Ice Cream Craze: Tycoon Takeover Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for Ice Cream Craze: Tycoon Takeover.

Game Objectives

You must obtain a level 3 ice cream stand in 9 locations and 5000 dollars in cash then you must beat the 10th rival  BigCo to win the game.

The game requires that you pick up ice cream off of a conveyor belt in exactly the order the customer requires and place a chocolate, strawberry or caramel topping on top before serving it.

You must upgrade each location with a level 1, 2 and finally 3 ice cream stand along with various upgrades.

Each stand you open will earn you money every day. Level 2 earns you twice as much as a level 1 and level 3 earns you three times as much as a level 1 stand.

The faster you upgrade the more money you will earn. You will earn truck money and stand money from all of your locations but you must pay to play a level and if you fail you will lose that money. (See tip below**)

After you have upgraded all 9 locations to a level 3 and earn 5000 dollars you may challenge BigCo for one final level. If you beat this level, you win the game.


The game can be played in order of your choice some locations unlock others)

  • Skating Rink – Casey the Skater
  • Circus Tent – Juggles the Clown
  • Private Eye – Detective Dicky
  • Magic Wand Magic Shop – Caylar the Magician
  • Miss Pinky’s Hair Salon – Miss Pinky
  • Factory – Zelda the Robot
  • Crypt Cafe – Mummy
  • Circuit City – Nerds
  • Movie Studio – Lola the Actress
  • BigCo – Mystery Owner Final level to win game


I have listed these in the order I played the game and was successful, this will vary if you make different choices

  • Clown head  15
  • Extra Plate  25
  • String of Lights 55
  • Cupcake Sample Tray 50
  • Protective Spell Truck Upgrade 50
  • Light as a feather flooring 50
  • High Speed Caramel Top Machine 55
  • Magic Engine Truck Upgrade 205 (Unlocks Factory)
  • High Speed Chocolate Topping Dispenser 150
  • Top Lights Truck Upgrade 160
  • High Speed Strawberry Topping Upgrade 165
  • True Blue Wallpaper 270 (Calms Customers)
  • High Tech Espresso Machine 305
  • Donut Sample Tray 310
  • Extra Plate 600
  • Megaphone Truck Upgrade 780
  • Turbo Charged Espresso Machine 500
  • Super Slick Flooring 550 (This is where the game becomes very difficult)
  • Eerie Truck Underglo (Unlocks Crypt Cafe)
  • Chocolate Nozzle Upgrade 65
  • Piece of Cake Sample Tray 1500
  • Aerodynamic Rims Truck Upgrade (Unlocks Circuit Town)
  • Caramel Nozzle Upgrade
  • Strawberry Nozzle Upgrade
  • Blue Wallpaper Upgrade (Calms Customers)


  • There are multiple upgrades in the game (See list above) go for these as soon as you can.
    You must "pay to play" in this game as each level costs more than half of the money you usually have on hand. If you lose the level you are out the money and you must go back and earn money in a cash only level (possibly several times) to earn enough to play again.
  • I found that if you watch the energy meter along the top right and if it hits mid level or less, hit the menu button and then exit the game and hit play game again and you can start over without losing the money. It’s up to you if you want to do this or not. I found the game was so difficult at the midpoint I had to.
  • The game is set up for you to choose the order in which things progress. It is always best to choose any upgrades available before upgrading ice cream stands.
  • The easiest stand is the Pinky (Hairdresser) stand as they only use ice cream of one color.
  • Cash levels are much easier than upgrade or stand upgrade levels. Use these to practice and earn extra cash.
  • The less mistakes you make the more "Recycle Points" you will earn. All leftover energy increases your overall profit.
  • If you make a mistake immediately dump the ice cream in the trash and give the customer a treat to hold them til you get back on track.
  • Do not leave money at the counter for too long or it will disappear.
  • Once you top a dessert, you can only separate them by using the recycle bin at the back right of shop. (See Image below)
  • If you can get through a level without using the sample tray, give a treat to the last 3 customers for a profit boost.
  • There are cash levels you can play at no cost in between earning stands and upgrades so you have enough cash to play. If you fail these cash levels you will still earn stand money for the day, so if you fail a cash level don’t exit out early let it finish so you will earn the stand money.
  • Buzzers will go off and customers will get angry quick do not let this rattle you as you do have a few seconds after these begin.


I found a pattern that if followed will help you win the game from the slick floor level on which is where the game becomes very challenging.


1. As soon as you begin grab the tea drink for an energy boost.

2. You will work in a circular movement in either direction.

3. Prepare Ice cream for the first 3 customers from right to left. (Positions 1, 2 and 3)

4. Grab the money from position 1 at the far RIGHT

5. Make ice cream for customer in position 4

6. Give Ice cream to the person in the position 3

7. Go back to position 1 and take money it will prob be beeping at you by this time.

8. Then go and make ice cream for the people in positions 3 and 4 and take money from 1 and then repeat cycle again.

9. You must move fast and if you hear the buzzers and bells go off do not panic just stay on the system. You will rotate this method until the end of the level making sure to pick up the tea whenever it is available. Save the samples for emergencies. If you get to the end without needing them, give them to the last 3 customers for a profit boost.

10. You will feel like you have a good system going and if you make a mistake you can dump the ice cream in the trash and give that person a piece of candy, donut or cake until you can fix your mistake. Try to get back on the system as fast as you can if this happens. Remember if you are in a level you have paid a lot of money to play and it is obvious you are going to fail, you can exit the game before the level is over and play it again. This will keep you from having to play cash levels to re-earn the money and try again. If you want the game to last a long time play without exiting.

It took me almost one week and nearly 60 hours of game play to beat this game until I figured out the system above. This game is a lot of fun, a great challenge and well worth the money.  Have fun!


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