Immortal Odyssey Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Immortal Odyssey is a MMORPG from Gameloft. In this game, you wander through a China-inspired fantasy world and beat up monsters and spirits for money and magic items. Gamezebo’s Immortal Odyssey tips, cheats and strategies will help you start your Eastern journey on the right foot.

Immortal Odyssey Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Use the “Route” button to easily travel from one task to the next – If you’re ever unsure of your next task in Immortal Odyssey, use the “Route” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You’ll automatically sail to your next destination. Note that the Route button only keeps you within quests dealing with the main story. Sub-quests have individual Route options within the asker’s dialogue menu.
  • Check for gifts every time the counter at the top of the screen runs down – Note the Gift icon at the top of the screen. When it counts down to zero, you get a free prize. You also get prizes for levelling up, so check in whenever a red dot appears next to the gift box icon!
  • Draw from the supreme lottery for free every couple of days – You can draw from the supreme lottery for free every couple of days. This is a good way to score valuable allies, so don’t miss the opportunity to score.
  • Perform daily quests for summoning resources – One of the best ways to earn summoning resources is to take on daily quests. These are archived under the “Daily Quests” icon at the top of the screen. Don’t forget to collect your earnings.

immortal odyssey tips cheats strategies

  • Many side quests are major energy sinks – Many of the non-player characters in Immortal Odyssey offer side quests, but some of those quests (especially ones that revolve around item collecting) force you to visit the same levels over and over, which really eats up your energy stores. Before engaging in a side quest, evaluate whether or not the reward is worth the effort.
  • Keep your distance from enemies, then move in when their back is turned – On the battlefield, don’t approach an enemy if it’s facing you. Wait a few seconds. When it turns around, rush up to it and score a pre-emptive hit.
  • Check the merchants’ shops often; their stock refreshes several times a day – Town merchants sell some valuable materials that can spare you the energy and effort necessary for farming. Take a look at their wares several times a day, as the stock changes every few hours.
  • Remember to upgrade your weapons and armor – Your weapons and armor are your lifeline! Remember to upgrade them using heat runes. Selectthe item from your equip / storage sub-menu and select “Upgrade.”

immortal odyssey tips cheats strategies

  • But don’t sink too much heat into cheap stuff – Don’t go nuts throwing heat runes at three-star equipment, however. It shouldn’t take you too long to find or earn a sword that’s four stars or better, which is a bit more worthy of your attention.
  • Equip your allies with your old weapons and armor – You can melt down old equipment to make heat runes, but you can also outfit your allies with your cast-offs. Make sure they’re equipped before you melt down your extras.
  • Put your resources into allies with more than three stars – Early in the game, you should acquire items like sacred dates and ginseng, which gives your allies massive experience boosts. It’s best to save these for allies that bear four stars or more, as allies that are three stars or less reach their max potential pretty early on.

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