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Game Introduction – Idle Worship

Welcome to the quick start guide for Idle Worship. Create life, guide them spiritually and bless your followers. Or, you can always curse them and drop them in a volcano. It’s all up to you when you play god in Idle Worship.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Idle Worship

Navigating the Screen

Idle Worship

  • At the top left of your screen you will find your current influence level, the number of mudlings on your island, and your current amounts of fish, wood and stone.

Idle Worship

  • At the top right of the screen you will find the games newsfeed and your prayers.

Idle Worship

  • On the left side of the screen you will find (in descending order) the game leaderboard, player search, zoom, island view, and all players in your region.

Idle Worship

  • At the bottom left of the screen you will find your followers, gold balance, token balance, energy, and current level and experience.

Idle Worship

  • At the bottom right of the screen you will find the power shop and your power shortcut bar.


  • Gold: Gold is the currency in Idle Worship. Gold is used to purchase new powers and purchase new buildings for your islands.

  • Tokens: Tokens are the premium currency in Idle Worship. Tokens are used to purchase premium items and can also be used to speed up build times. Tokens can be purchased using cash or earned upon level up.

Idle Worship

  • Mudlings: Mudlings are the populace of your island. Create mudlings by using your powers or allow mudlings to have baby mudlings.

  • Followers: Mudlings who have faith in you become followers of your religion. Have mudlings pray at altars and use your powers on them to increase their faith.

Idle Worship

  • Prayers: Prayers are essentially quests that you can complete to earn bonuses such as coins and experience.

Idle Worship

  • Powers: Powers can be used to bless or curse your followers, increasing or decreasing their faith.

  • Influence: Influence makes your powers stronger. You can make your influence stronger by building influence buildings.

  • Experience: Experience is earned by completing prayers. Once you’ve earned enough experience you will level up and unlock new buildings and powers for your islands.

  • Energy: You will need energy to use your powers. Each power uses a different amount of energy. Once you’ve run out of energy you will either need to wait for it to replenish or you can purchase energy using tokens. You can also earn energy by directing your followers to pray at an altar.

  • Fish: You must have fish to feed your mudlings. If your mudlings are hungry they will refuse to work. Luckily, your mudlings know how to fish, and if you run out of fish there are powers that you can use to feed your followers.

  • Wood: Wood is used for building new structures on your island. You can direct your mudlings to chop down trees. They will automatically stop when the trees are small. If you direct them to continue chopping the tree it will be reduced to a stump and tree will be dead (it can, however, be resurrected using one of your powers).

  • Stone: Stone is used for building and upgrading Moai.

  • Island View: Going to island view allows you to visit other islands in your region. You can visit islands and convert mudlings there. You can also use your powers on other players, either for good or evil.

Idle Worship

Idle Worship

  • Moai: The Moai is where your followers worship you. You can customize your Moai to look unique. Having mudlings worship at the Moai will earn you bonus energy.

Building Your Island and Gaining Followers

  • The first thing you’re going to need for your island is a mudling.

  • Click on the power button located at the bottom right of your screen and purchase the “Makin’ Mud” power.

Idle Worship

  • Once you’ve purchased the power it will be added to your power shortcut bar. Click on the power to activate it and then click on your island.

Idle Worship

  • Congratulations! You have created your first mudling. Unfortunately, mudlings will not follow you without a home.

Idle Worship

  • Click on a vacant area of mud to open the build menu. Select the hut and place it on the map.

Idle Worship

  • Now select a mudling who is not homeless and drop it on the hut to have them build it.

  • Once the hut is complete, the homeless mudling will move in.

  • Now you will need to make sure your mudlings are fed.

  • To feed your mudlings you will need to teach them to fish. However, they will first need a boat.

  • Click on the sandy area of your island to bring up the build menu again.

  • Select the option to build a boat and place the boat on the sand.

  • Click and drag a mudling over to the boat so they can construct it.

  • Once the boat is complete, click and drag it into the water.

Idle Worship

  • Click and drag a mudling to the boat. They will fish until they are told otherwise, or they become unhappy.

  • If you find you are running low on wood to build items with you can either direct a mudling to chop down some trees or you can trade for it.

Idle Worship

  • To chop down trees, simply click and drag an available mudling to a tree and they will begin harvesting wood.

  • Mudlings will stop chopping down trees when they are small. If you direct them to continue chopping the tree down the tree will be killed. You can resurrect trees using the “Regen Tree” power.

  • To trade with other player you will need to build a trading post in the water around your island.

  • Click on the sand and select the middle option to build your trading post.

Idle Worship

  • Direct a mudling to build the post. Once it’s complete, click and drag it into the ocean.

Idle Worship

  • Click on the trading post to bring up a list of options. Select Need/Have.

  • Choose what item you need and what item you are willing to trade.

Idle Worship

  • To set up a trade, select the transport option.

  • This will open a list of people trading in your region. Select who you wish to trade with and the amounts you wish to send them.

  • Select transport now to send the items on their way.

  • You can also build additional items on your island to increase your influence and increase the strength of your powers.

  • To open the build shop menu, click on your island and select the shop option.

Idle Worship

  • This will open the build shop. Here you can purchase items that will increase your influence.

  • You will notice that these items have two costs, coins and wood. If you do not have enough of either item you will need to wait to make the purchase.

  • Select the item you wish to purchase and place it on your island.

Idle Worship

  • Direct an available mudling to build the new structure.

Prayers, Powers, and Followers

  • To earn coins and experience you will have to complete prayers, which are essentially quests.

  • To view your current prayers, click on the check mark at the top right of your screen.

  • This will open the prayer menu. Here you can view the steps you need to complete to complete a prayer.

  • Often times, a prayer will require the use of a power.

  • There are numerous powers to be purchased and used in Idle Worship. You can use your powers for good or evil, depending on whether you’d prefer to bless or curse your followers.

  • Using powers on your mudlings (or other players mudlings) will increase their faith in you.

Idle Worship

  • Any mudlings you create will follow you unless they are homeless, hungry, or overweight.

  • Make sure your mudlings all have homes, are well fed, and well exercised to keep them following you. Otherwise, other players may be able to convert them.

  • On that note, you can visit other players islands and use your powers to convert their mudlings.

  • Converting other players mudlings will increase your followers.

  • To visit another players island, click on the last icon on the left side of the screen (the picture of a large island surrounded by smaller islands).

Idle Worship

  • This will take you to the region map. There will be numerous islands here.

  • Select the player you wish to visit and, if they have multiple islands, select which island of theirs you wish to visit.

  • While visiting, you will have access to your powers. Select a power and use it on one of their mudlings.

  • Increase their faith enough and you will gain additional followers.

Idle Worship

  • You can also leave gifts of wood, stone and/or fish for other players.

Congratulations! You have completed the quick start guide for Idle Worship by IdleGames. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.

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