Invert Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Invert is a really rather excellent puzzle game from Noodlecake Studios and Glitchnap. There are shades of Kami here, but with some extra ideas thrown in for good measure. And we thought it’d be a good idea to walk you through some tricks and tips about what the game has to offer.

We’re good to you like that here at Gamezebo. And as well as explaining to you how everything works, we’re going to throw in some hints as well. That way you’re going to be working your way through the puzzles with all the skills you need.

Don’t worry though, we’re not giving away any of the solutions. That would be too easy. But we are going to give you all the keys you need to unlock everything that the game has to offer. You don’t have to thank us, it’s all part of the service.

The Basics

Invert Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Campaign Mode – This is the first of two modes that are unlocked from the start. Here you’re playing against a move limit. You need to solve the puzzle in a set number of taps. You can tap a marker a second time to reset your move. Tap the reset button in the bottom right of the screen to reset the puzzle.
  • Challenge Mode – This is the second mode that’s unlocked at the start, and it’s basically the opposite of Campaign. Instead of playing against a move limit, here you’ve got unlimited moves. But there’s a ticking clock as well, and getting the best scores means finishing everything quickly.
  • Expert Mode – This unlocks when you’ve collected 100 stars total in Campaign and Challenge. You earn them in Campaign for completing levels. In Challenge you earn them for completing sets within a certain time limit.
  • The Stars – These also unlock new level sets in both Challenge and Campaign. If you’re stuck on a level head to the menu and you might find there are others open for you to play through.


Invert Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Get to know the campaign – This should be your first port of call. It eases you in to the mechanics of the game, and lets you figure out what the different markers do. That’ll give you the edge in Challenge.
  • Remember the moves – Often, especially in Challenge, you’ll find yourself in situations where you can repeat the same moves. Try and remember when these moves are useful so you can finish quicker.
  • Skip back – In campaign you don’t have to skip back just one move. If you realise your mistake you can move backwards through the moves you’ve already made by tapping on the markers in the same order, but backwards.


Invert Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Learn and earn – The first time you jump into challenge mode you’re not going to get the best score. But figure out the puzzles and you’ll be able to set some record times further down the line.
  • Know your shapes – Circles clear in horizontal or vertical lines, depending on the orientation of the level. Corner pieces are pretty self explanatory. Long blobs flip in the direction they face. Other shapes you can usually work out.
  • Night mode – In the settings menu you can change the game to night mode. This cuts out the colours, replacing them with just black and white. Handy if you’re colorblind or have other visual difficulties.

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