Hungry Dragon Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Hungry Dragon is a survival based high-score chaser where the aim of the game is to eat as much as possible. You take control of a dragon in middle earth, where your existence is threatened by local villages, witches, goblins and the …

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Hungry Dragon is a survival based high-score chaser where the aim of the game is to eat as much as possible. You take control of a dragon in middle earth, where your existence is threatened by local villages, witches, goblins and the eternal hunger of being a dragon.

  • Learn what size you are. At the start of the game, your beginning dragon is rated XS, meaning extra small. This concludes that there is a lot of things to avoid while you’re getting used to the game. Being so small means there are more problems to deal with besides the enemies. The part of the map you can access is seriously reduced, this shouldn’t restrict how much you explore, just be aware you won’t be allowed into most areas.
Hungry Dragon
  • Learn the map. At first, you are only going to be allowed in the middle part of the map. Yes, you can venture to the top and bottom of this middle section, but you won’t have the boost to really see what’s going on there. So it’s not really worth your time going to either section a lot, just merely pass through until you have a medium or larger dragon.
  • Farm the weak. At this beginning point in the game, you’ll want to accumulate as many points as possible, unless you enjoy playing as a teeny tiny dragon. This means finding areas of the map that have a lot of things to eat, then venturing back to these areas later in your playthrough to eat them all again. For this to work, you must venture far away from where you plan to farm. If you stay close to the area, not much will respawn, so keep your distance before making a return.
Hungry Dragon
  • Kill or be killed. This tip applies for when you are fighting dragons your size, if you bump into dragons that are bigger than you, then you should avoid certain death. To speed up your attacks you should use the boost button, this will give you the upper hand in one-to-one combat. Plus, you can use the boost to speed up the attack on large prey like people or horses.
Hungry Dragon
  • “Minibosses” are a great source of food. This doesn’t mean that they are an easy source for a lot of health, but they do fight back, and they can often kill you in one shot. If you find a giant, then you’re going to want to approach from his behind and boost into his head. You won’t be able to eat him in one attempt, so after the first attempt retreat a little. After this initial retreat, you should return and repeat this process until the giant is dead. There are Goblin helicopters that you can use this tactic on, as well as goblin mining machines. However, the helicopter has a built-in cannon, so don’t stop moving. As well, the mining machine can kill you in one hit, so maybe avoid him for now.
Hungry Dragon
  • Find and incubate eggs. What you get from an egg won’t win you the game, mainly because you can’t ‘win’ you can just do a little better each time. But, they do make your life easier and offer other bonuses like increased health, increased speed or even a buddy who attacks prey for you. You can tell how effective a pet is normally by the rarity it is given, the rarer the pet the better it is. That being said, if you find that you could do with more speed, rather than a rarer pet with a worse effect, then be my guest. There are many pets in this game, and you’ll be able to put on more than one when you get a larger dragon.
Hungry Dragon
  • Don’t waste coins on costumes. The aim of the game early on is to progress to the large dragons as quickly as possible. This means once you are done with your XS and S dragons you won’t ever go back to them. Each tier of dragon can do everything the previous dragon did, plus more. Which means it doesn’t matter how good you make your dragon look, save your money for unlocking the big ones. Yes if you have a favourite dragon then, by all means, buy a skin or two, but there is no point in buying every skin for every dragon.
  • Burn as much as you can. When you get your Fire Rush, you are temporarily invincible, with infinite boost and temporary fire breath. While in this state you are going to want to hold down boost and look for as much prey as you can find. As well as fully restore your health, which won’t drop until the end of your Fire Rush. So, use this time to get as many points as you can. Just be warned that you still can’t burn things bigger than yourself, any large spiders, dragons or mines won’t be affected by your fire breath.
Hungry Dragon
  • Mega Fire Rush. In order to get a Mega Fire Rush, you are going to need to survive long enough to go through eight normal Fire Rushes. On your eighth one, you will finally be able to unleash your true inner dragon by burning anything and everything on screen. It won’t matter if you aren’t big enough to normally take on these enemies, they won’t stand a chance while you are in this final form. So lay waste to as many mines, minibosses and more while you can!
Hungry Dragon
  • Complete missions, challenges and tournaments. There are many different ways to earn rewards in this game, besides eating everything in sight. One way of earning some gems and coins are to gather the five daily chests scattered across the map. Each chest is more rewarding than the last, so gather all five each day to max out your bonuses. Plus there are three missions to complete each day, which regenerate every couple of hours of completing them. So if you’re short on coins or things to do, then check your missions. Lastly, there are bonus events that take place. These bonus events can be a collaborative quest where everyone in the world works together to reach a goal. This week, the challenge was to eat 1.17 billion birds within a week. We have five and a half days left and the challenge is already complete, so we will get top rewards from doing this. Don’t be afraid to take part in any tournaments that pop up, they will give you some kind of reward no matter how well you do.
  • Relax and have fun. I know this tip sounds cheesy, but you have to think about the long game here. You are trying to unlock the largest dragons that will reach the game’s full potential. Yes, it may seem repetitive to keep milking the same areas in your first dozen attempts at this game, but don’t give up. There is so much to explore and do, once you make it past the first grind.