How to Unlock More Vehicles in Hill Climb Racing 2


One ride just isn’t enough. That’s probably Jay Leno’s motto, and it should be yours in Hill Climb Racing 2 as well.

If you’re just catching on to this physics-based racing smash, you’re probably already aware that you can spend coins to upgrade the performance of your jeep. That’s great to do early on when coins are plentiful and the races aren’t that difficult to win, but it’s not a long term strategy for success.

As explained in our complete Hill Climb Racing 2 guide, that jeep might have some sentimental value since it’s the vehicle in which you start the game, but other vehicles are faster. You’re better off in the long run investing in them instead.

Fortunately, there are five other vehicles you can unlock by rising through the ranks in Cups mode. Simply winning races will earn you enough points to move up to higher leagues, eventually earning you the right to drive these rides at the following ranks:

  • Scooter – Bronze III
  • Super Jeep – Silver I
  • Motocross – Silver II
  • Sports Car – Gold I
  • Monster Truck – Gold II

Note that increasing your league ranking also unlocks more cup stages in which to play, so you’re essentially killing two birds with one stone as you advance through Hill Climb Racing 2.

How do you switch between vehicles once you’ve got more than one in your garage? That’s simple: At the Start of any Adventure run or Cups race, you’re taken to the screen where you can upgrade or customize your vehicle. Simply swipe left to get to the Scooter, then swipe either direction from there to scroll through all the vehicles you’ve unlocked so far.

One more thing to keep in mind is that vehicles customization options don’t carry over from one ride to the next, so just because you’ve got that sweet wheels for your jeep doesn’t mean you can use them on the Motocross bike too. Keep racing and opening chests and you’ll eventually give yourself options for all the vehicles at your disposal. Good luck!

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