Jenny’s Fish Shop Tips Walkthrough

a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:22:”Jenny’s Fish Shop Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:16771:”Check out our tips and tricks for Jenny’s Fish Shop.


  • At the beginning of the game you will be asked to select a pet that will keep you company during the game. You can choose Taz or Sharky, both pets have different uses in the game.
  • Taz will lend you a hand if you’re running out of time, Sharky will help you take care of fish by feeding your fish and making them grow faster. I chose Sharky for the purposes of this guide.
  • Your pet fish sits in a corner of your shop so at times it may be hard to remember that your pet needs attention too. Don’t forget to feed your pet fish and give it what it needs.
  • Once in a while Sharky will give you something to give the fish so they can grow faster. As you upgrade Sharky it will be able to feed several of your fish at once.
  • If your pet Sharky is ready to give food to all the fish in the store, refrain from picking up any orders until Sharky is finished. Sometimes when Sharky feeds the fish, they will be ready for sale right after the feeding and will no longer need what they were asking for.
  • When Sharky is getting ready to give food for your fish to grow and you have empty tanks, make sure you fill them before you click on the food. This will give the newly added a fish a chance to grow even before you put the interiors in the tanks.
  • Jenny can carry two things at once, except when she’s carrying an interior piece from the machine, then she can only carry the interior piece.
  • With every new location the items in the shop will change positions. You have to get used to where things are once the change takes over. Take a moment before the new location begins and familiarize yourself with your new surroundings.
  • Fish will need certain conditions in order for them to grow properly, food, gravel, algae and medical attention. Once you see a thought bubble appear over one of the fish tanks you have to give that fish exactly what they’re asking for.
  • If you fail a level you will have to start over with the same upgrades. Unfortunately, if you think that buying the wrong upgrades caused you to fail the level, there’s nothing you can do to change it. However, you can probably change your strategy, do things in a different order next time.
  • If you pick up the wrong food item and you have to throw it away, it will cost you $30. If you make the wrong type of interior and you have to throw it away, it will cost you $40 off your total. Throwing away a brush can cost you $20. Always look at the trash bin as you throw things out to see you how much you money you lost.
  • You can queue Jenny to make several tasks in advance. If you make a mistake and want to cancel those actions, all you have to do is right click.
  • When you look at a fish that is waiting in line and you see a number next to the icon, that is the amount of fish of that kind that are waiting in line. In other words, if you see a shark with a number 4 on it and you place that shark in the tank, there will be 3 other sharks that will be waiting for a tank.
  • The patience level of a fish in a tank is represented by the thought bubble over their head. If you see that bubble fill with water, that means that they are losing patience. If it fills the way up your fish will die.
  • Fish that are in the waiting area have a certain amount of patience. Look at the bar above each fish to see their patience level. Once you see the bar start turning red, it means that the fish is about to leave. At that point place the fish in an empty tank as soon as possible in order to avoid losing a sale.
  • When the game prompts you to do so you will need to turn on the lights or the air compressors inside the tanks. You’ll see some bubbles appear in the thought bubble if a fish needs you to turn the air compressor. It it needs the lights turned on, then you’ll see a light bulb. Click ion the icon, not the tank in order to take care of it.


  • The Seagull mini game will appear every few levels. The objective of this mini game is to lead the turtles to the opposite side of the beach without being picked up by the seagulls.
  • If you can keep the seagulls on top by constantly clicking on them, you’ll be able to keep them away from the turtles. However, that can be hard to do, most of the time the seagulls will be flying as low as possible.
  • Click on the turtles to make them run faster. You can still free a turtle even if a seagull has picked it up, just click on the seagull to release the turtle.
  • If a turtle makes it all the way to the other end then you’ll get extra points. Each time you time you’re able to free a turtle that has been picked up by a seagull you’ll get extra points for that as well.
  • Once you see a seagull start swooping down, get it before it reaches the turtle.
  • You’ll get certain rewards once you finish playing this mini game. The rewards vary each time so just read Jenny’s message at the end of the mini game.
  • As you get further and further into the game, the mini game will get harder and harder. There will be a lot more seagulls and a lot more turtles that need to go across. Unfortunately, there’s no way to skip this puzzle.


  • You can predict what some fish are going to want for the interior of their aquariums in a couple of different ways. The same type of fish always ask for the same interior decorations. If you can memorize what they want, you can prepare their food ahead of time.
  • Another thing you can do is to look at the fish that are in line, if you look at the bottom of them, you can see what type of interior pieces they’re going to ask for. It can be kind of tiny so if you can see the items correctly, prepare them before the fish goes in the tank.
  • Look at the list of pieces, place them in the machine and then drop the fish in the tank. By the time they ask for the interior decorations, the machine will have it ready. Hand it to the fish as soon as they ask for it and you’ll get a speed bonus for delivering it so fast.
  • Before placing a fish in a tank make sure to look at the components that go in the tank for that fish. If the components for that fish are going to take a while to refill, choose a different fish for the moment. You don’t want to place a fish in a tank if the components are going to take a while to refill since that fish will start losing patience quickly while waiting in the tank.
  • If you need to make some extra cash so you can get a good score, then use the colorful vitamin as often as you can. Give that vitamin along with a package of food to the fish and it will automatically sell for more money.
  • You don’t have to pick up fish in the order that they arrive, if things start getting hectic. Pick and choose the fish that you want to place in the tanks. You can choose to start with the fish that you know will make you the most money. At other times pick the fish that are about to leave first so you don’t lose a sale. Different levels call for different strategies.
  • You can queue several tasks for Jenny to do in a row. You’ll know which tasks have been queued when you see a red check mark next to the item that you clicked. If you don’t see a check mark that means that you did it incorrectly, go back and click again.
  • If you see a check mark and a number next to it, then it means that you picked up 2 of the same items, or that it will be the next task in your queue.
  • Always try to pick up and deliver 2 items at a time. If you only have one food order to fill wait a few seconds, another order is not far behind. When you look at an occupied tank, as soon as you see a small bubble appear on top of it, it means that the fish is getting ready to place an order. Wait for that order and pick it up along with the other order.
  • Since Jenny can be a little slow, even at her fastest speed, you should have her deliver things in the shortest amount of distance. Make her walk in a circular pattern. Deliver things that are closest to her. As she delivers one item on one side, make her pick up something while she’s there that she can take on her way to the opposite side.
  • You can make Jenny move to a place so she can be closer to a station. If you know an order is about to be completed, you want to place Jenny close by so you can pick it up faster. Just click a station or a tank near here, in order to move her closer to the destination you choose.
  • All fish do not grow at the same rate. You can look at the colored bar on the side of the tank to see how much longer it will take that fish to grow. The fish will be grown once the bar is fully green.
  • Use the pet vitamins when you want to accelerate the growth of a particular fish. For example, let’s say you’re low on time and you want to create a combo bonus. You have a shark in the waiting area that is about to lose patience and a shark in the tank that’s not growing fast enough. Give the vitamins to the shark in the tank, so the shark can grow faster, once it’s grown, collect the cash. Take the shark in line and place it in that tank to get a combo bonus.
  • If you want your fish to grow faster, you have to give it what it needs as soon as possible. The faster you give a fish what they need, the faster they grow and the more money you’ll be able to get for it.
  • At the end of each level you will get a summary breakdown of how you did in a level. You can use that summary to improve your game. It will tell you how much money you made, how long it took you to complete the level, how many combos you completed etc. Look at that information and see what you could have done differently and try a new strategy in the next level.


  • There will be a special vitamin that will be introduced which accelerates the growth rate of the fish. In order to use the vitamin you have to give it to a fish at the time they ask for their food.
  • When the fish asks for food, take the vitamin in one hand and the food in the other. Drop them both in the tank and your fish will grow much faster. You have to wait for the vitamin to refill itself before you can use it again. The less expensive a fish is, the faster it will grow with the vitamins. If a fish is very expensive it may only grow to about half its size with the vitamin dose.
  • As the levels progress some new vitamins will be appear that will be given to you by Jenny. The new vitamins will make the fish more colorful which in turn will make them more expensive. Use these vitamins when you want to make extra money to reach goal.


  • The Machine will create the interior for each tank. If you make a mistake you can throw it in the recycling bin, but it will cost you $40. You can make more than one interior in the machine at a time but only if they have different items.
  • When you place 2 orders for the machine to make at the same time you’ll perform a combo and will earn extra points for that. In order to create the combo you have to click on the machine with the second order before you actually pick up the first completed order. If Jenny picks up the interior before you click on the machine, it will not count as a combo.
  • When you make more than one interior piece at a time you have to click on the 2nd set of pieces that you need. Once your selections are circled in the bin, click on the machine to get it started. As soon as your first order is complete and Jenny picks it up, the 2nd order will start automatically.
  • Unfortunately, if the second order has the same components as the original order, you will not be able to click on those items right away. You have to wait for the components to refill themselves before you can click on them again.
  • That’s why it’s not a good idea to pick up the same type of fish back to back since they will ask for the same exact components each time. Try to pick up different fish each time in order to avoid these situations.
  • When you place two separate orders on the machine you’ll see different colored circles appear over each item that you picked. The circles that have the same color are for the same order. Once you see filled red circles it means that the components are refilling themselves.
  • The machine will not let you make a mistake when it comes to making a combination that is not correct. What I mean by that is, that the machine will not make a combination that does not exist according to the fish in your current inventory. You can still place an incorrect order in the machine if it belongs to one of the fish from your inventory.


  • You will get a combo bonus when you raise the exact type of fish in the same aquarium back to back. If you’ve already matched a certain type of fish in a particular aquarium, you’ll see a picture of that fish on top of the tank.
  • You’ll also see a number at the bottom of that picture, that number represents the amount of times you were able to match that fish in that tank. Once you place a different type of fish in a tank, you’ll have to start the combo process all over again. If you have two different types of fish then place them in 2 different aquariums.
  • If you have several of the same type of fish appear and you want to make combo bonuses, take the fish that arrived first because they will have the least amount of patience.
  • Even though you may see several of the same kind of fish appear back to back try and only use one tank for them because that way you’ll be able to make bigger combo bonuses. If it gets to the point where there are too many of the same kind at once, then you will have to use a second tank for them because you don’t want the fish to lose patience and leave.
  • Once the shop is closed you will no longer need to worry about any other fish coming in so if you need to break a combo that would be a good time to start.


  • There are a variety of upgrades that you can purchase for your shop, the others will be free. Free upgrades can be new floors, extra aquariums , new interiors for the tanks etc. Periodically these things will be upgraded for you.
  • Other upgrades like extra tanks, faster machine, etc you will have to purchase with the money you’ve earned.
  • Some tags in the upgrade section say buy others say upgrade. The ones that say buy are items that you do not currently have in your shop or items that you can purchase extra sets of. The ones that say upgrade are all about making your current items more efficient. I’ll go over each upgrade briefly.
  • Tank Upgrades will increase the final value of your fish by a certain percentage. each upgraded tank will give you a bigger profit for each fish. You can upgrade a tank, a total of 3 times
  • Pet Aquarium is one of the best upgrades you can buy in my opinion. If you chose Sharky as your pet, each time you upgrade the aquarium, Sharky will deliver better food that will help the fish grow faster.
  • Computer will allow you to receive extra orders that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Once you see the green envelope appear on the monitor, click on it to place the order. When you see a fish that’s in line that has a green background, that is a fish that came from a computer order.
  • Machine is a great upgrade to buy as soon as you can afford it. Each time you upgrade it the machine will be faster. Increasing the speed of the machine will allow you to process more orders faster.
  • Jenny’s Speed is another upgrade that I bought as soon as I could since Jenny moves pretty slowly. As soon as you can afford it, keep upgrading Jenny so you can get tasks done quickly.
  • Sound System will increase the patience of the fish by a higher percentage each time you buy it. The sound system mesmerizes the fish and while doing so will cut down the time need to complete the request. You will have to wait for the sound system to refill itself before you can play it again.


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