Ice Age Adventures: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Saving a herd of adorable ice age critters can be more taxing than you think, as Gameloft proves with its new puzzle/adventure game Ice Age Adventures.  But fear not, we here at Gamezebo are more than happy to help your intrepid rescue efforts with a few tips.

While Ice Age is bright and inviting and it’s mini games are mostly self evident, there are a few possible hang ups that players might encounter.  So read on for a few golden acorns of wisdom that will hopefully save you a little bit of time and frustration while you rescue the herd.

  • Spend spend spend.  Don’t worry about preserving a supply of Berries of Shells for a rainy day,  they don’t exist.  Upgrade habitats and storage basins as often as you can.  It can only help.
  • You can preserve your progress on two islands; the last two you’ve visited.  That means that if you find an island that has several slot machine mini games you can go back to it as often as you like and play them again and again provided you haven’t traveled more than one island away.


  • Golden Acorns are few and far between, so hoard them.  Using hard currency to restart a mini game is wasteful and you should try and exercise patience instead.  Keep your acorns for opening up exclusive areas.
  • During the match-three mini game, matching five of a kind will net you a meteor (IRONIC!), and lining it up with a second meteor will clear out a large section of the grid, often winning the game.
  • If you’re faced with Ice Blocks in the match three, try to match vertically next to the blocks, this will clear out the maximum amount of ice in a single move.
  • Horizontal and Vertical line clearers (an icon with white lines moving constantly up and down or left and right), are only ever beneficial.  They will never destroy your hearts and only ever gain you points.
  • Pay attention to your daily quests.  These are often very simple and always yield acorns for your trouble, so check back daily.


  • In the island select section, you get a brief overview of the number of animals and items available there.  Keep an eye on that and make sure to go back to islands that are incomplete.  Those items add up and unlock secret areas later on.
  • If the final item or animal you need is locked away in a slot machine mini game, be patient.  Stick to that island until you’ve pulled everything out of it and thus avoid having to clear cut the island again if you move on too far.
  • Tapping the golden star button will give you detailed information on what you have and are missing from each island.  This is really important as it highlights non-essential animals and items that are unnecessary to proceed but still very useful to have.  Collect everything.


  • Play Scrat-Alanche as often as you have tokens.  These blue tokens are used exclusively for this mini game and can yield some big rewards if you’re good and lucky enough.
  • During Scrat-Alanche, distance and not the number of berries you collect measures your degree of success.  The berries are a lure to make greedy players lose, so avoid them if they cross over an obstacle.  Also collecting the Aardvark or Rhino power up will keep you running longer, and should be picked up if possible.

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