Jolly Jam Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Jolly Jam is a gem-matching game from Rovio Stars. In this game, you draw boxes around differently-colored gems to collect them and complete levels. Gamezebo’s Jolly Jam Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you make a breakfast worth remembering.


  • Matching five or more jellies makes a special jelly – Like most gem-matching games, Jolly Jam produces a specialized piece if you manage to match up more than three jellies at once. Match up five jellies to make a column or row-destroying piece. Match up six jellies to make a piece that sucks up nearby gems in a vortex. And match seven for a “jellifier,” a piece that eliminates all jellies of the same color.
  • Preview what kind of special jelly you’re going to make – If you hold down your finger while drawing a box around five or more jellies, you’ll get a preview of what kind of special piece you’re making. Watch to see if the beam of light goes horizontal, vertical, or spins around a bit.
  • In later levels, you won’t survive unless you learn how to perfect the art of making special jellies – In later levels of Jolly Jam, your victories become far more dependent on learning how to make and use special jellies. Use easier, earlier levels for practice.
  • Dispose of jelly-munching monsters as soon as possible – Sometimes it’s necessary to destroy jelly-eating monsters in order to clear level, but even when it’s not, getting rid of the beasties isn’t a bad idea since they can really mess up your strategy. They’re cute, but dispose of them.


  • Sometimes you need to clear the board – Most levels of Jolly Jam require you to harvest specific kinds of jellies, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid all the other kinds. Clearing away a big quantity of unasked-for jellies makes room for highlighted jellies. Also, even off-color specialized jellies can help dispose of target jellies.
  • Save your diamonds and power-ups for levels beyond 40 – Things get real in Jolly Jam by the time you hit level 40. Save your power-ups and diamonds for the crunch.
  • Narrow boxes are acceptable – A single fruit column that has the same piece on top and bottom counts as a box. It may save you!
  • Sometimes it’s best to wait before using jellifiers – Don’t be in a rush to use your jellifiers. If you’re tasked with collecting large quantities of a certain kind of jelly, you might want to hang onto your power-up until you have enough jellies worth harvesting.


  • Don’t forget your Daily Spin – Play every day for Daily Spins that earn you free power-ups and diamonds. Checking in on multiple days in a row earns you extra spins!
  • Special jellies won’t get munched by monsters – If you made a special jelly too close to a monster, don’t panic. Monsters don’t eat special jellies. Take your time and strategize around them.
  • Special jellies will destroy monsters that aren’t the same color – The destructive force unleashed by a special jelly that clears a row, a column, or creates a vortex doesn’t discriminate. If a monster of any color is caught up in the pandemonium, it’ll be eliminated.

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