Jewel Quest Seven Seas Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Sometimes, adventure just calls for you. Even if your name is Rupert. In the case of Jewel Quest Seven Seas, there really is a Rupert, back for a brand new tale. This one still involves him dressing up like Indiana …

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Sometimes, adventure just calls for you. Even if your name is Rupert.

In the case of Jewel Quest Seven Seas, there really is a Rupert, back for a brand new tale. This one still involves him dressing up like Indiana Jones and teaming with his wife Emma, spurred into action by an enigmatic message from a friend named Hani. That means springing into action to work those Jewel Boards — something that should come as second nature if you’ve got a few match-3 games under your belt. If you know the basic concepts, we can help with the rest, so pull up a chair and read through our Jewel Quest Seven Seas tips, cheats and strategies to rescue the Jewel Boards (and maybe even Hani) faster.

The Basics

Jewel Quest Seven Seas

No tricky or advanced match-3 mechanics here. Simply click and hold down on any jewel on the playing board and slide it up, down or to either side to swap places with an adjacent jewel and make a match of three or more like symbols.

A match of three jewels will simply clear them from the board and force anything above to drop down to fill the void. Larger matches are used to create special symbols:

  • Matching four of the same jewel will create a ship wheel. To use it, simply slide it in any direction and you’ll see all the jewels from there to the end of the board will be cleared out. For example, sliding a ship wheel up one spot will cause it to keep going up. Ship wheels placed near one end of a row or column can accomplish a lot if slid toward the other end.
  • A match of five or more jewels creates a gold coin. By themselves, they do nothing. But if hit by a sliding ship wheel, a gold coin produces a special power-up called a Midas Touch that we’ll come back to shortly.

As the game progresses, you will eventually be introduced to “Collapse” style matching levels. Rather than switching gems to make matches, you will tap on gems that are touching like-colored gems to clear them from the board. You can clear a lot of gems fairly quickly this way, but will still need to limit your matches to four if you want to create a ship wheel.

Know Your Goals

Jewel Quest Seven Seas Tips, Cheats and Strategies

I’m not talking about life goals (though those are also good), but understanding what you need to do to finish each level, since the objective changes with each new Jewel Board you encounter.

Early on, all you’ll need to do is complete a certain number of matches, but things get more involved from there. Here are a few goals you’ll discover in the first 20 or so levels of the game:

  • Turning tiles gold. You pull this off by making matches on the tile, or by using a Midas Touch to turn a single tile gold without a match. Once you’ve created one by use of a gold coin, you can activate the Midas Touch by clicking on the ‘finger’ icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Making a certain number of matches within a time limit.
  • Ringing bells by sliding ship wheel at them.

Don’t be surprised to see two or more of these goals in combination as you advance through Jewel Quest Seven Seas. For example, you may be tasked with ringing the bells five times and turning all tiles gold in less than two minutes. These combos can really challenge you by making you act quickly while still carefully considering each move.

Also, don’t forget that even when you’ve got your goal completed, you’ll still want to make any additional matches you can within the move or time limit for a higher score. Each level has a maximum of three stars to earn, and getting them all means accomplishing your objective and scoring plenty of points.

Bonus Tips

Jewel Quest Seven Seas Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Knowing these tidbits won’t mean the difference between winning or losing — but they don’t hurt either.

  • There’s some helpful information located in different parts of the screen. In the upper-left portion, you can find hints on how much work you have left to do to reach your goals, like how many times the bells still need to be rung or how many tiles still aren’t gold. Countdown timers and move trackers can be found at the bottom of the screen.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell if there’s a stray single tile that still needs to be turned gold when there are jewels all over the place. Click on the gold tile in the info box and it will take away the jewels briefly so you can take a quick peek. The ‘Ctrl’ button appears to do the same thing.
  • Don’t fret if the level ends before you have a chance to use all your ship wheels. Any still left on the Jewel Board will automatically activate when it’s complete, clearing out more jewels and scoring you bonus points.
  • Want to see a cool combo? Flick a ship wheel into another ship wheel and then sit back and enjoy.

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