Jane’s Realty Tips Walkthrough

Check out our strategy guide for Jane's Realty. This guide was written based on version 1.003.   THE BASICS • These basic tips will apply to all levels in the game. • The $1,000 lots will only be able to accommodate houses, the $1,500 lots will always be for the buildings, like the garages, banks and shops. • You cannot make a move on any of the levels unless you build the water tower and the electric power station first. If those 2 things are not present you will not b…

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Check out our strategy guide for Jane’s Realty. This guide was written based on version 1.003.



• These basic tips will apply to all levels in the game.
• The $1,000 lots will only be able to accommodate houses, the $1,500 lots will always be for the buildings, like the garages, banks and shops.
• You cannot make a move on any of the levels unless you build the water tower and the electric power station first. If those 2 things are not present you will not be able to make any moves in the game.
• Time is very limited in the game, every second counts, so make the most of it. As soon as the level opens, buy the two $800 lots that will be available. Usually these are the only 2 lots that are available at the very beginning.
• Garbage trucks-If the lots need cleaning send the garbage trucks to the lots immediately. You can send 2 garbage trucks out at the same time, since they don’t have the same limitations as the other workers in your town.
• If the lots don’t need cleaning, build the water tower right away because you don’t have time to waste. The moment the water tower is built, start building the electric power station. Of course you can build these in any order that you want, it doesn’t matter which comes first.
• Before the construction of the water tower and the electric station is finished buy the first small lot that becomes available, the $1,000 lot. You don’t want to waste any time, so it is better to have the land clean and ready so you can start building the house right away.
• In most cases, if you want to build the most expensive house you can afford with the money you have you will need to fill the meter for the water tower and the electric station before the house can be built.
• Goals
• Your goals will be given to you at the beginning of each level, in any given day there can be several goals. If you need a reminder of what the goals are for the day, you can look at the box that is on the lower right side.
• You’ll notice in the goals tab that you will have tabs on the left side. These tabs will help you look at each individual goal for that day.




• There are three tabs that you must flip through in order to access the different services available, those tabs are "Services,""Houses" and "Buildings." You don’t have to click on the tabs to access each one. As each task comes up that requires you to click on a tab, all you have to do is
• For example, let’s say that you need to get the garbage truck to clean up the streets but your "buildings" tab is open instead. Click on the icon of the garbage truck on the street and the tab will automatically open.
• If you click on the wrench, an upgrade or something from the tabs that you no longer want to use you can right click your mouse and the action will be cancelled. You can also click the unwanted item back where you found it and that action will be cancelled.



• There are times in which you will have to replay a previous level if you can’t seem to pass your current level. On more than one occasion I was unable to pass the second or third level of a town because I failed to buy certain houses or buildings in the previous level.
• If you find that this is happening to you then you have to pay attention to the things that are causing you to fail a level.
• If you find that too many houses need repair and you can’t keep up, then you need to build a garage. If you find that you don’t have enough money to buy furniture for your bigger house, then you need to go back one level and build the store and try to buy some furniture before the level ends.
• This game is all about making the right moves and making them fast, every second that you waste can cause you to repeat a level many times.



• Those of you that are familiar with the Jane’s Hotel series, know that they are famous for having scrolling screens towards the end of the game. Well they have it in this game as well.
• When you have the scrolling screen it can be hard to keep track of everything so try and keep all your properties within your view.
• I would try to buy property that was as close together as possible so I could minimize my scrolling.
• Try to avoid properties that are partially hidden by the icons in the game because it will be easy to forget they are there.
• There are times when the game is showing you an arrow letting you know that something is happening off screen, the arrow can be a little misleading at time.
• Each time you see the arrow it doesn’t mean that something that needs your attention is off screen; it can just mean that something is halfway on the screen. You can still click on buildings, repair them and collect money even if the image is partially hidden.
• If you look on the lower left side you will see a map that has a magnifying glass on it. The map is there to help you see where things are on the whole lot, not just the area that you’re looking at.
• If you want to look at a particular area on the map, click the magnifying glass in the spot that you want to look at and the screen will automatically go to that spot.



• Buying your lot and cleaning it are not the only requirements that you will need before you build your house, you will need the right amount of money, electricity and water.
• Before you build your house, look at the icons that are over the house you desire to build. Each icon has a different meaning and unless those requirements are met you will not be able to build that house. A house with no icons means that you can purchase the house and start building it.
• "$" Icon, if this icon is over a house, it means that you do not have enough money to be able to build it. Once you’ve accumulated enough money for it, the "$" icon will disappear.
• Lightning Bolt Icon-When you see this icon it means that you don’t have the minimum amount of electricity required to build that house.
• Hover your mouse over a house and look on the top left side of the screen, you will see the meter for the electric company. When you hover your mouse over a particular house you will see a red line appear at a certain point.
• That red line means that you need to buy that much electricity to build that particular house.
• Water Drop Icon- When you see the water drop it means that you need to buy some water in order to buy that house.
• Follow the same steps as described above in the Lightning Bolt Sign section.
• In the instances in which you have a lot of money it’s a good idea to buy the maximum amount of water and electricity. When you have it in advance, you don’t have to wait for those two resources to refill.



• After you build your house you will need to decorate it. As soon as the house is ready to be built, you will see the icon of a set of keys appear above the house. Click on the keys and it will take you inside the house.
• If you look at the bottom of the page you will see some furniture lined up at the bottom. You can use the arrows on eitherside and scroll through the furniture so you can take a look at all of it.
• If you look at the bottom of each house you will see some hearts. Some pieces of furniture have more hearts at the bottom than others. Choose the pieces of furniture that have the most hearts. If there are 2 fences to choose from or 2 chairs to choose from always pick the one with the fullest hearts.
• The more hearts your furniture has the more money you will be able to collect in rent. The more you collect in rent the faster you will get to your goal. Since time is limited in this game, it is important to finish in time.



• Placing furniture can be very important because when the furniture is in a good place, the people in the house will be happier and you will get the full amount of hearts that furniture has.
• If you notice when you place the furniture around, the floor will have three different colors to it, yellow, green and red. It’s easy to relate to the colors since it’s similar to the colors in a traffic light.
• Green Floors-This is the best place to place your furniture, when you place it in the green sections of the house, you will get one more heart than what the furniture came with.
• Yellow Floors-The majority of the floors will be yellow but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily want to place your furniture on the yellow parts.
• This is the second best choice, when you choose the yellow sections, you will have the full set of hearts for that particular piece of furniture, No extra hearts will be given
• Red Floors-This is the last choice you want to make, when you place furniture in the red areas it takes away one of the hearts away from your furniture.



• In order to get through the levels faster you need to get your tenants to pay you rent that is as high as possible. The more you can get in rent, the faster you’ll be able to flip that money to buy lots, build more houses and buildings etc.
• You get the highest rent by choosing the best furniture, placing it correctly and hitting the rent button when it is at its fullest.
• The best way to get the highest amount of money is by following the steps above and buying and placing the correct furniture.
• If you look on top of the page, where it says "rent" you will notice that the rent button is not lit. Once the button is lit you can click on the rent tab and your house will be ready, but not so fast.
• Just because the rent button is lit, it doesn’t mean that you have to press it right away. You can still place more furniture in the house as long as some of the pieces of furniture are lit in the toolbar.
• Try to buy as much as you can and look at the dollar amount in the rent meter, the higher it is the more you will make. A full green meter will always get you a good rental income.
• You have to be quick – the longer you take in placing the furniture the less money you will earn, You will notice that if you take too long in between furniture placement the meter will start to go down.
• Each time the meter goes down you’re losing money. As soon as you’re done with the last piece of furniture, click on the rent button immediately so that you can earn the highest rent possible.



• You will notice that each house has a set of hearts above it when you hover your mouse over it. The amount of hearts on the house coincides with the happiness level of your tenants. The higher the heart level, the happier they are.
• The hearts decrease over time, if the heart levels fall down to zero then your tenants will leave and you will have to furnish the house all over again.
• When the heart levels of a house starts going down, there’s only one way to bring them back up and that’s by giving the house some gifts.
• The gift screen is located at the bottom of the page under the "services" tab. It will be the first icon that you see, which looks like a wrapped gift box.
• As you progress through the levels, the gifts will cost you more and more so you have to give them out wisely.
• If you give too many gifts back to back you will notice that the hearts will not increase, which means you wasted valuable money. When you’re low on money gifting can become very expensive. A good rule of thumb is to wait until a house collects rent twice before you try to gift it again.
• In levels where you are getting close to your monetary goals, do not spend too much time giving gifts since they cost so much money, only give gifts when the houses fall to 2 hearts or less.
• When you have a lot of money in the bank, you can give several gifts back to back and you’ll be able to upgrade really quickly. Just keep giving it hearts and the house will ask for an upgrade right away. It’s good to use this method once you’ve made your money goal and all you have left to do is meet a requirement goal.
• Whenever you see a house fall to 1 heart, stop everything and give it a gift since you don’t want your tenants to leave. When your tenants leave your rental income for that house will go down.
• If you have the choice between fixing a house and giving a gift to a house with one heart, give the gift first. The reason you want to do this is because the house can run out of hearts in the time it takes the house to be fixed.



• There’s only one way to upgrade your house and that is by giving the house gifts and making sure its hearts stay at a certain level. There are many levels in which you will be asked to upgrade your house as a requirement so it’s important to know how to do it.
• A house will ask you for an upgrade once you’ve given it so many gifts. Sometimes the house will be full of hearts when it asks you for an upgrade. At other times it will ask you for an upgrade even though the hearts are not showing up as full but you have given it a lot of gifts.
• You will know that it is time to give a house an upgrade when you see the icon of 3 blue houses appear over a particular house.
• As soon as you see the 3 little houses, you have to click at the bottom of the page under the "services" tab that is located on the lower left side.
• When you click on the 3 small houses, the icon will attach itself to your cursor, just take your cursor and place it on the house.
• The upgrade request only lasts for a short amount of time so you have to drop whatever you’re doing so you can upgrade that house right away.
• Upgrade a house before you fix a house or a building since the request only lasts for a short while.
• When you upgrade your house you automatically collect more money from your tenants so try and upgrade each time it shows up.
• If you want to cancel an upgrade, all you have to do is right click.
• Keep in mind that some houses require you to upgrade them more than once in order to meet the goal, so make sure the goal is completed before you forget about that particular goal.



• As with real houses, the houses in Jane’s Realty will need periodic maintenance. Whenever you see the wrench icon over a house you will need to have that house repaired.
• If you have not built a garage you will only have the ability to fix one house or building at at time.
• When the water tower or the electric station need repairs, you will not be able to collect rent from your tenants so you want to get that fixed as soon as possible.
• As soon as you see the wrench icon appear, click on the tab labelled "services" to access the repair station. You can also click on the wrench icon on the house to access the tab. Click on the wrench first and then on the house or building that you want to fix.


• There are several buildings that you can build that will help you advance in the game. We will go through each building and give you the benefits of owning each one.
• Once you construct a building you can upgrade the building so that it can be more efficient. Upgrading buildings can be expensive so only spend that extra money when you’re sure that you can meet your goal for that day.
• Buildings can only be built on the larger lots, these lots always cost $1,500. If you try to place a building on a lot that is meant for a house you will not be able to do it.
• I will list the buildings in the order in which they appear in the game.



• Garages are the least expensive buildings at $7,000. Once you have a garage you will be able to have 2 crews working on houses simultaneously.
• It is really beneficial to have a garage especially when you get to higher levels since you will own more houses at one time. The more houses you own, the more of them will break down.
• Being able to fix 2 properties at a time will help you pass a level faster since waiting for one crew to finish a job before they get to the next one takes up a lot of time.
• When you make the first upgrade to a garage it will add one extra worker to your task force. Having three people working can really help you get through a level faster. That first upgrade will cost you $40,000.



• When you build a store, you’ll be able to buy additional furniture for all your houses. Once you build a store all you have to do is click on it and you’ll be inside the shop.
• Use the navigational arrows that are on the toolbar at the bottom of the page in order to flip through all the furniture choices.
• You have the choice of buying furniture for each type of house that you’ve unlocked.
• Once inside you will some styles of houses on top of the page, you can flip through those houses and pick out whatever type of furniture you would like to buy for that style of house.
• Once you’re done with one house, use the navigational arrows on the side and pick another house style.
• Since some of the houses looked similar to me, I looked at the price of the house instead of the design since it was easier for me to tell it apart that way.
• Next to each piece of furniture you will see some numbers. The number on top (which is usually 5 or less) is on the top right hand side. That represents the amount of pieces you can buy of a particular piece of furniture.
• The numbers on the side represent the price for each piece of furniture. If you don’t have a lot of money you can adjust the amount of pieces you buy for each piece of furniture by clicking on the navigational arrows.



• Banks can be costly as well but they save you time because you do not have to worry about collecting the rent from your tenants.
• Once you build a bank, the armored car will drive to each location and pick up your money. Just because you have a bank it does not mean that you can’t collect some of the money yourself as well.
• On the first stage of the bank, there is only one driver available and he can only go to one house at a time, which can take a while. In these cases, it is best for you to help the bank by collecting some of the money yourself since you have a limited window of opportunity in which to do so.
• As you can afford to upgrade your bank, there will be more drivers available that can help collect the money so it will take less time to do so.
• It’s good to have a bank in those levels in which you have a lot of houses since it can be hard to keep up with collections.



• I’m not sure what a restaurant has to do with building things faster but I guess it must be because people are stronger after they eat.
• Once you build a restaurant, all your construction jobs will be completed 30% faster.
• Build the restaurant when you want to have several houses built quickly. You will need them to get done faster so you can meet your goals.



• Once you build a storage facility, you’ll be able to store twice as much furniture.
• The regular warehouse holds 5 of each piece of furniture but the bigger warehouse can hold 10 of each piece of furniture.
• The warehouse is very expensive but you’re going to need to have it when you play the last 2 locations since they have really big houses.
• As you approach the last 2 locations the houses are so big that they have multiple floors. You need the extra furniture to be able to furnish these houses. If you don’t have enough furniture you will not be able to rent the house.


Repair Station
• Building a repair station will eliminate the need for you to fix any houses or buildings.
• This building will definitely be necessary once you get to the levels in which you own a lot of property since the houses and building will break down frequently.
• Buy the repair station to help you keep up with all the jobs.


City Hall
• The City Hall building will increase the amount of money that you make.
• Building the City Hall will help you achieve your goals faster since you will earn more money for each transaction that goes on in your town.


• The church will be the last building you will need to make your town complete.


• In this game you have to move fast otherwise you will not meet your goals. The moment the level begins you should start buying the two $800 lots so you can build your water and electric tower since nothing in your town will work without them.
• If you’re on a level that ends with a number "2" or "3" for example level 7-2 and you can’t seem to pass it, you may have to go and replay the previous level and make some changes in order to get through it. Look and see what your weak point is and go back and fix it. You may need to have a garage or store built in the previous level in order to advance in the next one.
• In the levels in which you have a scrolling screen, try to buy your property close together so that it will be easier for you to keep an eye on everything at once.
• Just because the "rent" button is lit while you are furnishing a house, it does not mean that you have to click on it right away. Buy as much furniture as you can and you will earn more in rent money.
• Once the meter is full if you don’t click on it soon your rental income will decrease rather rapidly, click on it as soon as you’re done placing furniture so you can get the full amount of rent from your tenants.
• Buy the garage in levels in which you have more than 2 or 3 houses, you will need the extra work crews to help you fix all the buildings that need repair. The faster you get things repaired the more money you will make.
• Do not give out too many hearts back to back to the same house when you’re low on money because the majority of the time you will be wasting your money. Sometimes it is best to wait until you’ve collected rent twice before you try and gift the house again.
• When you have a lot of money and you need to upgrade a house to meet a goal, it is OK to give several gifts back to back. The reason it’s OK is because you have the funds to do it and doing so will allow you to upgrade the house faster.
• Keep an eye on the hearts on the houses because if they fall to zero your tenants will leave and you will have to furnish that house again which is making you lose money.
• As soon as you hear the sound of thunder click on the garbage truck so you can clean up the trees off the road. When you’re on the scrolling screens, look at the direction in which lightning hit to make it easier to know where to scroll through.
• In the levels in which they require you to amass large sums of money and also buy some property, the best thing to do is buy the expensive property after you’ve reached the money goal. There’s no rule that says the goals have to be completed in a certain order. Once you’ve reached a money goal, the money goal will not be taken from you.
• While placing furniture in a house if you make a mistake, you can click the "back" button and start over, it’s better to do that than to get a rent that is too low.
• if you think you will have extra money at the end of a level buy extra properties, the more you have going into a new level, the better it is.
• In higher levels try to buy the most expensive house you can afford right off the bat since you want to make the most rental income you can afford.
• Another good reason to build the most expensive houses you can afford is because as the levels get higher the gifts can cost more than the rent you’re collecting so it costs too much to keep the heart levels up.
• In levels in which you need to build a lot of houses or you have a lot of house buy electric and water as often as you can. You want to always have your electricity and water as full as possible because not having it ready can slow you down and can cause you to lose a level.



• Each town has 3 levels, in order to get the best results with this walkthrough you must have the same houses as I do when I started the first level of a town.
• There is more than one way to finish the game – a lot of it depends on the purchases that you made in the previous levels.



• Goal:(1) Upgrade the $4,000 house once.(2) Have $20,000 in cash (3) Build an $8,000 home.
• By the end of this level you should have two $4,000 houses and then one $8,000 house that you will build at the last minute.
• You have to be very quick in this level, if you take too long you will lose the round.

• As soon as the screen goes up buy the two $800 properties so you can place the water and electricity towers in the lots. If any of the lots need cleaning, do it right away by sending the bulldozer to them.
• Before you build the $4,000 house you will have to buy $900 worth of electricity and $900 worth of water in order to build the house, for a total of $1,800 for both.
• Buy $1,000 lot and Buy the 4,000 house and upgrade it as much as possible with the furnishings that have the highest hearts underneath them. You should be able to get $900-$1,000 in rent, if the amount is too low, click on "back" and choose your furniture again.
• Buy the hearts for the house only when it falls down to 1 heart but in order to do that you have to keep a close eye. If you’re nervous about letting it fall to 1 heart, just give the gift at 2 hearts
• Buy your $1,000 lot early so it can be ready when the time comes to build the $4,000 house on it. Don’t gift your first house until it falls down to 1 heart. By the time you buy your second $4,000 house your meter at the bottom should still be blue.
• Buy one more $1,000 property and have it ready for the $8,000 house.
• Give hearts to your $4,000 house so that it can be upgraded.
• By this time you should have enough money to buy the $8,000 house but you will not have a lot of time left over so you have to act fast.


• Goals (1) Upgrade $4,000 house (2) make $35,000 (3) upgrade $8,000 house.
• Upgrade the 8,000 house with furniture to bring rent close to 1660. If the house already has furniture then upgrade the house with gifts back to back real fast when you have about $5,000 in the bank.
• Buy a $1,500 lot and place your garage there. As soon as buy the garage the game should ask you if you want to upgrade it, go ahead and buy the upgrade if you have enough money. If you don’t, don’t worry about it.
• When you build the garage you can fix 2 properties at once, when you upgrade it you can fix 3 properties simultaneously.
• Keep gifting houses so they will ask for upgrade. In this level if you gift the houses quickly they will ask for an upgrade pretty much right away.
• I didn’t buy any other properties on this level, I was able to pass it without it.



• Goals (1) Build a bank (2) Upgrade a $8,000 house (3) have $70,000
• When I started this level I already owned a garage, two $8,000 houses, an upgraded $4,000 house and one $4,000 house with no upgrades.
• Buy 2 lots for $1,000 each and one lot for $1,500.
• Upgrade your electricity and water for $900 EACH.
• Build two $8,000 houses on the $1,000 lots and collect the money as fast as you can.
• In the meantime keep an eye on the hearts on the houses, upgrade one $8,000 house as fast as you can but don’t give too many gifts back to back or the house will not show it.
• Once you have enough money go ahead and build the bank, I think the cost is $10,000. The bank at this point can only pick up money from one house at a time so you will still have to collect the money on the houses as quickly as you can.



• You start with $16,000. You goals are: (1) build a 15,000 house (2) earn 25,000
• Buy the two $800 lots and build the water tower and the electric station right away.
• While the water and electric are being built, buy the first $1,000 lot that opens up.
• As soon as the electric and water towers are built, buy $200 worth of electricity and $200 worth of water.
• Once that is done, build the $8,000 house, which leaves you with zero dollars.
• Furnish the house with furniture that has the most hearts and place them all in the green spots. If you place the furniture right you can earn between $1,600 – $1775 in rent, make sure that you click on the rent button as soon as you’ve maxed out the furniture.
• Once the house is built, let some money accumulate, do not gift the house until it falls to 2 hearts or once it gets down to 1 heart if you can help it.
• As soon as you have $2,000, use $1,000 of it and buy a lot.
• Buy $200 worth of electricity and $200 worth of electric (Adjust this amount as needed)
• As soon as you have $4,000 buy, the house for $4,000 and build it on the lot you just bought.
• Let the money accumulate and only gift when the houses get down to 1or 2 hearts.
• Buy another lot for $1,000 in preparation for the $15,000 house.
• Once the money gets to $25,000 you’ve met your money goal and now you can build your $15,000 house.
• Buy $500 worth of electricity and $500 worth of water.
• Build your $15,000 house quickly because time is almost finished.



• You start with zero dollars but you already have a $15,000 house,an $8,000 house and a $4,000 home. Goals (1) Upgrade your $15,000 house (2) earn $85,000.
• Since the last thing you did in level 5-1 was build the $15,000 house, you need to furnish it right away. Not a lot of green spaces lit up as I was placing the furniture so I had to place most of it on the yellow surfaces.
• You should be able to get over $2,500 worth in rent.
• As soon as you collect your first rent you can buy an empty lot for $1,000.
• Buy 9500 in water and $900 in electricity, it’s better to do it now because it will save you some time.
• Buy a lot for $1,500 and build a garage on that spot for $7,000.
• As soon as you get to $15,000 buy another $15,000 house and furnish it right away.
• In the meantime make sure that you check on the hearts of the houses, gift them at 2 hearts or once they fall down to 1 heart. Buy an extra $1,000 lot that you can use in the next round.
• You’ll notice that the closer you get to your goal, a lot of houses will automatically ask for upgrades. Upgrade them only if you think you have enough money to make it to your goal. I believe I upgraded all 4 of my houses and still made it to my goal with a little time left on the clock.



• You start with zero dollars. Goals (1) build a Restaurant (2) make $140,000.
• You start the game with a certain amount of upgraded houses, collect the money right away. You may have to decorate one of the houses, if that’s the case, do it right away.
• You have a leftover empty $1,000 lot that you can use.
• Also buy a $1,500 lot as soon as you can so you can have it ready to build your restaurant.
• Buy $900 worth of electricity and $900 worth of water.
• As soon as you get a chance buy a $15,000 house so you can earn extra income.
• In this level you will see for the first time that someone wants to increase their energy level. The game will walk you through the instructions.
• Keep giving hearts and give hearts as often as you can, the houses will automatically ask to be upgraded, upgrade them as much as possible because you will earn more money.
• As soon as you reach the $140,000 build the restaurant and you’re done.



• You start with $ 20,000 Goals (1) Build one 2 bells house for $23,000 (2) make $35,000
• Buy the two $800 lots and build the water tower and the electric station right away.
• Buy $900 in electricity and $900 in water.
• Buy the first $1,000 lot that appears and build an 8,000 home on it. Place your furniture in it and try to make the rent go over $1,600.
• If another $1,000 lot appears buy it right away so you can be ready to place your next property on it.
• As soon as you get another $8,000 place an $8,000 house on the lot you just purchased.
• One more time buy $1,000 lot and place another $8,000 house on it.
• Give hearts to the houses whenever they get low.
• Buy your last $1,000 lot so you can place your $23,000 house on it but wait before you buy it.
• Make your $35,000 goal first and then buy the $23,000 house quickly, it has to be built before the meter reaches zero.
• Before the level ends buy yourself two $1,500 lots because you will need them for the next level.



• You start with zero dollars Goals (1) Build four $23,000 houses (2) Earn $140,000 (3) Upgrade one of the $23,000 houses.
• The $23,000 house that you bought in the previous level needs to be furnished. Choose the right furniture for it. Get the rent to go between $4,500 and $5,000.
• I bought some extra lots at the end of the last level because in this level the lots do not come up for sale fast enough, one $1,500 and 2 $1,000 lots.
• Buy $900 worth of electricity and $900 worth of water.
• You will start the day with the houses that you bought in the previous level. Build a garage as soon as you can afford it which will not be long since
• In this level a lot of things are happening pretty fast so keep up as much as you can or you will not pass the level. There will be a lot of houses asking for upgrades at once, try and upgrade as much as you can since it brings you extra income.
• When things get frantic keep buying $900 each of water and electricity since you will need them to meet the requirements to build all 4 of those $23,000 houses.
• Buy whatever lots become available and upgrade your existing houses.
• As soon as you hit the $140,000 goal buy the last 2 $23,000 properties or depending on what you decided to do, you just may have the last house to buy to meet your goal.



• You start with zero dollars Goals (1) Build a Warehouse (2) Earn 200,000 (3) Upgrade one $23,000 house.
• You will start the day with all the purchases you made in the previous 2 levels. You will be asked to decorate the majority of the houses as soon as the level begins. Decorate them quickly.
• As soon as you see first $1,500 lot buy it right away. If you had one from a previous level use it to build your warehouse.
• To meet your one goal of upgrading the $23,000 house quickly, give a lot gifts back to back and the house will upgrade right away.
• With this many houses, you will have enough money to get to the $200,000 with plenty of time left over.



• You start with $20,000. Goals (1) Build one $35,000 house (2) Make $50,000
• In this level you will have a scrolling screen. If you’re trying to place a building or a house that is close to the edge, move the screen so it will fit.
• Place your cursor on the edge of the screen and an arrow will appear showing you which way the screen is scrolling to.
• Buy the two $800 properties and build the water tower and the electric station right away.
• Buy $900 worth of water and $900 worth of electricity.
• Buy a $1,000 lot and buy a $15,000 house, you should be able to get over $2,500-$2,700 in rent once you place the right furniture in it.
• Buy another $1,000 lot as soon as you have some money so you can be ready for your next property.
• Buy $500 in electricity and $500 in water.
• As soon as you can afford it buy a $15,000 house. The meter should still be blue at this point, your rent should be around $2,700 or more.
• Buy a $1,500 lot because you will need to buy a store to purchase extra items for the next level.
• You will now have enough money to make your $50,000 goal, let the money accumulate.
• As soon as you make it to $50,000 buy the garage and place it on one of your $1,500 lots.
• Buy another $1,500 lot and build a store. Once you build the store buy some furniture for the houses on the next level. This step is very important or you will not be able to pass the next level.
• Buy 4 of each piece of furniture that is on the right side of the toolbar. It is important that you buy from this section because the houses on the next level have 2 floors.
• Also make sure that when you’re selecting the furniture that the house on the top of the page is the $35,000 one.
• You still have time to build the $35,000 house before the level ends.
• Having the garage and the store will help you pass the next level since you will need the store to accommodate the furniture for the bigger houses.



• You start with zero dollars Goal (1) Make $170,000 (2) Build four $35,000 homes (3) Upgrade one of your $35,000 houses.
• As soon as you start this level you will be asked to decorate the $35,000 house. Since you planned ahead in the previous level you can decorate that house and start earning big rental income.
• Click on the 35,000 house and place furniture on both sides of the house, it is very important that you click on the little banister that is highlighted so you can go to the other floor.You should get about $6,000 to $7,000 in rent.
• You have to place the furniture quickly or you will not get the most rental income.Don’t take too long as you click on the banister to get to the next floor.
• Buy 900 electric and 900 water.
• Start buying empty lots so you can be ready to place your next houses.
• Your 2 other houses should ask to be upgraded, upgrade them as soon as you can so you can get more rent money.
• A soon as you can afford it buy another $35,000 house. In the meantime you should be accumulating money from your other properties. After you buy the second $35,000 house, let the money accumulate and just buy empty lots for now.
• You should get over $7,000 for rent on the second $35,000 house.
• Get a third house for $35,000 and let the money accumulate to $170,000.
• As soon as you get to the $170,000 goal build your last 2 houses do not worry about furnishing them.
• As your houses are building, take the time to upgrade your garage so that you can have 3 crews working at once.
• 13 seconds left




• You start with zero dollars. Goals (1) Build a Repair Station (2) Earn 300,000 (3) Upgrade a 35,000 house.
• At the beginning of the level you have two $15,000 houses and five $35,000 houses.
• Decorate the 35,000 houses that you did not get a chance to decorate in the previous level so you can make money right away. The clock stops when you’re making placing or buying furniture so you don’t have to worry about missing rent.
• If you don’t have enough furniture go to the store and buy some more since you will be collecting rent from the houses that are there.
• Buy lots as soon as possible, buy a $1,500 lot and build your repair shop. Keep upgrading all the houses.
• Buy electricity and water constantly since you have so many properties
• As soon as you get to 300,000 build your repair shop.





• You start with. $28,000 Goals (1) Build one $50,000 house (2) Earn $70,000
• Buy the two $800 lots right away and build the water and electric stations right away.
• Buy a $1,000 lot as soon as it comes up so it can be ready for your first house.
• Before you build the house, buy $900 in electricity and $900 in water.
• Buy a $15,000 house and place it on the empty lot. Once you furnish the house you should get between $2,500 and $2,700.
• Make some money and then buy $900 in electric and $900 in water. It’s important to buy these ahead of time so that you don’t lose time waiting for those resources to refill.
• Buy the next $1,000 lot or two that becomes available. Also buy two $1,500 lots.
• It’s usually a good idea to buy some lots ahead of time.
• As soon as you make enough money buy and build a $23,00 house.
• This is the time in which you will let the money accumulate until you get to $70,000, as soon as that happens build a garage.
• Once the garage is finished start building a store and try to place some furniture in it for the next level but watch your money don’t let it get too low.
• You have to move fast, as soon as you’re done with the store start building your $50,000 house before the level ends.