Infinite Galaxy Strategy Guide – Get Started With These Amazing Hints, Tips and Tricks


Infinite Galaxy is a massive, awesome game of space exploration that sees you flying through the universe to try and stake your claim. You’re fighting other players, NPCs, mining, growing, building, researching and more. Basically there’s a lot to take in. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed though, but we’d hate for you to stop playing.

Which is where this beginner guide comes in. It gives you some hints, tips and tricks that are going to come in super handy when you’re getting started. Infinite Galaxy is a brilliant experience that’s packed full of content, but we’ve broken down what your focus should be when you’re getting started.

Expanding your empire out into space has never been the easiest venture, but we hope that this beginner’s guide for Infinite Galaxy is going to make the process go smoothly. So get ready to send out your fleets, discover new corners of the cosmos and make some new friends.

Gather resources

One of the key parts of Infinite Galaxy is gathering resources, and this should absolutely be your focus from the start of the game. The more you gather, the more you’ll be able to build and the stronger you’ll be able to become. Send out your scout ships as far and wide as you can to gain an advantage. Different types of space objects offer different resources, so make sure you’re not just mining one kind, otherwise you’ll find yourself short when it’s time to build or research new tech and buildings.

Join an alliance

It’s important to team up with other players to get the most out of Infinite Galaxy. Not only will this make you stronger, it’ll make the game more fun as well. Choose your alliance carefully by checking their requirements and remember to contribute ships to strengthen other player’s spaceports when they ask. You’re far more likely to conquer the depths of space with other people by your side.

Research and building are key

Research and building are super important in Infinite Galaxy. They let you open up new technologies and build more ships. The quicker you can do these things, the better, so prioritize adding new builder queues and levelling up your research capabilities. You’ll want to upgrade your core modules to get your speed up. Research and building can strengthen every part of your spaceport, from your fleet to your defenses, so make sure you’re doing it as often as you can.

Know your ships

There are three different kinds of warships you can add to your fleet – Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers. Ostensibly Cruisers have the edge over Destroyers, Destroyers have the edge over Frigates and Frigates have the edge over Cruisers. It’s only a small advantage though, so focus on building Cruisers – these are probably the best ships in the game.

Teleport when you can

Researching teleportation technology can come in really handy. Your starting location might not be perfect and once you’ve joined an alliance you might find yourself pretty isolated from the rest of your team. This is where teleportation comes in. It’s not cheap, but it can change your situation in some pretty dramatic ways.

Check out Infinite Galaxy for yourself by clicking here.

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