Inside Out Thought Bubbles Tips, Cheats and Strategies

While Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a game that is clearly made for kids, it can still be pretty challenging. With landing trick shots, brain-bending strategic thinking, and a dash of luck, players have their work cut out for them if they seek to get the maximum number of stars available in each level.

With these Inside Out Thought Bubbles tips, cheats and strategies, players will be very prepared to go into the game with their best foot forward. Or, if you’re a parent, these tips will help you get through some of the levels your kids are having a bit of trouble with.

Up, Down, All Around

Inside Out Thought Bubbles tips cheats strategies
dotted line added to show path

You might figure this one out eventually, but let me save you some time: you can bounce your shots off of the ceiling of the level. This allows the player to basically be able to hit targets on the complete other side of a cluster of bubbles. Bounce a shot up against a wall, have it hit the ceiling and bounce back down. It may take a shot or two to get the trajectories down, but it’s a really useful trick to getting rid of some bubbles that you’d otherwise be unable to hit. Especially when you’re down to your last few shots.

Let It Go

Inside Out Thought Bubbles tips cheats strategies

Some of the bubbles are clustered together in frozen chunks. These will need to be cleared out for the level to progress. These frozen clusters hold up any other colors they are stacked with, making them an impassable obstacle.

By playing as Joy (the yellow character) you can use her special ability to blast away the frozen bits, making your path through the level much easier. Just make sure to aim well — you don’t want your special ability going to waste. You can experiment with the other characters to see which option you prefer, but I liked utilizing the yellow blast ability the best. It got the job done just fine.

Always try to use Joy to wipe out the bubbles that are frozen in place. The cold never bothered her anyway.

Low Hanging Fruit

Inside Out Thought Bubbles tips cheats strategies
by eliminating the purple strand, all that are attached below it will fall as well

The more targets you have on screen, the better the chances that you’ll be able to eliminate a cluster with whatever colored shot you have ready to go. The screen only moves up when there are no more bubbles below about the half-way mark in the play field.

By clearing out the lowest clusters, you can get the camera to scoot up the screen a bit more, possibly exposing a better target that may not have been visible previously.

Obviously if you can cut off a cluster at its base, go for that, but until you can pull that off, it’s best to just eliminate what you can to get the camera to pan higher up.

Plan Ahead

Inside Out Thought Bubbles tips cheats strategies
I see purple is my next shot, so if I use this blue shot to clear those blue bubbles, I’ll be ready to hit the purple ones behind them.

This is perhaps the best advice I can give you about Inside Out Thought Bubbles: take your time.

You don’t have to shoot the color you’re given each turn, an alternate color is always available (unless you’re using the power-up that gives you additional colors to pick from), so always weigh your options before you take the shot.

Consider what will be open if you clear out one cluster instead of the other. Will it open access to a cluster that matches what your next shot is going to be? Or will it give you access to an objective? Don’t just blindly fire away, you’ll get nowhere fast if you play the game like that.

Look, think, aim, shoot. And then hopefully win.

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