Insider Tales: The Secret of Casanova Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Insider Tales: The Secret of Casanova.

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Insider Tales: The Secret of Casanova.

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt was born on April 2, 1725 and died June 4, 1798.  His home was Venice, Italy when he wasn’t venturing throughout Europe.

In The Secret of Casanova, successor to The Stolen Venus, Italian Inspector Francesca Di Porta is off on her own adventure in an effort to unlock the secrets of the man who was called the world’s greatest lover of all times. 

While investigating Casanova’s professed life-long passions of Love, Music, Gambling and Alchemy, Francesca travels to Vienna, Paris, Prague, and Venice.

If you only want general help, keep reading until you get to the Introduction because that is when the real spoiler starts.


  • There are actually 6 sections within the game and several levels within each section or location. If you quit in the middle of a level, you will have to start the level over again.
  • The game does not have a timer and Hints are unlimited but you have to wait for the Hint Button to fill up again once used.
  • When there is something you need to inspect in a scene, your cursor will get an "eye" attachment as shown in the second shot below.
  • If you pick up an object from the collection tray next to the hint button and drag it into the scene, your cursor will get an attachment of "gears" as you get to where to use it.
  • When you are suppose to take something to use, your cursor will get a "hand" attachment as you get closer to the item.
  • When it is time for you to move to a new location, sparkles will appear in the area you should follow and when you get close, your cursor will get a set of footprints as an attachment.
  • If you get seriously stuck, move your cursor around the screen to see what helper attaches itself to the cursor to tell you what to do next or you can also ask "Hint". Or, you can always continue with this walkthrough and it will tell you what to do next.



Francesca receives a phone call from Professor Manini asking her to come over as soon as possible because he needs her help regarding an important relic he uncovered while excavating in Tuscany.  When she arrives, the professor is gone so the investigation begins.

  • Find the 11 items listed. The list scrolls so I haven’t shown it.
  • You are directed to find out about the blue book in the cabinet so click on it and you learn you need a key to open the cabinet.
  • Click on the painting on the wall for a puzzle mini game that will give you the key when solved.
  • For this puzzle, left click on the pieces to rotate them. The solution is shown in the insert.
  • When you open the cabinet and click on the blue book, it will fly off revealing a piece of paper which is a note from the professor.
  • In the note he talks about "time" so you need to pay attention to the time shown on the clock which is 10:25.
  • Click on the safe and change the numbers to 1025 to open it.
  • Inside the safe you will find a diary. Click on it and it will show you to put a bulb in the lamp to find the key to open the diary.
  • Exit out of the insert.
  • The light bulb is in the safe where you found the diary.
  • Place the bulb in the lamp and take the key.
  • Open the diary…….inside you will find a mini game.
  • The message on the left page is telling you how to put the pages on the right in the correct order. This is the solution.
  • You have unlocked Casanova’s heart and are ready to embark upon your journey.
  • Giacomo Casanova’s heart was broken into 4 pieces representing his passions. The heart which appears will open and break into 4 pieces with one piece sent to each city.
  • You will now visit Vienna, Paris, Prague and Venice. I will follow that order but you can choose to visit the cities in any order you wish.
  • Your mission is to find each of the 4 broken heart pieces and restore Casanova’s heart as once again whole.



In Casanova’s time, Vienna was thought of as the city of music so that is the theme of this segment where you will visit the opera house in search of Casanova’s sheet music. 

  • You need to find the 16 musical symbols that are marked.
  • The computer has the information you are looking for but it needs power. Take the key from the bookcase to open the fuse box.
  • The lever is missing so pick it up off the floor and place it in the box.
  • Pull the lever down to turn it on.
  • The computer is password protected so you need the numbers to enter on the screen.
  • The note to the left of the computer screen tells you to check shelf B4 for the password. Exit the insert.
  • Click on the green books on the B4 shelf. You will find a special magnifying glass that will allow you to see invisible numbers around the room.
  • Place the magnifying glass where the 5 blue circles are marked to find the numbers you need.
  • Click on the computer and enter the password 41725.
  • Click on the green check mark and you will be told to go to shelf A1. Click on the computer to exit the insert.
  • Click on the green book that is sticking out on A1 and it will open on the table revealing a piece of the sheet music…….take it.
  • You have been told you might find more pieces of music backstage.
  • Follow the sparkles at the open door and your cursor will get footprints.
  • There is sheet music scattered everywhere backstage. Pick up the 14 visible pieces.
  • Part of the room is dark so pick up the light bulb marked in magenta and place it in the light.
  • There is a piece of the music on top of the piano but when you pick it up, it will fly down to the floor and get stuck under the chest.
  • Pick up 3 more sand bags in the room and place them next to the other sand bag on the pulley to lift the chest.
  • The piece of music under the chest floats out and into the fish bowl when the chest lifts up.
  • There is a piranha in the fish bowl so you have to get him out before you can grab the piece of music.
  • Collect the glass jar at the left and the fish net near the piano.
  • Fill the jar with water from the fish bowl.
  • Use the fish net to grab the fish and put him in the jar so you can get the music piece.
  • You have found all the pieces of music which will assemble into a sheet of music.
  • Place it on the piano and click on it to access a repeat the sequence mini game.
  • The keys aren’t marked so I have marked them for you to make it easier to follow the sequences.
  • The sequences are as follows:

Sequence 1:  6 – 7 – 5 – 6

Sequence 2:  5 – 3 – 4 – 3 – 5

Sequence 3:  5 – 6 – 7 – 6 – 7 – 5

Sequence 4:  3 – 3 – 6 – 3 – 2 – 3 – 4


  • At the completion of the mini game a hidden passage opens……click on the sparkles and follow the footprints.

  • The room is completely dark but your cursor turns into a spot light.
  • You need to find 6 moons, 6 stars and 6 suns on the curtain.
  • This is what the curtain would look like if it was fully lighted……what you need to find is marked.
  • When you’ve located all the items, the curtain will rise on a secret stage.
  • Find the 11 articles listed.
  • Find 16 articles necessary to dress the mannequins and place the items on the mannequins.
  • Find the 6 musical instruments.
  • Place the musical instruments in their outlined places.
  • Take the first piece of the heart.
  • The first piece of the heart is restored so it is time to travel to a new location.



Paris was considered the city of light, royal intrigue, gentlemen of fame and fortune and breath-taking views where Casanova enjoyed gambling in what he called the house of sin.

  • Francesca has an encounter with the casino guard who wants her to get him breakfast so you will need to find all the breakfast items.
  • Once you have gathered all the items, you will need to assemble the breakfast… on front left table and you will be presented with a mini game showing an outline of the items.
  • Put breakfast together so it looks like the picture above.
  • The guard takes the breakfast but still won’t let Francesca into the casino.
  • He dropped his card so pick up the card.
  • Click on it and it will go to the table with the cell phone.
  • Click on the cell phone and card.
  • You now have a way to contact the guard to lure him away from the casino but first you need to repair the cell phone.
  • Collect all the buttons and put them back into the phone.
  • Click on the Paris Guide and it will move over so you can see the number on the card…….dial 2565430 and press the call button.
  • Francesca successfully got rid of Jacque but the gate is locked so you will need to find 11 paperclips to help open it.
  • Once you have collected all of them, follow the sparkles to open the gate.
  • A mini game of tumblers will appear.
  • To open the gate you will need to press the tumblers in the following order: 4 – 2 – 1 – 5 – 3
  • Follow the sparkles to the backyard.
  • You have successfully helped Francesca get to the backyard but she tore her purse and now the contents are scattered all over.
  • Gather up the 12 items for her purse.
  • If you follow the sparkles, you discover the door is locked but the window above is open.
  • The trash bin looks useful to get to the balcony but it’s missing a wheel. Take the wheel from the door and place it on the bin.
  • You need to oil the wheel so take the oil can on the bird bath. Oil the wheel and give the trash bin a push.
  • The trash bin isn’t tall enough so you need to find 8 ladder pieces.
  • Once the ladder is assembled, follow the sparkles and footprints through the window.
  • Francesca is wondering how the casino has changed since Casanova’s time… her find 11 differences.
  • Casanova wrote in his diary that the cards hold many of his secrets so find 15 playing cards in the room.
  • Find the matching pairs of cards. They do not have to be on top in order to match them.
  • The back of the last card in the matching game gave Francesca the idea to locate all the poker chips in order to place a bet.
  • Find 2 each of the poker chips in blue, yellow, orange, and green.
  • Click on the desk at the far left…..find the key to open it.
  • Once the desk is open, check the door and drawers for 4 chips….one of each color.
  • Click on the gaming table to bring up a mini game.
  • Only one of each color of chip can be on the board at the same time. The solution to the mini game is shown above.
  • The doors will now open so follow the sparkles.
  • You have entered Casanova secret sanctuary where you will find a set of books.
  • Swap the books so that they spell Casanova as shown in the insert.
  • The center panel opens to reveal four symbols. The other four panels each get a set of four recessed symbols as well.
  • Click on the center set of symbols until they match the ones in the lower right panel.
  • The correct combination will open the right door and reveal the next piece of the heart. Take it.
  • You are now ready to move on to another location.



Prague is the capital of the present-day Czech Republic.  It has been the political, cultural, and economic centre of the Czech state for more than 1100 years. 

During Casanova’s time, it was part of the Hapsburg (or Habsburg) Empire and was experiencing great economic growth after suffering greatly from a devastating fire and a siege with the plague.  It is referred to as mysterious and is an important center for research so you are following a path of scientific knowledge to find an "altar of science".

  • Help find all the tools for the worker.
  • Find the 13 angels.
  • The 13th angel is in the crate so pick up the hammer at the left side of the screen to break open the crate.
  • You have now found all the angels so follow the sparkles through the archway.
  • You will get a mini game where you need to make all the angel wings stand up.
  • I numbered the wings so click on them in this order: 2 – 4 – 6.
  • Find all the items on the list.
  • Find all the parts of the telescope so you can assemble it.
  • Assemble the telescope.
  • You will now be presented with a mini game where you need to figure out how to lower the lights.
  • Since the bottom light is orange, you need to lower the red and yellow lenses and then push the red button.
  • When you push the red button, the laser from the telescope will send a flash of light through the lens to the orange light and the lights will lower.
  • Repeat the same process on the second light which is green.
  • Place the blue and yellow lenses on the bottom and press the red button. The laser will flash through and hit the green light.
  • The top light is purple so put the blue and red lenses in front of the beam and press the button.
  • Once you finish the last sequence, the telescope is ready to be beamed on the window.
  • But the beam doesn’t work because the window is dirty.
  • Take the rag that is marked and use it on the window.
  • Click on the clean window to play a puzzle mini game.
  • Left click on each piece to rotate it until the window looks like the solution in the insert.
  • The lights beam through the square and focus on the gate.
  • Clink on the place where the light rays hit the gate and bring up a mini game.
  • Click on the symbols in the order numbered in the solution insert.
  • The gate will open so go through it.
  • You are in a dark room but you have a lighter so use it on the lamp.
  • Click on the chest and you will see 8 symbols you will need to find in order to open the chest. Exit the insert.
  • Find the symbols and once again click on the chest to place them in their proper place.
  • Click on the open chest to get a closer look so you can find 12 pieces of blue glass.
  • You will have to move 3 items to locate the pieces that aren’t visible.
  • Once you find all the pieces, you will get a mini game puzzle to put them back together.
  • The solution to the puzzle is in the insert.
  • What you have found is Casanova’s "All Seeing" eye.
  • Use the lens on the room to find the 13 zodiac signs.
  • The zodiac signs merge to produce a secret key which is a formula to get you the heart piece.
  • Mix a special potion.
  • Use the potion on the dying plant in the pot and it will grow magical flowers.
  • Pick the flowers and cook them.
  • The result will be another portion of Casanova’s heart.
  • Click on the flask on the table to begin the first step to mix the magic potion.
  • The first color is purple so pick up the eyedropper and put a drop each of red and blue in the bottle.
  • The second color is orange so put a drop of both the red and yellow in the bottle.
  • The third color is green so you will need a drop of yellow and blue.
  • Now you need to make the final potion so put a drop of each of the 3 colors you have mixed into the bottle.
  • The potion will mix itself up and be ready to use.
  • Pour the potion in the pot next to the chest and it will grow magical flowers.
  • Pick the 13 flowers and place them in the pot above the fireplace.
  • Gather the 5 pieces of firewood and put them in the fire.
  • The fumes from the large pot will transfer to the smaller pot to the right.
  • One more piece of Casanova’s heart appears…..take it.
  • You have now recovered 3 pieces of the heart and are ready to move on to another location.



Casanova was born in the portion of Venice which later became Bohemia and part of the Czech Republic.  He was permitted to return to Venice in 1774 after eighteen years of exile.

  • Francesca notices a statue that looks like the one in Casanova’s diary but it is dirty and needs cleaning.
  • Find 16 brushes in hopes that one of them will be strong enough to clean the statue.
  • You found a brush that will work so clean the 5 dirty places.
  • Casanova said that the statue would show the way to the next piece of the heart amulet but it need to be decorated in a certain way.
  • The 7 differences in the pictures show you that you will need a tiara, 3 orange flowers, and a pair of pruning shears.
  • If the picture looks slightly different to you, it is because I altered the sizes to give you a larger shot.
  • First stop is the jewelry store – find all the objects listed.
  • Investigate the pieces of paper on the table… will bring up a mini game.
  • Swap the strips of paper to make them look like the screen shot.
  • It’s a picture of the tiara Francesca is looking for.
  • The jeweler agrees to give Francesca the tiara he has if she will put his purchased items on display.
  • Click on the sparkling box.
  • Collect the 6 items listed and close the box.
  • Some items will become visible when you pick up other items.
  • Place the items where they belong.
  • The jeweler tells Francesca that the key for the display cabinet is in the small white cabinet next to it.
  • Click on the cabinet. When it opens and you take the key, it falls into the vent below so you are now faced with the dilemma of getting it out.
  • You will need to find 8 pieces of rope and a magnet.
  • Collect the first piece of rope shown in the insert and close the insert.
  • Click on the box to get the magnet and another piece of rope.
  • Collect the other 6 piece from around the room.
  • You now have a magnet on a rope.
  • Use the magnet on the vent and take the key.
  • Open the display case with the key and take the tiara.
  • Francesca went back to the statue to place the tiara and found the place overrun with birds.
  • Since she doesn’t want to clean the statue again, she needs your help getting rid of the birds. Match 15 pair.
  • Place the tiara on the statue.
  • You are now off to the flower shop to get the rest of what you need to adorn the statue.
  • Help the florist find the 6 balloons.
  • Repair the air tank so you can blow up the balloons.
  • Click on the tank and then pick up the nozzle hose and place it on the tank.
  • The hose has a hole so get the tape and repair it.
  • Fill the balloons with air.
  • Francesca asks the florist about orange flowers and he suggests she can grow them since he doesn’t have any.
  • Pick up the seeds and place them in the pots on the table to the left.
  • They will need to be watered so pick up the watering can, the nozzle and the water bucket and they will assemble themselves.
  • Use the full watering can to water the pots and watch the flowers grow.
  • Next you will need to find something to clip the plants by the statue.
  • The clipper seems to be in two parts, one on the top shelf to the right and the other in the bird cage.
  • Grab the one off the shelf.
  • The bird cage is locked so get the key to the right of the planter and open the cage.
  • Polly wants a cracker so grab the box off the shelf and give him a cracker.
  • Take the other clipper part.
  • Cut the flowers.
  • Place the flowers on the statue and prune the plants to make the statue look like Casanova’s drawing.
  • The statue will disappear revealing a niche in the wall.
  • Click on the niche to reveal a mini game.
  • Place all the hearts in the squares so that the numbers light up green.
  • The solution is above.
  • You have found the final piece of Casanova’s heart.
  • Take the amulet piece.
  • You have completed your journey or have you?
  • The back of the amulet says Terracina…..what does that mean?



The amulet leads Francesca to the village of Terracina southeast of Rome on the western coast of Italy overlooking the Tirreno Sea.

  • Find the 15 objects listed while Francesca has a look around the grounds of the quaint cottage.
  • Follow the sparkles, but Francesca is mistaken, the door isn’t open so you need to find the key.
  • Use the key and the door opens so follow the sparkles and the footprints to enter the cottage.
  • Find the 18 objects on the list.
  • When you investigate where the portrait was located above the fireplace, you discover that Casanova’s heart fits there perfectly.
  • When you place the heart, it reveals itself to be the Casanova family crest.
  • A secret compartment opens…..take the 3 items.
  • The sealed paper gets larger so click on it…..when it opens up it is blank.
  • The blank letter floats to the table.
  • Click on the rose picture on the wall next to the window.
  • The inscription says that the rose essence will reveal the truth so spray the perfume on the rose.
  • A wall of portraits appears. There is a missing portrait so place Casanova’s picture there.
  • A mini game will appear for you to rearrange the portraits.
  • Once you correctly arrange the portraits to look like the solution above, Casanova’s portrait will appear in its proper place.
  • Francesca is surprised to find out that Casanova had a family.
  • The light forces in the room are directed toward the once blank letter.
  • When the lights are finished, click on the letter.
  • Casanova’s secret is revealed.
  • The occupant of the cottage appears. His name is Antonio and he is the great, great, great grandson of Casanova.
  • He suggests they should keep Casanova’s secret and offers to show Francesca around the countryside.