Jungle Life Walkthrough

Jungle Life Game Introduction

Jungle Life is a Facebook game developed by MetroGames that lets a player manage several jungles by adopting and caring for wild life until they reach adulthood. They are then released to the wild to continue their existence. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Jungle Life.

The Game Interface

Entering your first jungle, you will see your adopted animals walking around, both babies and adults. To play the game, there are several menus and progress bars seen on the interface, which will help you progress. Below is a screenshot as reference when you go through the list.

Jungle Life

Your jungle wealth is seen at the top leftmost part of the screen. Your jungle coins on top, next is your jungle cash and an icon for you to purchase more coins and cash at any point.

The jungle status bar is found on the topmost of the screen. The first bar shows your progress indicating your level and how many jungle points you have. Clicking on it will open a window to guide you on how many points you still need to the next level and the reward. The next one is to show how hungry your animals are. Being at 100%, there is no need to feed them at this point. The last one shows how clean your jungle is. As of this writing, this is an upcoming feature so it’s still disabled.

The two arrows you see at the left and right side are used to move around your jungle.

The menu at the bottom shows the following icons:

  • Store – adopt a variety of animals, add decorations, expand your jungle, choose different coin spots and pick a background (coming soon).
  • Select – your arrow tool to select items and animals
  • Feed – to feed the animals
  • Clean (coming soon)
  • Mate – pair animals of the same species to bring a baby to the jungle
  • Pet – give love to your animals
  • Release to the wild – set them free into the wild and earn jungle points and coins
  • Gift – send gifts to neighbors
  • Achievements (coming soon)
  • Jungle Capacity – shows how many animals can fit in one jungle
  • Number of Jungles – purchase more jungles to include different species

Below the menu shows your neighbors, when moused over, will give you an option to visit their jungle or send them a gift.

Adopting Animals

You need to add some life to your jungle by adopting animals. You can choose whether you’d like to adopt a crocodile, tapir, tiger and squirrel. By clicking on the store icon, a window will pop up showing your options.

Jungle Life

Each animal costs several jungle coins which you will see at the top of the adopt button. This also serves as your guide by showing you how long it’s going to take for them to grow into an adult. Adopting the animal will reward you certain number of jungle points. Once you successfully adopt one, it will ask you whether you’d like to adopt another and choose if you like a male or female. It’s recommended that you get another of the opposite sex, if it’s not available.

Jungle Life

Animal Statistics

Clicking on an animal will open a window to show you statistics. You will see the following information:

Type of Animal

Most of the animals are familiar but some are not. Curious on what animal you’ve just adopted? You can see it here.

Baby or Adult

This indicates whether your animal has reached adulthood or is still growing. Baby animals have limited statistics and will show its progress and how long until you need to feed it.

Jungle Life

Animal Age

The number indicated is how old they are and how long until they reach the next age.

Feed and Mate Time

The time shown is when you need to feed your animal and when you can pair them to deliver a baby. Each activity has its own countdown. Take note that you can feed animals before the deadline and the time will reset but this won’t work for mating.

Animal Value

Below you will see the animal’s value in terms of jungle coins and experience points. As they age, these numbers increase. Use this as a reference point when you are about to release them to the wild and get the equivalent as a reward.

Caring for your Animals

There are two basic actions you need to do to keep your animals happy. Feed and Pet. When you check your jungle, you will notice some animals have food thought balloons and this means they are hungry. By using the feed tool, click on the animal to make them full.

Jungle Life

When time passes, you are able to feed animals even before they are hungry. Choose an animal and hover your mouse over them. You’ll notice that some animals don’t want to be fed because they’re not hungry. An image and message will appear over the animal and will not allow you to feed it.

Feeding you Animal

Now that your animals are in your jungle, you need to feed them. Feeding your animal will help them grow and will give you Jungle Points as well. The meat and fruits bubble in their head means they are hungry. You can also check the next feeding time of your animals by pointing your mouse over them. Your animals will die if you don’t feed them for so long. To feed your animals, click the “Feed” button located at the left bottom side of the game screen and then click it to your animal.

Jungle Life

Breeding your Animals

When your animals reached their adulthood, you can now mate them with their same kind. To mate, you need to have two same kind animals with different gender (one boy and one girl). Click the “Mate” button and click it to the animals you want to breed.

Jungle Life

If successful, a new animal will appear in your jungle. Just make sure you still have space for a new animal. Buying a much bigger jungle is a must. But before you can buy, you need to have more neighbors. So make sure to add your friends first.

Expanding your Jungle

There are wild animals needing your help and to accommodate them you need to expand your jungle. You have two ways of expanding.

Jungle Life

First you can buy additional jungles and you can have a maximum of four. The other option is to increase your land size to accommodate more animals. An expansion needs to be unlocked first by either adding more neighbors or buying it with jungle cash.

Set an Alert and Follow for Updates

Be sure to click on “set an alert” on the top of this page to be notified of any updates, reviews, posts, tips, and cheats for Jungle Life. We’ll be updating our guides all the time.

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