How to Unlock More Characters in Super Mario Run

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Mario is the main man. There’s no disputing that, and Nintendo naming its new mobile smash hit Super Mario Run as opposed to Super Toad Run was no surprise.

Still, sometimes you want to switch things up. Super Mario Run allows you to do just that with a total of six playable characters, all of whom are recognizable faces from Mario games past. You’ll probably even be able to guess who some of them are without breaking much of a sweat.

That doesn’t mean they’ll just be handed to you, though. Well, technically one of them will be, but the others require a little work on your part to unlock. It’s worth it too, since every other member of Mario’s crew brings something a little different to the gameplay. Here’s how you unlock everyone else, going from least effort to most.


super mario run characters unlock toad

Remember when I said one of the other characters would just be given to you? Toad is the one. To unlock him, all you have to do is connect your Nintendo Account to Super Mario Run. Tap on the ‘Link’ icon in the upper-right corner of the Kingdom screen, then tap the red ‘Link to Nintendo Account’ button to be taken to a screen to sign in. You’ll also be able to create a brand new Nintendo Account if necessary.

Once that’s done, head to the MyNintendo area of your Kingdom and choose Toad under rewards. You’ll notice he costs no points, so all you have to do is redeem him, head to your gift box and collect him. Toad is the fastest runner of the group, which is helpful for levels in which you find yourself pressed for time.



Yoshi is the first of three characters for whom you have to build the proper house in your Kingdom Builder set-up. His house becomes available after you collect 30 red Toads and 30 yellow Toads playing in Toad Rally Matches. Yoshi has flutter jump capability, meaning he can hang in the air a bit longer than others. One hit from any enemy or hazard will kill him, though he can walk on spikes


super mario run characters luigi

Mario’s brother can join the fray after a bit more Rally play. To build his house, you’ll need to collect 150 green Toads and 150 purple Toads in Toad Rally play. Luigi can jump higher than other characters and also take advantage of mushrooms like Mario, making him able to withstand a hit when he’s in his larger form.


super mario run characters toadette

Don’t expect to unlock Toadette for a while. You’ll need 200 Toads of all five colors — red, blue, green, purple and yellow — to be able to build her house. Since it takes some time before you’re even able to compete for all the Toads in Rally battles, Toadette may be the final one of Mario’s friends you’ll add to your team.

Princess Peach

super mario run characters princess peach

Or it could be Princess Peach who you’ll unlock last. Acquiring her means saving her from Bowser, and as longtime Mario fans know, the princess is often in another castle. In Peach’s case, she won’t truly be safe until you beat all six worlds (24 stages in all) in the single-player World Tour mode.

Need more Super Mario Run tips and hints? Make sure to check out our complete advanced tips guide to ensure that you get the most out of all six characters.

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