Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome Walkthrough

By Di Fox |

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Insider Tales:  Vanished in Rome.

Inspector Francesca DiPorta who previously solved The Stolen Venus theft and discovered the Secret of Casanova has a new assignment.  Follow along with her on her current adventure to discover the disappearance of the Poverelli family.  The couple won the biggest lottery Jackpot in Italian history and then mysteriously disappeared in Rome before claiming the prize money.

Strange things show up in her investigation that show some sort of connection to Leonardo da Vinci but there may be another secret beyond anything she ever expected to find.


Ø  On the Main Screen you can choose to play up to 4 profiles.

Ø  Options are sound and music levels as well as full or windowed screen.

Ø  The game has no timer and hints are unlimited but need time to refill once used.  They start fresh with each new scene.

Ø  The conversation scenes do not progress automatically so you will need to click on them to advance.

Ø  Some scenes are scrollable so items to find can be located anywhere within the scene.  I will show them as separate scenes when this is the case.

Ø  Click near the right or left borders to scroll the scenes or just move them with your cursor in whichever direction you need to go.

Ø  Some scenes will be up and down scrollable and will be noted.

Ø  Some items become more visible when you scroll.

Ø  Items on the list are the same for each scene but the order in which they are listed is random.

Ø  Items to find can be word lists or silhouettes.

Ø  Items in blue need to be revealed by another action before they become available.

Ø  Items have a tendency to return to the scene when a new task appears at the same scene.

Ø  When there is a place that requires you to do something your cursor will get an attachment of a couple of gears.

Ø  When you need to look at something to see if there is an action needed, your cursor will get an eye attached.

Ø  Some mini games do not have option to skip them because the item is needed for what you are collecting. 

Ø  Other mini games have the skip option once the skip bar is filled.


Ø  This is a scrollable scene – the rest of it can be accessed by putting your cursor at the far right so that the scene moves itself or pushing it over with your cursor.

Ø  The items in this part of the scene are marked with an orange * in the taskbar and outlined in orange in the scene.

Ø  The "globe" is a mini game that is accessed by clicking on the picture on the easel.

Ø  Swap the tiles with a tile next to it to move them around until you get the picture shown in the insert.  Once it is completed, click on the globe so that it gets crossed off the list.

Ø  The items to be found in this part of the scene are marked in red and also have a red * in the list.

Ø  The second wheel can be found in the box marked in blue – click on it to bring up the larger view shown in the insert.

Ø  Find the items shown in silhouette – there will be a total of 10 because new items will be added as you find the ones already shown.

Ø  The 4 items marked in yellow are to be found on this half of the scene.

Ø  Collect these 4 items on the left side of the scene and then scroll a little bit to the right.

Ø  I only scrolled part way to the right for this shot so you can see the plunger which would have been hidden by the motor bike.

Ø  Click on the box in blue that is shown in the insert to find the starfish.


Ø  Now that you have all the parts, put Sofia’s scooter back together for her.

Ø  The arrows point to where the parts go in the drawing – the finished scooter is shown in the insert.


Ø  It turns out that Sofia knows the lottery winners, so she takes Francesca to their house.

Ø  This scene is not scrollable – I have brightened it so that you can better see the markings.

Ø  Your cursor will turn into a viewfinder for you to take pictures to match the photos in the taskbar. 

Ø  When you match the photo with your viewfinder, click on it.

Ø  If you click too many times, your search will be temporarily interrupted.

Ø  There are a total of 10 photos to be taken.

Ø  More photos to take will be added as you take the ones previously shown.

Ø  Find the items on the list.

Ø  The firewood and matches will go into your inventory.

Ø  Place the logs in the fireplace and light them with the matches.

Ø  When the fire burns out the key will drop down from the chimney – click on it and it will go into your inventory.

Ø  Use the key on the box which will open to give you the scroll as shown in the blue insert.

Ø  The scroll as shown in the red insert is a very old drawing.


Ø  Move the stars so that they do not cross other lines and turn blue.

Ø  There is more than one solution – I have shown a couple solutions in the inserts.


Ø  Find the 12 sketches that are marked in pink.

Ø  A lot of the sketches were made by da Vinci so it appears as if the Poverellis’ recently developed quite a bit of interest in da Vinci.

Ø  Collect all the items in the taskbar.

Ø  The sprayer will go into your inventory.

Ø  Use the sprayer on the window where shown to get the combination – 6542 – for the safe under the clock.

Ø  It will open as shown in the yellow insert so you can retrieve the calendar inside which will bring up a mini game when you click on it.


Ø  Place the pictures in their proper place in the columns of the puzzle on the left so that it ends up looking like the solution on the right.

Ø  Column 1 = people – Column 2 = weapons – Column 3 = transportation – Column 4 = architecture.

Ø  The top row is the oldest in time and the rows become more modern as they progress to the bottom.

Ø  The pictures will turn darker when they are in the correct place.


Ø  This is a scrollable scene – pick up the matching color items shown in silhouette in the taskbar.

Ø  Scroll to the right and pick up the remaining 3 items.

Ø  There are 7 of the items listed in this part of the scene as indicated by the yellow *.

Ø  Click on the red item to bring up a mini game.


Ø  This is a sequence game with 3 parts:  3 chimes – 4 chimes – 5 chimes.

Ø  I have numbered them in hopes it helps – there is no exact solution because they will ring randomly

Ø  If you miss one, the same chimes will repeat so when in doubt write down the numbers.

Ø  At the end of the game the bottom will open revealing the necklace – click on it to collect it.


Ø  Pick up the 3 items marked in yellow.

Ø  To get the paperclip click on the drawer – the paper clip is shown in the red insert.


Ø  Click on the tiles in the picture shown on the left to rotate them until they look like the completed picture on the right.


Ø  Get your cursor camera ready to take pictures – I have brightened the scene so you can see what’s going on.

Ø  When you take a picture the photos will disappear and new ones will appear.

Ø  There are a total of 12 photos – these are the first 6.

Ø  These are the remaining 6 photos.

Ø  In this scene you must return the items in the taskbar to where they belong.

Ø  They are color-coded to show their correct locations.

Ø  Click on the chest marked in peach in the lower edge of the scene to bring up a mini game.


Part 1

Ø  Your goal is to get the red bar with the jewelry piece out the exit.

Ø  Move the bars as shown above as far as you can in the free space.

Ø  Move the bars as shown above as far as you can.

Ø  Move bar 1 all the way down to clear the path for the red bar.

Part 2

Ø  Follow the numbers to make a clear path for the red bar.

Ø  Move the bars as far as you can in the space that becomes free.

Part 3

Ø  Follow the numbers and move the blocks as far as they will move at the time.

Ø  When you move the red block out the exit you will receive the other part (shown in the inserts) that fits on the necklace you found earlier.


Ø  Collect the pink items on the list.

Ø  Click on the green outline on the wall to bring up a puzzle mini game to get the mask.

Ø  Use the tassel in your inventory on the curtain to get a mini game to collect the castle which is shown in the lower blue insert.


Ø  Swap each tile in the puzzle on the left with another tile right next to it until the puzzle looks like the solution on the right.

Ø  When you complete the mask click on it to collect it.


Ø  Place the pieces on the outside in the center so that it looks like the solution outlined in yellow.

Ø  The castle will appear on the board when you are finished – click on it to finish the game.

Ø  Find the 6 clocks and the 5 pairs of glasses.

Ø  The clocks are marked in green and the glasses in blue.


Ø  The items in yellow are marked with a yellow * in the list.

Ø  Nameplate is the "No Smoking" sign in the upper left corner.

Ø  The key and the wrench will go into your inventory.

Ø  Use the key on the lock on the door, which will then open.

Ø  Check the fuse box and your cursor will get an eye attachment.

Ø  Pick up the wrench and place it on the box and it will undo the door as shown in the upper right insert.

Ø  Once the door is off you will be presented with a mini game as shown in the lower left insert.


Ø  This is one solution to the game because the circuits are random.

Ø  The object is to make all the connections turn red – click on them to turn them.

Ø  When you have fixed the circuit the lights will go on in the adjacent room.

Ø  The scene has now become scrollable in an up and down manner.

Ø  Go into the room to find the rest of the items on your list.

Ø  Once you have found the rest of the items you will be taken back to the outer room and given shapes of items to find.

Ø  Scroll back through the door to the inner room and find the silhouette on the taskbar.

Ø  The items in the scene are marked with matching colors in the taskbar.

Ø  Scroll back out to find the remaining items matched up above.

Ø  You have found a notebook with a recent entry of a house in the countryside.


Ø  Signor Biagiotti asks Francesca to fix the lights at the Coliseum – see the insert.

Ø  Click on each tile to rotate it so that you get the above solution and the lights will come on.


When Francesca sees the house she declares it is a nice old house and wishes she had one with her Antonio so I guess we will have to assume there was a happy ending to the Casanova tale.

*       Find the 9 differences in the two scenes.

*       There is only 1 cursor so you need to click on the actual object that shouldn’t be there on its side of the scene.


*       You need to use all of the elements you have so place the ladder at the attic door.

*       Then use the lock pick on the door to bring up a mini game.


Ø  Use the pick to unlock the lock.

Ø  The solution is random but I’ve numbered the bars to help you write down what order works for your game.

Ø  Once the attic doors open, go inside.


Ø  Get your camera cursor ready to take the first set of color-coded pictures in the attic – the scene shot has been brightened.

Ø  Finish up the rest of the photos of the attic which are also brightened and color-coded.

*       This is now a scrollable scene – move to the right side of the scene first and collect the items indicated in red.

*       Click on the blue spot to bring up a mini game to get the key.


*       Match the sets of keys that are alike as numbered.

*       The unnumbered key that is marked is the one you are looking for.

*       Go back to the left side of the scene and collect the items marked in red.

*       Use the key on the box marked in blue to get the broken record which will go into your inventory.

*       Place the broken record on the gramophone to bring up a mini game to repair the record.

*       When the record is repaired you will be sent the note which is circled in blue.


*       This is a puzzle game to put the record back together so it can play as shown in the insert.

*       In this puzzle the pieces don’t turn but the turntable does using the buttons circled in red.

*       Move the turntable around until all your pieces fit.

*       Click on the note to finish the scene.

*       At the end of this scene Francesca meets the Poverelli family.

*       The is a scrollable scene that moves up and down from this inside shot to the next one, which is outside.

*       Collect the items marked in yellow that have the yellow * and then scroll outside.

*       Collect the rest of the items marked in yellow.

*       Before Francesca and the Poverelli family can leave you will have to help replace the items shown. 

*       The items are color-coded as to where they belong – scroll outside.

*       Replace the rest of the items outdoors – they are also color-coded.

*       You find a key to the storage room so need to grab a few things to take along.


*       Pick up the 5 Bolts marked in red and 14 Tools marked in yellow.

*       Collect the items on the list.

*       Click on the Portrait on the right wall to bring up a mini game.

*       When the portrait is completed place the weight, which will go into your inventory, on the hook in the upper left corner and it will drop down a canister which is a gasoline can.


*       You will be presented with a puzzle that looks like the insert.

*       Rotate the circles until they look like the above picture of Leonardo da Vinci.

*       When you have the circle in the correct place it will darken and you won’t be able to move it again.

*       Since you found the gasoline can, you can all now leave the country house.  It turns out that Leonardo’s picture is an encoded map that represents the surrounding of Rome.  It points to the old church at Ponte Calgaro.


*       You will receive the parts randomly.  In case you want to try it on your own, I saved a bunch of parts that were given to me and show them above.

*       Once you place a part, you will get another part.  If you don’t use it and put it on the sidelines and use the next selection, you will get another part.

*       The road blocks are always the same but there is more than one solution to get to the destination.

*       This is another solution I used.

*       Once you get to the destination, Luca doesn’t want to help anymore because he is afraid, so he leaves you on your own.  He does not want any more temptations, or to endanger Gia.


*       Find all 12 numbers that are marked.

*       When you have all the numbers, click on one of the figures to bring up the next scene which is a find the differences.

*       Again, there is only one cursor for two pictures so you need to click on the item that should not be there.

*       There are 12 items to find – 6 in each picture.

*       Once you have identified the differences, the floor will open revealing a bunch of gears.

*       It will then morph into the gear shown in the insert and Francesca decides she needs to find a key for the machine.

*       Place all the items where they belong in the scene.  They are color-coded to show where they belong.

*       Francesca wants to check behind the far door so gather all the items she wants before she goes there.

*       The flacon is the perfume sprayer bottle up on the beam on top of the plane tool.


*       There are 11 crystals with 9 mirrors that need to be arranged so that all the crystals turn blue.

*       The placement of the crystals isn’t random nor is the number and configuration of the mirrors.

*       In case you want to try this on your own, I’ve arranged the mirrors according to what they do.

*       The mirrors on the left side point down – 2 left and 3 right.

*       The mirrors on the right side point up – 1 left and 3 right.

*       None of the mirrors can be directed diagonally and they snap to the grids, except for one.

*       As mentioned above, there is only one mirror that doesn’t snap to grid so please note its placement – it is one that faces left and up.

*       I have no clue if there is more than one solution because one was enough for me not to want to search for another but if you find another, please let me know in forum.

*       You have now found a drawing that shows the downstairs moat can be filled with water if the fountain at the entrance is in working order.

*       Take pictures of the fountain and surroundings.

*       I have brightened the scene for you so you can see the shots better.

*       There will be a total of 12 photos – 6 here which are color-coded.

*       This scene shot is also brightened so you can see the other 6 pictures to take.

*       These photos are color-coded as well.

*       Match the color-coded silhouettes to the scene objects.

*       Collect the rest of the color-coded silhouettes.

*       Use the key to open the lock – click on the water connection shown in the insert to bring up the mini game.


*       The parts in the picture on the left are numbered to show you where they go.

*       Be sure to put 4 where it belongs before you insert 9.

*       The insert on the right shows how it will look once it is assembled.

*       When all the parts from the mini game are in place the water will start to fill up the moat downstairs.

*       Collect all the items on the list.

*       Francesca decides she must get inside the safe so you need to find the 13 gas torches to help her. 

*       Use the torch on the safe to retrieve the contents – you have discovered a key to activate the machine in the main hall.

*       Click on the center gear as show with the eye attachment to your cursor and the insert will appear.

*       Place the key which will then be in your taskbar into its place in the gear and the gears will start moving.

*       They will sink into the center hole.

*       What rises from the hole is the above plate with the top in the center showing a Leonardo da Vinci drawing.

*       Suddenly the top pops off and a blue sphere rises from the center.

*       Poverelli declares this is the model for Luca Pacioli’s illustration "Divine Proportion" and that the book is 500 years old so that Leonardo da Vinci actually designed and built it.



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