Infinite Magicraid Reroll – Step-by-Step Guide


Just started Infinite Magicraid and didn’t get the character you wanted from your first pull? That’s exactly what our Infinite Magicraid reroll guide is here for. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the exact steps to performing your first pull. Then, if you don’t get the character you want, we’ll talk you through how to perform a reroll. Naturally, you can then perform these steps over and over until you get a decent pull. That’s, effectively, how rerolling works.

If you’re not sure what the game is, it’s the latest gacha to hit the mobile app stores. The focus here is on visual prowess, with graphics that are up there with Age of Magic in quality. With over 200 warriors to collect, plenty of 5v5 battles to plough through, and idle rewards, it’s ideal for fans of the genre.

We recommend checking out our Infinite Magicraid tier list too, and keeping it handy while you perform the steps in this guide. You can also get some additional pulls from our Infinite Magicraid codes guide. Check out our Among Gods tier list, Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice tier list, and Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas tier list. You can also learn more about the game on the official site.

Infinite Magicraid Reroll Guide

Now, let’s take a look at the steps on how to perform an Infinite Magicraid reroll.

What Is Rerolling?

Rerolling is an action that many gacha gamers use to help them get one of the best characters from their initial pull. It involves starting the game again numerous times until you get the character that you want when summoning.

Why Should I Reroll?

The main advantage of rerolling is to get the best character, or characters, right at the beginning of the game to give you an early advantage. Get a decent Legendary, for example, and it could carry you through the entire game.

Another advantage is to save loads of money you’d otherwise spend on rerolling. This is an easy and effective method to get hundreds of rerolls that you’d have to pay for otherwise.

When Should I Reroll?

So the first question is: when should you perform your first pull? We believe that the definite best option is to clear chapter three.

Why three? Well, you get five Excellent Runes from beating chapter one, 21 Excellent Runes from pre-registration rewards, then beating Chapter three gets you 13 more. Join the Discord, and you get two more, giving you 41 Excellent Runes.

That allows you to perform four 10x Excellent pulls, which gives you a solid chance of scoring a legendary.

Now, we haven’t tested this, but joining the Discord might be a one-time gift, but if that’s the case you can just get the weekly free pack to get that extra Excellent Rune you need to do a 4x pull.

So, basically, beat chapter three before rerolling.

Performing Your First Pull

As we mentioned above, you need to beat the first chapter to perform your first pull, though we recommend sticking around to chapter three as that will allow you to perform 10x Excellent pulls.

Once you’ve done this, perform these steps:

  • Get your chapter, pre-registration, Discord, and Weekly Pack rewards to get over 40 Excellent Runes
  • Head to the Main City
  • Tap on ‘Wish’
  • Poke ‘Excellent Wish’
  • Perform four 10x pulls

If you got the hero you wanted, congrats! You’re done. If not, move onto the next step to perform a reroll.

How to Perform an Infinite Magicraid Reroll

Didn’t get the character you wanted? That’s a shame. Fortunately, you’re just a reroll or few away from it though, and rerolling is super easy in Infinite Magicraid. Here’s how to do it:

  • Tap on your player avatar (top left)
  • Hit ‘settings’
  • Select a server that you haven’t played on yet
  • Rinse and repeat

There are a finite number of servers, so if you don’t quite get the hero you want, you’ll have to sign up again with a whole new account.

The benefit of this system though, is that you maintain your progress on each server. So, if you perform all of your pulls and don’t get who you want but do get a Legendary, you can just switch back to that server and carry on playing.

Do make a note of the heroes you unlock on each server though, to make your life easier.

But that’s going to do it for our Infinite Magicraid reroll guide. Make sure to grab the game via the links at the top of this page, check out our related guides on paragraph three, and bookmark this page in case you forget any of the steps.

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