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It Girl – Quick Start Guide

It Girl is a simulation game developed by CrowdStar and played on Facebook where you can make yourself into the ultimate “It Girl” The “It Girl” is beautiful, Stylish, Trendy and attends all the hot spots, and major venues. She starts out as a City girl but is soon jet setting all over the world. Update her look at the salon and purchase clothes from the trendiest stores to increase her overall hotness level. When you attend parties or even walking down the street challenge other girls to a showdown to see who is the ultimate “It Girl!” If people give you compliments your confidence increases, and as you fill your closet with trendy clothing your social status rises. Your Facebook friends are considered part of your clique and the more friends you have the more popular you are. Gamezebo’s “It Girl” strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats on how to do your best at “it Girl”.

Getting Started
It Girl

  • You must have a current Facebook account to play “It Girl”. If you don’t have one you can register here

  • A link to the game is found at the top of this page.

  • You will need to give permissions to the game so click on “Accept” and then you are ready to play, invite Facebook friends to join your Clique and you will find the game bookmarked in the home area at Facebook..

  • At first you will see a screen where you can build your character. You can choose things such as skin color, eyes, hair, and even eyeshadow color. Once finished hit “Done” and a brief game tutorial will begin.

  • Need more Neighbors for your Clique? Invite them by clicking on the “Invite Friends” tab at the top of the page or you can visit this official site to add new friends to your Clique in the Crowdstar forum –

  • The game is still pretty new and new features will be added all the time. Be sure to check back here at Gamezebo where this guide will be updated as new elements are added to the game. This quick start guide should give you a good idea how the game works and how to get off to a great start.

Game Elements
It Girl

It Girl

It Girl

  • Here you will see the elements to the game screen for “It Girl”

  • A. Level Indicator – In the star to the left of the game screen you will see your current game level, location and level name.

  • B. Currency Indicator – This is the amount of Cash you have on hand to spend while shopping. Clothing can be sold back from your closet if you no longer want it.

  • C. Confidence Indicator – (Heart meter) This meter shows how much confidence you have out of a maximum of 100. Each time you battle another girl even if you win you will both lose confidence points. Whoever loses the least amount of confidence points during a battle is the winner of the showdown. NOTE – Confidence regenerates every few minutes on its own if you place your cursor over the indicator it will tell you how much time must go by before you can earn more.

  • D. Energy/Stamina Level – (Coffee Cup Meter) This meter shows how much energy you have for shopping and attending parties and other social events. You can purchase more Stamina in the Coffee Shop using Facebook Credits. Note – Energy regenerates every few minutes as well. Place your cursor over the indicator to see how much time until you earn more stamina or energy which will help you shop.

  • E. Your Avatar – This is you in the game. If you don’t like how you look visit the Spa. Here you can Tan, have your hair cut and colored, and even have your make up applied to make you even hotter than ever.

  • F. Help – Click here to visit the “It Girl” Forums. This will lead you pages that will help you find other girls to join your clique.

  • G. Go Inside store – This is the first store you will go into. (See Shopping below for more details)

  • H. My Clique – Click here to see how many Facebook friends have joined your Clique. The more friends you have the more likely it is you will win when you showdown against other girls for the title of “It Girl”

  • I. Free Gifts – Click here and you can send 1 free gift to each girl in your Clique once very 24 hours. They can also send free gifts to you. These gifts will be found in your closet or purse/Inventory areas.

  • J. Invite Friends – Click here to directly invite friends that are already on your Facebook friend list. You can visit “It Girl” add me sites all over the web to find friends to join your clique but I would recommend the forum at Crowdstar at the top right of the game screen.

  • K. L. and M – Quests – These are Quests you can perform to earn big money. The Envelope (K.) gives you a quest of attending a party and winning a certain number of showdowns. The Bag Quest (L.) asks you to find a particular outfit in a store. The final Quest (M.) asks you to show off an outfit at a particular party or area a certain number of times. Finishing these quests will earn you a lot of money and new quests will appear when you complete them.

  • N. Your Location – This is your Current Location.

  • O. Game Settings – Here you can toggle the game’s music, sound effects, screen Quality and make it fulls screen if you wish. Click on the first tab with the arrow to open the menu.

  • P. Dressing your Friends – Click on this hanger to dress your friends in items from your Closet. You can let them borrow the item but it will still be in your Closet when you return for it.

  • Q. My Clique – These are your best girl friends in your Clique. The larger your Clique the more showdowns you can win and more clothes you can borrow from them.

  • R. My Parties – Click here to see which parties you have unlocked and can currently attend. Be sure to check the dress code of the party and make sure you are dressed appropriately. Once at the party you will be asked to beat at least 3 other girls in a showdown and higher numbers in higher levels of the game.

  • S. Inventory – Closet and Purse – Click on the hanger to expand the menu to see the purse. Here you will find all of the clothing you have purchased as well as access items in your purse.

  • T. Maps/Transportation – Click on the Taxi to expand the tab of the Airplane. Click on these tabs to see the City map and World Map. These only become available once you have unlocked enough levels to leave the city you are in.

  • U. Catalogue Shopping – Click here to shop in an Catalog.

  • NOTE – When you begin the game you will be given 150 dollars in spending money and will have a maximum of 15 Stamina and 100 Confidence. Keep an eye on these levels at all times especially before a showdown.

Ways of Earning Money in the Game

It Girl

  • You can earn money in the game over time and it is like an allowance that you earn.

  • The more you level up the more money you earn and the more frequently you earn it.

  • Also, winning Showdowns can earn you money as well as finding special items in stores.

  • Always click on dollar bills if you see them on the floor next to your Avatar.

It Girl

  • You also get a daily bonus once every 24 hours at the Newsstand. Be sure to click on the newsstand once a day to collect your Daily Bonus.

  • If you wish to purchase additional energy to shop with go into the Coffee shop and use your Facebook Credits to purchase these items. Facebook credits can also help you level up in the game faster.

How to Move around the game Screen

It Girl

  • To move around the game screen place your cursor near the girl and then while holding the left mouse button down drag the cursor to the area you wish for her to walk and when you let go of the left mouse button she will walk there.

  • NOTE – When in a store look for the pink arrow and click on it to move out of a store and back onto the street.

  • NOTE – When you want to go into a store simply click on the door and if the store is unlocked for you then your character will walk inside. If the door is locked you must wait until you reach a certain level in the game to unlock it.

What is a Showdown and how do you Win?

It Girl

It Girl

It Girl

  • A showdown is what you will initiate between you and another girl in the game.

  • If you place your cursor on another girl a menu will appear above her head as shown above.

  • You can either chat with her (Compliments earn you confidence points), check her details to see how confident she is and how likely it is she could beat you in a showdown.

  • If you want to showdown with that girl click on “Showdown” at the top.

  • In a few seconds you will see a “-??” which is the number of confidence points that girl has lost in the showdown. Whomever loses the least amount is the winner of the showdown and will earn some money which you must click on when it is on the ground.

  • Showdowns are an important way to win money and confidence points as well as completing quests. The more outfits in your closet and the more friends in your Clique the more likely you will win these showdowns.

Shopping for Clothing and Accessories

It Girl

It Girl

It Girl

  • Shopping for clothing and accessories is an important part of the game. The clothing you buy can add to your overall hotness score and help you win showdowns against other girls.

  • To go inside a store click on the door of the store and your character will walk in.

  • NOTE – You must reach certain levels before you can go into certain stores. You also can not take a cab or plane until you reach certain levels in the game.

  • Once you are inside mouse over the different racks and tables of clothing and accessories in the store.

  • Click on the the rack and you will lose 1 Stamina/energy point for searching. If you find a great item you have the option of trying it on and then purchasing it. If you purchase it you have the option of putting it on right then and there or placing it in your closet.

  • NOTE – If you see money or coffee cups fall to the ground after finding special items be sure to click on them as these are bonuses for finding special items.

  • Once you leave a store you may find you can’t get into the next one. This is because you must reach certain levels to go into certain stores.

  • At the top of the screen toward the center you will see how many hidden items are in the store. If you have enough energy to search for all of them you will eventually find special items which earn you bonuses and you will find special items to wear to parties.

  • Once you have the right outfit be sure to check your invitations and see if you can attend a party and complete a quest.

Attending Parties, Nightclubs, Casual Events

It Girl

It Girl

  • To become invited to parties, Nightclubs, Casual Events or Black Tie affairs you can read Magazines at the Newsstand on the street once per day or you can read various billboards around the city.

  • Once you have unlocked an event be sure to note what kind of event it is and then make sure you are dresses appropriately for it. (See Key in image above)

  • You can also click on your Quests at the upper left side of the screen.

  • If you are not dresses appropriately you will not win showdowns.

  • Look near the top of the screen and you will see how much energy you have as well as confidence and place your cursor on other girls to get details about them. If you think you can beat them in a showdown then click on “Showdown” You will be notified right away if you have won or lost. Either way you will lose confidence points and will need to replenish them.

Visiting the Salon to Change your Appearance

It Girl

It Girl

  • If you feel like you aren’t winning enough showdowns try visiting the Salon shown pictured above.

  • You can tan, change your hairstyle and color as well as make up.

  • This can increase your hotness score and help you win more showdowns but it will cost money so make sure you have enough.

Visiting your Friends in your Clique!

It Girl

  • Look at the bottom of the game screen to see the friends in your Clique or click on the link at the top of the game screen.

  • You have the option to call, dress up, or send a gift to your friend.

  • When you place your mouse over their avatar you will see these options appear from the top.

  • Click on what you want to do and you can earn extra money and energy points for helping out a friend.

  • If you call a friend she will say something to you that increases your confidence level.

  • If you dress her up and send her a picture it will increase her confidence level.

  • If you send a gift it can only be done once every 24 hours per friend and as you level up there will be more gifts available to choose from to send. This gift could be something such as an invitation to a party or an energy bar to give them more shopping energy.


It Girl

  • You have completed the basic game play guide for It Girl from CrowdStar Games at Facebook. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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