Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is a rather special RPG from Roadhouse Games. Inspired by Iron Maiden’s imagery and music, it incorporates familiar RPG mechanics, alongside plenty of great fan service.

Gamezebo’s Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Tips, Cheats and Strategies are here to help you get to grips with the various nuances of the game, as you battle to collect up the pieces of Eddie’s soul.

The Basics


  • Fighting is going to be very familiar to RPG veterans, but newbies need to take note of some things.
  • First of all, select the enemy you wish to attack. A circle underneath them indicates your chances. If the circle is green, that means they’re particularly weak to your attacks. Red means the opposite and you should probably steer clear, unless they’re the only enemy.
  • Each character has their own selection of abilities. If you hold your finger down on the button, you’ll be given an insight into what the attack actually does.
  • A lot of the time, you can just hit the ‘regular’ attack button and sit back and watch. Other special attacks, however, require you to interact as soon as you hit the button. Some might have you tapping like crazy, so get your fingers in the right position to do this. Another might have you tapping on screen just as circles align. Concentrate!
  • Keep your team balanced. There’s no point having a team full of characters that share the same abilities. You want to keep it balanced so that there are few red circles involved when choosing who to attack. Spread it out.
  • Focus on one enemy at a time. At least, most of the time you should. A weakened enemy can still hit just as hard, so there’s no point having a group of weak yet active bad guys after you.
  • Having said that, if you’ve got a particularly strong character ready to attack, and the enemy only has a fraction of health left, you might be better off attacking a stronger foe, and leaving a weaker character to pick enemies off.
  • Save special attacks (that cost precious energy) for special occasions. That means boss battles, and when you know they’ll be crucial.
  • Sometimes, you’ll only have so much energy left to use one special move. That special move might be to either heal one character or potentially take out the boss. Attack is generally the best form of defense, so get to work.

Team Building


  • Early on, you can just level up like crazy and not worry too much. Use the portal to throw soul fragments in and create some new characters. Enjoy experimenting for a little while.
  • Notice that difficulty bump? That’s when you need to start being more careful. Focus on developing a core team of great characters, and work on levelling them up the most. It makes all the difference between scraping through a battle to winning without really having to think.
  • Remember, you’re always taking Eddie into battle so you want him to be a higher level than most. Pick out a few favorites to back him up, but appreciate that Eddie is the key to everything more often than not.
  • Talismans are equally useful. They can be attached to a character, giving them some substantial benefits. Even better, you can’t lose them. They can always be removed from a character, and moved elsewhere, or even sold.

Don’t forget…


  • Log in every day. Each day, you earn a new bonus. This can be something like coins or energy. The game gives you a heads up on what’s coming up next, and it can turn pretty profitable. The bonuses stretch over 30 days.

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