Ice Cream Craze Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Check out our tips & tricks for Ice Cream Craze and help Jan save her parent's ice cream store. GENERAL TIPS In Ice Cream Craze you will earn and lose points in a variety of ways. Obviously, you earn points for every customer order that is served correctly and you will earn bigger tips when a customer has the maximum amount of hearts at delivery time. You also earn extra points by performing a perfect service, which means you did not lose any customers. You do not lose points if a cust…

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Check out our tips & tricks for Ice Cream Craze and help Jan save her parent’s ice cream store.


  • In Ice Cream Craze you will earn and lose points in a variety of ways. Obviously, you earn points for every customer order that is served correctly and you will earn bigger tips when a customer has the maximum amount of hearts at delivery time.
  • You also earn extra points by performing a perfect service, which means you did not lose any customers. You do not lose points if a customer leaves angry, but you will lose a sale. The only time you lose points in the game is when you throw food away.
  • There will be times when you will make some mistakes and you will need to throw certain things out. Try to throw away the least amount possible because the more you throw away at once, the more it’s going to cost.
  • Before you throw away something see if you can place some items on the holding plates or if you can use it on somebody else’s order. When you throw away a single scoop of ice cream you may lose .25 cents, if you throw away a sundae then you may lose more than a dollar.
  • If you make a mistake and have 2 scoops of ice cream in the wrong position, you can click on 2 plates on the table and each scoop will go on a separate plate. The cone will still be in your hand, just pick up the ice cream in the correct order and serve it to the customer. This will keep you from losing money since you didn’t have to throw it away.
  • You don’t have to buy things every time the upgrade shop becomes available, save your money instead for the items that you need the most. I upgraded to the wooden floors as soon as possible since I felt that my character moved too slow. I also purchased the ice cream sundaes as soon as possible so that I could calm my most impatient clients.
  • This is the order in which I bought my upgrades. I bought all the plates first since it was the least expensive items and I knew I would need a place to keep some items. Next I purchased the ice cream samples because early on the customer’s were very impatient. After that I saved my money so I could afford the wooden floors because Jan moved too slowly. I slowly upgraded the other items as I saw fit for the type of customers that were showing up.
  • Once you buy the ice cream samples they will increase the amount of stars that a customer has, up to a maximum of five. Make sure that you do not give a sample to a person that has five hearts already. Even though they will accept the sundae it will not increase their heart level or make it last longer.
  • If at the end of the day and you have ice cream samples left, give a sample to a customer right before you deliver their order to increase their hearts and your tip.
  • The amount of hearts that increase in each customer once they receive an ice cream sample varies. It’s important to know how it affects each person, so pay attention as you’re giving them out.
  • The following people’s hearts are only increased by one when you give them a sample, the guy in the black jacket, the robot and the clown.
  • The one’s that increased by 2 hearts were, the beehive lady, the prom queen (pink dress) and the bingo lady.
  • In some people it will fill their hearts all the way to 5, no matter how low their heart was at the time. Those people are the girl in the pink skirt and the male bowler.
  • Follow a pattern in which you can get as many things done as possible. If you’re on your way to make a delivery, stop and get some coffee on the way to increase your speed. Collect some money before you leave the counter since you’re already there and the money only lasts for a short while anyway.
  • You can only hold things in one hand but you can collect money and drink coffee even though your hands are full. If you’re in the middle of putting an order together and the money starts flashing, keep the items in your hand and go collect the money. When you’re done with the money you can go back and complete your order.
  • When you have a lot of money on the counter at one time, stay in the same spot and collect it. The money will automatically move down to the far right every time you collect it, there’s no need for you to waste time chasing after it. This only applies if there’s not a break in the line, all the money has to be in a row without customers in between.
  • When one conveyor belt has all the ingredients in a row for the same order take it all from the same place. You can just click the first item several times and all the items will automatically stack up on top of each other, there’s no need to click each individual item.
  • You can stack food in your hand in any order that you prefer, up to 4 things at a time. If you don’t need all 4 items place the ones you don’t need on plates. Being able to do that allows you to move things on the conveyor belt so you can have easier access to items that may be stuck behind something else.
  • Swap as many orders as you can on the topping machines. As one strawberry order is done click another order onto the same machine so they can automatically swap places.
  • You do not want to pick up 2 orders at the same time that need the same topping because you will have to wait until the machine is finished with the first order. Instead, prepare an order with another topping and then go back to the strawberry machine (or whichever topping) and do your swap at that time.
  • Make the most of your time, you should never be idle. If you know a machine is almost finished putting a topping on then start heading towards the machine so you can get there at the same as when it finishes. Prepare other orders while the topping machine is working.
  • Read what Jan says at the start of each day because it will let you know what type of customers are coming and what they are going to demand. For example if it says “Your bakery supplier hit a bump on the road which caused all the desserts to fall off the truck. Only the brownies survived, so we will be able to run a special on double brownie sundaes today” Get ready because that is all you’re going to have to serve for that day.
  • You can decide to restart a level if you feel that you will not be able to beat it, or if you’ve been forced to replay a level that you failed. If for any reason you need to restart, you will not be able to change the upgrades you’ve bought, all purchases are final.
  • Don’t take care of the customers in the order that they come in, you need to take care of them by order of patience. The most impatient ones need to be taken care of quickly since they will get mad and leave. You will not lose any points when they leave but it does cost you a sale. The most impatient ones are the bowler, the robot , the boy in the leather jacket and the girl in the pink skirt.
  • You can chain a series of commands and they will be taken care of in the order that you clicked them. However, in this game you do not get chaining bonuses for doing the same actions in a row. The chain WILL be broken if you click on an item that is not ready. If that happens you will have to start chaining commands over again. I did not see a limit as to how many actions can be chained in a row.

    This is a brief explanation for all the upgrades in the game and their benefits.

  • COUNTER – Money will last longer on the counter before it disappears by 2 seconds more with each upgrade. Two seconds may not sound like much but that could be the time you need to deliver or finish one more order.
  • EXTRA PLATES – It will allow you to have a place to keep desserts that either you made incorrectly or that you had to get off the conveyor belt in order to access something else. You can only hold single items on them, like a scoop, a cone, a slice of pie or a brownie. If any of these items have a topping on them you will not be able to put them on a plate.
  • TOPPING MACHINES – As you progress through the game, the topping machines you upgrade to will be faster each time. You can upgrade it twice and each time it will make things 2 seconds faster.
  • ESPRESSO MACHINE – It gives your character more speed when she drinks the cup of coffee. Each time you upgrade it , the coffee will be ready faster. The first time you upgrade it, it will brew 10 seconds faster and the second time will be ready to consume 15 seconds faster.
  • ICE CREAM SAMPLES – It will increase the number of stars below each customer, the more stars a customer has when you serve them, the bigger their tip will be. You will begin the round with either 3 or 6 sundaes, use them wisely since they do not replenish themselves after they’ve been used.
  • JUKEBOX – The first time you upgrade it will increase the patience of the clowns and the second time you upgrade it will be for the robots.
  • CHECKERED FLOOR – It will give every customer that walks in an extra star, the maximum amount of stars anyone will walk in with will be 5.
  • WOODEN FLOOR -This upgrade will make sure that your character walks faster in all levels after you purchase it. The coffee machine will still make her walk even faster after you upgrade to the wooden floors.
  • ICE CREAM-O-MATIC – It will increase your profit on each cone by 5 % each time you upgrade it.
  • Wallpaper and the neon sign will help appease all your customers at once.

    These are just some examples of certain levels, what type of customers will be coming in and the best way to handle them. I gave the level numbers to give you a specific example, however these will not be the only instances in which these will occur. I tried to pick levels with a variety of customers and circumstances.

  • DAY 11 – You will get the young boy and the robot, the robot is very impatient take care of him as soon as you see him. The boy can wait longer since he is a lot more patient.
  • DAY 12 – Buy the ice cream samples before the levels starts if you can afford it.You will need it to keep the clowns happy, they will be asking for ice cream in between 2 brownies. Drink as much coffee as possible, and place pieces that are in your way on the plates.
  • DAY 17 – Serve the prom kids first since they don’t like to wait.
  • DAY 20 -There are a lot of clowns coming in that want triple scoops on their cones. Take care of 3 clowns at a time and then take all 3 payments at the same time by standing on the same spot to save time. The money will automatically slide down to the right.
  • DAY 21 – Lots of teenagers coming in, you need to prioritize who you serve first or you will lose customers. The poodle skirt girls (blond ponytail, pink skirt) should always be served first followed by the teenage boy in the black jacket.
  • DAY 42 – The Bingo ladies are going to be extremely impatient in this level, move as fast as you can and drink coffee as much as possible.
  • DAY 45 – This day is not too bad. All you have are robots ordering cones with 3 scoops and no toppings. By then you should have the upgrade for the wallpaper and the jukebox that should keep the robot happier as they comes in.
  • DAY 58 – The clowns are only going to order triple scoops with vanilla ice cream and a topping. At the beginning of the level try and place as many cones on the plates as possible because they will be stuck in the back of the line. As you pull one thing off the chocolate topping (or any topping), have another triple scoop ready and swap it with that one.
  • DAY 60 – All the different types of customers will be there so make sure you take care of the most impatient ones first to get through the round.
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