Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Whether you’re casting disarm spells, swinging your sword or stabbing enemies in the back, Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend can still catch you off-guard. This match-3 beat-em-up requires some tactical jewel placement, time, patience and a fair bit of luck.

Fortunately, we’ve been playing this quite extensively and have a few helpful hints that will see you through Wildmoon relatively safely.

Here’s what we’ve learned…


  • Before starting any battle in the campaign, tap on your next location and a small text box will pop up telling you which jewels will be required in the next battle. The box also shows you neutral jewels which won’t benefit either the player or the opposition. This is important as, if your main powers are powered by the same jewels as the enemy, each time you match them on the grid you will also give your enemy an advantage and opportunity to attack. Fortunately, you can temporarily convert your main attack through the marketplace before a battle, so why not switch your abilities so that they make use of the neutral gems? That way, each time you match those jewels, the enemy won’t gain anything from your movements. In fact, they’ll be basically defenceless the entire fight if the grid plays in your favour. The best bit? If you don’t like that attack and don’t want to use it as your main, you can change it back after the fight.
  • The small text box will also tell you what level your opponent is, how much health they have and what their defence rating is like. With this information, you will know how likely you are to beat them. If you have over 1,000 health difference, better armour, and are a few levels above them, chances are you’ll win the fight easily and can move on quickly. If not, consider grinding experience and boosting a few levels in the Arena, then return back to the campaign. Enemies do not scale or go up in level, but you can.


  • Remember your health potions. You can use them at any time on the map screen or when in the middle of battle. You can also purchase more, but for a high price on the marketplace. My best advice is not to waste using them after battles. Save them, stock them up and allow your character to regenerate health naturally. Meanwhile, go visit the arena to earn experience and items, or play something else and come back later. Having a stock of potions can be invaluable if you’re in the middle of a tough fight.
  • Potions are worth upgrading as quickly as possible. You pay a big price but the more the potion is upgraded, the more health you’ll get back when drinking one.
  • Want to keep winning in the Arena? Make sure to pay attention to your enemies attacks, tap their abilities so you can see exactly what they do and make sure you’re not empowering an enemies strongest attacks. It sounds obvious, but try to lose the least amount of health possible. You’ll receive a health boost at the end of each fight, so you could, in theory, have full health for each and every fight. Enemies will usually be around your level, slightly higher than you or considerably higher, so try and cut them out of the fight as much as possible. Fortunately, you’ll also gain XP after every fight, so will level up as you go.


  • You’ll have to equip spells and abilities for offensive, defensive and tactical. For a Warrior, you’re best keeping Strike as your standard attack. Green and Purple tend to be the least used of all jewels, so that can work in your favour. Dodge also proves to be a better defense mechanism to begin with. Tactical, on the other hand, is very open. Try to move away from Power Strike as soon as you can and upgrade to Crow Swarm – you can take out half a board that way – Mutilate, Shadow Cloak and Killing Spree work out nicely for a Rogue. As for the Mage, fireball is deadly but very slow to charge, Arcane shot is snappier. Frost Shield is effective defensively and chain lightning is a great way to light up the board. However, it’s worth experimenting and spending on attributes to see which works best for you.
  • Try to cascade gems and build combos. The higher the combo, the more damage you’ll inflict. However, this can also have a negative effect and cause strong damage to be inflicted on you. It’s a gamble, but sometimes it pays off.

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