Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles Tips Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:28:”Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:13683:”Check out these tips & tricks for Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles, that were provided to us by Boomzap Entertainment. Learn about experience and story choices, and read specific tips for each level from the Dark Lake to the Mystic Tripeaks.


  • There are 3 types of Experience in the game: Craft, Mind and Nature. You earn them by playing the subgames, and you need differing amounts to unlock higher levels and new subgames. You’ll notice that each subgame produces two types of Experience, one primary type and one secondary type at half the amount of the primary type. The higher your score when you play a subgame, the more Experience you earn. In any particular subgame, you need to spend Experience of the primary type in order to unlock the subgame, and also to unlock its higher levels.
  • When a story screen appears, you will be given a multiple choice question. Depending on your answer, you could earn Craft, Mind or Nature points.
    • Choosing knowledge and curiosity is usually rewarded with Craft points.
    • Choosing symbols of power tends to give you Mind points.
    • Choosing growth and nature gives you Nature points, of course!
  • When you complete all 25 levels of all 9 subgames, you will get one of three possible endings depending on which type of Experience you earned the most of (regardless of how much of it you spent).
  • If your highest Experience score is Mind, you become The Great Sorceress. If your highest Experience score is Craft, you become The Great Loremaster. If your highest Experience score is Nature, you become The Great Enchantress.

Primary Experience type: Nature.
Secondary Experience type: Craft.

  • Remember to focus on catching Fish of the Day in order to meet your quota, or you can’t advance to the next level. Catching other types of fish and finding treasures is secondary to that.
    Learn to lead your shots ahead of where the fish is going to be.
  • Try to clear away all the fish near your boat so that they don’t block your shots to more distant targets.
  • It’s easier to hit fish moving from left to right since they are slower relative to the boat.
  • Treasures are worth lots of points, and hence lots of Experience. They are often partially hidden behind seaweed or other objects.
  • Although poison fish cost you points and are very heavy, slowing your recovery of your shots, sometimes you may have to catch them to clear the way in order to shoot more valuable targets below them. Don’t be afraid to do this in the later levels in order to meet your quota.
  • Shooting the exploding puffer fish is a good way to clear away any adjacent poison fish that would otherwise block your shots.
  • In the bonus levels, you have to shrink poison fish until they disappear. Again, try to lead your shots ahead of where the poison fish are going to be, and remember to hold down the mouse button to shoot a continuous stream of shrink rays.

Primary Experience type: Mind.
Secondary Experience type: Nature.

Special pieces:
Clock – Put this in the cart to get more time.
Paint – Put this in the cart to change adjacent gems to the same color.
Fill – Put this in the cart to fill up a while line (or surrounding circle) of gems.
Wild – Matches any color. 

  • Always remember that you can right-click to rotate a piece and find a better way to make it fit. 
  • Click outside a cart to throw away a selected piece. It will cost you points but you will get a new piece to choose from. 
  • Judicious use of the Shuffle button can help you get a better selection of pieces as well. 
  • Once gems of the same color start combining into larger ones, you can’t separate them, so plan ahead and make sure you combine gems in the right order. 
  • The important thing is to fill up all the gem carts before time runs out, so don’t spend too much time trying to match colors unless you’re sure you can make it. 
  • The chance of getting a one-piece wild gem increases if there are no other pieces that can fill a gap. 
  • Big pieces with fancy shapes are hard to place, so use these first in a new cart.
  • Don’t focus on filling the cart in just one column first. In later levels you must complete up to 3 carts in each column, so fill one in each column in
  • The bonus level is about clicking on as many bats as possible to meet the quota before time runs out.
  • Focus on the top edge of the screen as the bats will always perch there in groups. 

Primary Experience type: Nature.
Secondary Experience type: Mind.

Paint – Click on this to change all adjacent blocks to the same color.
Bomb – Destroys all adjacent blocks.
Slicer – Destroys all blocks in a vertical or horizontal line.
Wild – Matches any color. 

  • In order to meet the set quotas at the bottom of the display, you have to pick away around the blocks you really want, so that they clump together into large enough sets. 
  • It helps to pick one color early on and remove the other colors around it.
    Keep a close eye on the number of clicks you have left available in the game. 
  • The bonus levels involve clearing away all the blocks in the puzzle without leaving any behind. Watch out for blocks that would be isolated and alone after you clear each color – you don’t want that to happen. Think of how you could connect all the blocks of each color into pairs or larger groups. 

Primary Experience type: Craft.
Secondary Experience type: Nature.

  • You need to get the potion bottles to the bottom edge of the screen – or a hole in the grid – in order to collect them. Always try to match below the potion bottles if you can. 
  • Make a match-4 to earn an extra Shuffle. When you’re stuck, and you will get stuck, you should make good use of the Shuffle button. 
  • Make a match-5 to earn a Collect, which allows you to click directly on a hard-to-get potion bottle and collect it.
    When there are no matches available, the game will automatically shuffle the ingredients for you. 
  • If there are no good matches below a potion, try moving it to an adjacent column to create new opportunities.
  • Starting at Level 16, there will be 6 ingredient types to match instead of 5, which will make the game harder. The grids get wider to make up for this, but you’ll still need to make good use of your Shuffles and look even harder for matches of 4s and 5s.
  • The bonus level is a memory game. Try to use the colors as a focus. 

Primary Experience type: Nature.
Secondary Experience type: Mind.


Accuracy – shows you where your shots are going, and your shots move faster.
Blast – a bomb that destroys a whole group of spheres.
Colorblast – a bomb that destroys all the spheres of the same color as the one you hit.
Colorswap – turns all spheres of one color to another.
Lightning – destroys all spheres it hits.
Multicolor – matches any color sphere.

  • This is a classic marble popping game.
    The scoring system rewards chain reactions with 50% more points than normal matches, so remember to set up as many "sandwiches" of spheres between two other same-colored sets as possible, so that you can get big scores from your combos.
    Falling stars are worth additional points if you catch them with your shooter.
  • The bonus level is a shooter where you must simply fire blasts that destroy all the spheres before they reach the end of the line – but as an added twist, you must catch a quota of stars as well. Try to hold down the mouse button to concentrate all your fire on one side of the screen at a time, so that all the stars that you produce fall in one concentrated area.

Primary Experience type: Mind.
Secondary Experience type: Craft.

Speed – allows you to use your speed boost much longer.
Growth – turn into a giant fairy, making it easier to pick up other power-ups and knock other fairies aside.
Repulse – other fairies bounce off you.
Slow – Slows you down for a short while, but your speed boost still works.
Freeze – Momentarily freezes you into a block of ice which blocks other fairies.
Confusion – Sends you spinning in circles for a short while.

  • Try to keep on the inside track on the curves, especially if you can push another fairy to the outside.
  • Use your speed boost wisely, as it replenishes slowly. It’s especially useful when turning corners.
  • Each stage uses the same race track, but you may find rocks and mushrooms placed differently on the track from one level to another.
  • Rival fairies that fall behind in the race get a slight speed boost to help them catch up, so don’t let your guard down after you get the lead!
  • One power-up cancels another, so if you are Slowed you can pick up Speed or one of the other green powers to end your Slow penalty.
  • Try to knock the other fairies into red power-ups like Slow, Freeze or Confusion.
  • The bonus levels are a race against time to search an entire maze for all the coins. Remember to use the speed boost to help you get around faster. 

Primary Experience type: Mind.
Secondary Experience type: Craft.

  • You highlight fireworks by moving your mouse over them, and clicking the mouse will detonate the fireworks. You get exponentially more points for detonating large numbers of fireworks at once, and even more points if 2/3rds or more of the fireworks in a group are of the same color.
  • Blowing up two or three fireworks that don’t match gives very few points. Either get same-colored sets or really large sets of 10 or more.
  • You will need to use the same color bonus in order to meet the really high score quotas in the higher levels, so make it a practice to learn how to select same-color fireworks without selecting too many of the others.
  • Fireworks that fly up above the top of the screen will fall back down again, giving you a second chance to highlight them.
  • In later levels, some fireworks split into more fireworks when they detonate. When too many fireworks appear, sometimes you won’t have time to make sets by color, so just select them all and blow them up all at once. The bonus levels involve hitting shooting stars in the sky with your fireworks. Hold down the mouse button to fire a continuous stream, and watch out for the small falling stars that spawn from the larger stars moving across the sky.

Primary Experience type: Craft.
Secondary Experience type: Mind.

Special Tiles:
Keys – Match two of these to win the level.
Shuffle – These will add an extra use of the Shuffle button.
Undo – These will add an extra use of the Undo button.
Hint – These will momentarily highlight all matching tiles.
Destroy – Match two of these to destroy all tiles of one type.
Transform – Match two of these to convert all tiles of one type to another type.

  • The more rune tiles are left when you match the keys, the more points you get. When the tiles are first dealt at the start of each level, try to memorize the position of the keys and work towards them.
  • Remember that you cannot touch a tile that has tiles on the left or right of it, so you should work inwards from the sides as much as possible.
  • The bonus game is a memory game. Click on the tiles as fast as possible to find the matches.

Primary Experience type: Craft.
Secondary Experience type: Nature.

Special Cards:
Redeal – Changes all your stacks.
Shuffle – Reshuffles the whole table.
Wild – Can be played onto any card.

  • This is a tripeaks game with four stacks in front of you that you can play onto at any time. One stack is designated as the active stack, and you can click on any of the others to change the active stack.
  • If you click on a card on the table that doesn’t match the active stack but matches one of the others, the game will automatically pick that other stack to become the active stack.
  • Some of the stacks are really deep in later levels, so try to open them up as fast as possible.
  • You earn more points from combo bonuses, so as long as you have an unbroken streak of successful matches, and you don’t take too long between matches, you can earn a lot of points.
  • Put the wild card on the least useful stack in your hand; don’t cover up a useful card with it.
  • The bonus game is a memory game. As with the Runejong bonus levels, just click on the cards as fast as possible to find the matches.


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