Jewelleria Tips Walkthrough

Check out these tips and tricks for Jewelleria, which were kindly provided by the game's developer, Sulus Games. GENERAL Don't forget, Elly can carry two articles simultaneously. It shortens her path and helps you save a lot of time serving customers. Even if Elly's hands are full she can still hand catalogues to customers. Pay attention to what is written at the level's introduction. The intro message may include tips and tricks or "level forecasts". It&#…

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Check out these tips and tricks for Jewelleria, which were kindly provided by the game’s developer, Sulus Games.


  • Don’t forget, Elly can carry two articles simultaneously. It shortens her path and helps you save a lot of time serving customers.
  • Even if Elly’s hands are full she can still hand catalogues to customers.
  • Pay attention to what is written at the level’s introduction. The intro message may include tips and tricks or "level forecasts". It’s really helpful just before Special Levels, so you can prepare beforehand. For example, if the intro says "Let us organize Souvenirs sale!" you should get ready to sell only souvenirs through this level.
  • Try to pick up cash as fast as you can. If there’s still cash lying around, new customers won’t arrive.
  • You will earn more by serving customers as fast as you can. Customers who wait less are happier and give you more tips than ones who have been waiting longer. Serve customers who have less hearts first if you don’t want to lose them.
  • You can restart a level if you’ve made a mistake or want to aim for a higher score by clicking the menu button and pressing "restart." If you’ve already finished the game and not satisfied with the result, you can replay the level by clicking on the "replay" button in the Statistic dialog at the end of the level.
  • If you took or made wrong piece you can either throw it into jewellery chest or put it on the shop stand until somebody orders it. You will not lose money if you have to throw out items into jewellery chest or leave some jewellery on the stand.
  • Use the shop stand to store "wrong" items or items made in advance. It allows you to get a head-start in later levels, and clients are likely to buy jewellery from the stand.
  • There are seven awards that you can get during the game. They are given to you for completing different tasks, as making chain of 12 continuous actions, doubling week goal, etc.
  • Try to plan your actions as carefully as you can. It helps you avoid mistakes, save time and serve more clients.


  • Elly’s speed is really slow during the first stages, so it’s pretty hard to be in time with everything. But if you’ll try to accomplish several tasks at the same time, it will be easier to reach the goal. As you’ve started jewellery making, look at the next client’s order and make the next jewellery article before you pick up the first one to insert a diamond. When it’s time to return to pick up the article that you just made, hand out some catalogues to the customers that just came in.
  • Don’t wait until one order is completely finished. You will serve more clients and fill more orders if your actions are carefully organized and you manage to conduct several processes at the same time.
  • After you see a ”CLOSED” sign, no more customers will arrive. When you notice that you’re approaching the end of the week, try to pick up all money left by the clients to let new clients come in. If you have the shop crowded with the clients, start with orders which take the minimum amount of time (watches, diamonds, crowns and jewellery articles with one diamond). The more customers you let in, the more money you will make.
  • The more money you earn, the better upgrades you can buy for the shop sooner. Try to make Master in every round so that you can afford better upgrades at the end of each level.
  • You should pay attention to customers’ hearts when they come to the shop. They can have maximum 5 hearts. The more hearts they have, the happier and more patient they are. There are two ways to add hearts to them:
  • 1. Candies: The number of candies is limited, but it’s restored each week. One candy adds only one heart, but you can give as many candies as the customer needs to maximize their hearts.
  • 2. Catalogues: Handing a catalogue to a customer replenishes one heart. So, you may not to hurry with it if you have much urgent work to do.
  • If you want to get the biggest tips possible, fill all the client’s hearts right before you give out the order to by giving candies. You should also take into consideration the client type (look further for more information).
  • When Elly is holding any jewellery article without a diamond and you press one of the Gem Maker’s buttons, the article is taken from her automatically and the process of diamond insertion starts immediately.
  • When both of Elly’s hands are full the priority is at her right hand. If she’s holding an earring in her right hand and a ring in the left and you press Gem Maker’s button then the diamond is inserted into the earring. In the case both articles are already with diamonds or are souvenirs then the circle items exchange occurs (from right hand to device, from device to her left hand and from left to right hand). It is related to all the devices and shop stand but Jewellery chest and souvenir displays.
  • If you notice the article of any kind (Gold, White Gold, Exclusive) is already made and you need to make one more article of the same kind, just press the necessary button and the first one will be automatically picked up with free hand. If Elly’s hands are full then there the circle items exchange occurs again. In this case, the buttons are disabled.
  • Even if your hands are full you can still hand catalogues to your customers and press buttons on jewellery machines.
  • To not mix orders with one diamond and orders with additional diamonds you can go this way: use Gem maker on the left for making one-stone jewellery and one on the right for jewellery with additional stones.
  • As you serve clients with ”unknown” orders, try not to mix their orders with the orders of other clients. For example, you may specially insert and add diamonds of one kind: only hearts, only green diamonds, etc.
  • It’s not necessary to wait until cash finally falls down — you can catch it right in the air. You may not wait till the full article comes out the machine — you can pick it up right as it appears.
  • It’s possible to pick up the order from Gem Maker or Gem Adder, without waiting — their hands get back into them.
  • If you don’t manage to drop any item into the jewellery chest, it means that there’s someone in the shop who’s already ordered it.


  • Again, pay attention to the intro texts so you won’t have to replay the levels. There are two main varieties of these levels: souvenirs sale weeks and special articles sales. Souvenirs sale takes place every 5th week on each stage. Special sale weeks appear every 2nd level on each stage.
  • Be prepared. For example, at the beginning of ”Earrings Week” you may press all the ”earring” buttons on each machine even before the first client’s arrival. Then you’ll just have to pick them up and insert suitable diamonds and add gems if necessary. In "Blue Stones Week" it’s a good idea to place some articles with them on the stand in advance, so you may only need to insert some additional gems afterwards.
  • Try to think of these weeks ahead and make sure that you have upgraded your souvenirs. If you upgrade them and perform fast service you can count on Master Goal.


  • In bonus levels you should find the client’s order as fast as you can to serve as many clients as possible.
  • The items on the board depend on how many upgrades your shop has. If you’ve bought the Gem Adder, White Gold and/or Exclusive Gold Machine these additional gems appear on the board.
  • Clients in bonus level don’t give any tips, so you don’t have to pay much attention to the number of hearts.
  • Don’t get upset if you’ve lost a client in Bonus level, because his order will be placed by someone else.
  • If you fill all the orders without mistaken clicks, then you receive special Award.
  • As you go through the game, the Bonus level board becomes wider, so if you’re going to receive this special Award try to do it as early as you can, because the further you go the less chance you’ll have.


  • Pay attention to equipment upgrades. These help you work faster and provide a wider variety of available goods.
  • You don’t always have to buy the upgrades as they become available; you can wait and save your money for the next level.
  • Jewellery machines: You can have 3 different machines: Gold, White Gold and Exclusive Gold. All of them can be upgraded three times. Each upgrade shortens the time of jewellery making. You can also buy different machines just to sell different kinds of jewellery.
  • Gem makers: there’s only one Gem maker at the beginning of the game, but you can buy a second. Upgrades are available for both of them. You can upgrade them 3 times to make the gem inserting process faster.
  • Gem adder: This one is not in the game from the very start, but you can purchase it later. When you buy it you start to earn more money, because jewellery with additional gems costs more. There are also 3 Gem Adder upgrades available.
  • Shop Stand: The Shop stand is a really useful. You may use it for storing anything in case you’ve made or picked up wrong article and need a place to put it. It is also good for displaying extra jewellery that you can make in advance at the beginning of the level, which is especially useful for themed levels. Customers will likely buy jewellery from the stand, so it is very helpful at the beginning of the level or for filling ”unknown” orders. You can upgrade it once.
  • Souvenirs: There are three kinds of souvenirs at the beginning in the game: watches, diamonds and diadems. All of them have the same price, but as you earn enough money souvenir upgrades become available. The more you upgrade the more you earn. You are unlikely to reach the Professional goal at "Souvenirs SALE" levels without any upgrades. Souvenirs of each kind are three times upgraded.
  • Candies: Candies refill and add hearts to customers in order to receive bigger tips from them. The number of candies in the plate is limited, but you can upgrade it. Candies upgrade provides you with bigger plate and more available candies.
  • Hero: During the first stages, Elly’s speed leaves much to be desired, but she will move faster when you purchase the Certificate. You can increase her speed a second time by special training and getting The Time Manager diploma.


  • There are several types of customers into the game. They have different tastes, desires and tempers. How many tips you’ll get also depends on the customer’s type. You won’t see all of them from the very beginning; they appear gradually during the game.
  • Business Lady is always in a hurry. Don’t let her wait for long. Mixed orders. Medium Patience. Medium tips.
  • College girl is from very prestigious college and is used to spending her pocket money on jewellery. Orders only souvenirs. Medium Patience. Small tips.
  • Businessman (lawyer). His life is on a tight schedule and he doesn’t like waiting. Mixed orders. Medium Patience. Medium tips.
  • Sailor is on vacation, and has no reason to save money or time. Mixed orders. Medium Patience. Big tips.
  • English professor is too educated to hurry someone up and not to thank for fast service. Mixed orders. Medium Patience. Big tips
  • Tourist is taking a vacation from hustle and bustle, so he can wait. Mixed orders. Very patient. Medium tips.
  • Office manager is a pretty calm and patient man. The most casual character, with some uncommon orders. Mixed orders, but not the most expensive. Very Patient. Medium tips.
  • Movie Star is used to shining bright and getting everything at once, so patience isn’t a typical feature. Only expensive orders. Extremely impatient. Large tips.
  • Sheikh. A petroleum millionaire is having fun doing shopping. His money is his patience. Only expensive orders. The most patient. Large tips.