June’s Journey Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Do you love hidden object games as much as we do? There’s something lovely and relaxing about looking through a complex piece of artwork and discovering the different ways visual cues can tease your mind. It doesn’t hurt when there’s …

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Do you love hidden object games as much as we do? There’s something lovely and relaxing about looking through a complex piece of artwork and discovering the different ways visual cues can tease your mind. It doesn’t hurt when there’s a story to go along with it, no matter how deep the mystery dive may be. June’s Journey may not stand out from the pack of its genre, but its elegant, British countryside/manor fantasy makes for an enjoyable adventure. Just don’t let it stress you out!

If the cluttered manor rooms and garden scenes are tying your thoughts in knots, we have some June’s Journey tips, cheats and strategies to help you spot the secrets of each crime scene.

Hiding in Plain Sight

June’s Journey may start you off easily enough with obvious set pieces, but quickly ramps up the difficulty, oddly, by making things even more obvious. You’ll be so busy looking for intricate details, you won’t notice the item you want staring you right in the face. A good early example of this is when you are tasked to look at a photo. Many of the objects you’re looking for are hidden in the frame of the photo in bright colors. But you won’t see them, because you’ll be too busy scrutinizing the design of the stair railing!

Objects will often appear in places that are seemingly obvious, but that you easily overlook. An early game example of this is the way objects will appear around the corner of a photo as a border, or even on the “surface” of the photo. June’s Journey is masterful at playing visual tricks like this, so if you’re having difficulty finding something, try to refocus and look at the big picture instead of digging into corners.

On the other hand…

Check the Decor

Sometimes, you have to nitpick details. Often, if you see an object listed that doesn’t seem to fit with the current scene, chances are it’s in the decor somewhere. It might be a door knocker, or a statue, or a piece of furniture designed to look like a certain object (such as a lamp that looks like a sea shell). The environments in June’s Journey are full of weird intricacies, some of which don’t even make sense. If you see something elaborate that doesn’t appear in the object list in one round, make a note of it for the next. Chances are, you’ll see it again.

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

Noting weird objects for later is a helpful strategy, because you’ll play levels multiple times on your way to those extra clues and higher scores. Some clues will repeat, so you’ll want to be sure you remember all the hidden objects you’ve found already. But more items will also appear with each new star of ranking you obtain, further crowding the room and filling it with more distractions. Your first few attempts at a room are key to understanding its layout, ensuring new items (that will often be in the object list) pop out at you when they appear. Were those gloves there before? They weren’t! They’re probably a new clue.

Take Your Time

Yeah, sure a murder happened and all, but don’t rush your investigation. Hidden Object games are intended to be relaxing, and focused on story and puzzle solving. You can take it at your own pace. If you get frustrated, step away to rest your eyes, and come back later for a fresh look. This is also a useful strategy for tackling the puzzles themselves. Your score is based on how long it takes you to finish it, promoting speedy solutions, but since you can repeat the puzzle as many times as you like (until you run out of energy), it’s not really a big deal if you take your time and use a few hints. Hints will take time to replenish, so you can’t rely on them fully unless you don’t mind going really, really slow. Know too that using hints will simply hand you one of the answers, so if you don’t want things spoiled for you, don’t tap that little lightbulb!

More Tips

  • If you like high scoring, use the dimmed screen before you actually tap to start to pick out the first three objects. It helps to turn your brightness up, and you’re guaranteed a streak right at the beginning. Keeping it up is harder, but is even easier if it’s a scene you’ve done before.
  • If you don’t what something is, guess. Some objects are obscure or old enough that you may not recognize them by name. Tap anything that looks odd or that you’re unsure of, and see what happens!
  • That said, don’t tap-guess too exuberantly, or the game will lock you out for several seconds.
  • When it comes to managing the manor, it’s hard to go wrong as long as you check in occasionally and reap your coin rewards. You’ll receive reward boxes from completing scenes, but be careful about opening them right away. Most of them contain energy, so save them for when you’re playing for long stretches of time and will need to replenish. Don’t open them when your energy is full, or when you’re planning to take a break.
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