until you are satisfied with its position, then tap on “Accept” to finish placing it down.

Building Roads

  • Jurassic Park is known for being a park where jeeps ride around with passengers in them, showing them the various exhibits along the way. Jurassic Park Builder is no different, and you can build the road so your guests see exactly what you want them to see.
  • Tap on the “Roads” button at the bottom of the screen, and then begin tapping where you would like the road to go to. The only real rule of thumb here is that you want the road to connect back with the park entrance gate.
  • If you need to delete a section of road, just tap on the “Remove” option and tap on each piece of road you no longer need.

Meat and Crops

Jurassic Park Builder

  • Crops and meat are needed so that you always have food for your dinosaurs, whether they’re herbivores or carnivores. After all, you wouldn’t want them thinking any of your guests are tasty.
  • Just southeast of the park entrance are two buildings that you can use to bring in meat and crops. The green building is for crops, and the red one is for meat.

Jurassic Park Builder

  • Both buildings essentially work the same. Tap on the building, and then tap on the “Activate” button to begin a job of sorts that brings in the necessary food.
  • You can collect from the buildings at any time so long as there is food to collect.
  • Make sure to come back once the buildings are done collecting food so you can reactivate them and ensure your food supply is never dry.


  • You have completed the quick start guide for Jurassic Park Builder! Give yourself a pat on the back, and then you can head in and start creating the dinosaur park of your dreams. Keep checking back with Gamezebo for more guides like this, plus news reviews, and previews about the games you love!

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